Friday, 28 June 2013

Sad, but Not Unexpected .... SSPX Continues to Swell up With Pride and Closes Further Discussion with Vatican

Hello Everyone.

This just popped up in my blog feed thanks to Deacon Greg Kandra's blog:

These paragraph say it all, which describe part of their main message on the 25th anniversary of their "ordinations":

"The traditionalist bishops announce that, in practice, the dialogue with the Vatican is over and that from now on, they will wait “either when Rome returns to Tradition and to the Faith of all time – which would re-establish order in the Church.”

Or, “when she explicitly acknowledges our right to profess integrally the Faith and to reject the errors which oppose it, with the right and the duty for us to oppose publicly the errors and the proponents of these errors, whoever they may be – which would allow the beginning of a re-establishing of order.”

Meanwhile “we persevere in the defense of Catholic Tradition and our hope remains entire,” the statement concludes.

Well, based on their actions throughout the whole thing, and Fellay's 360 degree turn around to becoming super RadTrad once again to keep the organization "together", I am not surprized they would puff up with pride again and reject Holy Mother Church once more.

When will these people and others in the Church get it? When you are not in union with "Rome" or the Church, you cannot truly do the full works of the Lord and bring salvation to others. This is especially true in their sacraments. They STILL AND NOW HAVE, Only one possible sacrament in the Eucharist as they have Valid, but ILLICIT priests (which is highly controversial), and all their other sacraments are fakes and have no validity as the SSPX does not operate under their diocesan ordinaries in the world (save rumoured and extremely rare cases).

Shame. Absolute same. The world is becoming a more hellish place, Catholicism is being eroded by all forces at the orchestration of Satan, and these guys have such planks in their eyes to help us spiritually fight evil and help restore traditional Catholic worship and practice, and save souls.

Nice going guys. Satan is truly laughing downstairs in the last layer of hell.

Oh well, pax.

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