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REPORT: Rorate Caeli Mass on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at St. Mary's Polish Catholic Church in Toronto

REPORT: Rorate Caeli Mass on Saturday, December 15, 2018 at St. Mary's Polish Catholic Church in Toronto

Hello Everyone, 

I come to you with a special report in this liturgical Season of Advent. If you have not seen this post on my blog, or examined other social media blogs dealing with the Latin Mass in Toronto, there are a number of special offerings, aside from normal Latin Masses at parishes that offer them, that have been or are to come in the Archdiocese of Toronto. In particular over 3 straight Saturdays including this Saturday past, Missa Cantata/High level Latin Masses are being offered at St Mary’s Polish Catholic Church at Davenport and Ossington area in Toronto, 1996 Davenport Road. 

Fr. Kazimirez and his parish have been great supporters of the Latin Mass, hosting their own weekly and special offerings, as well as allowing lay organizations/choirs to organize special offerings of the EF at St. Mary's (including my allies of St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir, with whom recently organized an offering for Christ the King in October 2018.) 

As I did last year, and again this year, I was privileged to have the ability to rise early in the morning, to experience one of the richest liturgies in the Extraordinary Form (EF)/ Latin Mass the Catholic Church has to offer, the Rorate Caeli Mass in Advent. 

As this year’s mass was publicly announced (on the St. Mary's website,) and held at an Archdiocese of Toronto parish, I bring to the faithful a report of the Rorate Caeli 2018 Mass in Toronto, held at St Mary’s. 

PREAMBLE: What is special/different about Rorate Caeli?

As per the Fraternal Society of St Peter, they describe the Rorate Mass as the following: 

"The Rorate Caeli Mass is a traditional Advent devotion wherein the Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary for Advent is offered just before dawn. In many instances families and individuals travel an hour or more, rising and arriving very early for this stunningly beautiful Mass. The interplay of light and darkness speak to the meaning of Advent and the coming of the Light of the world.

The Mass takes its title, Rorate Caeli, from the first words of the Introit, which are from Isaiah 45:8:

“Rorate, caeli, desuper, et nubes pluant justum, aperiatur terra, et germinet Salvatorem.”

“Drop down dew, ye heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain the just: let the earth be opened and bud forth a Saviour.”

The Rorate Mass is lit only by candlelight. Because it is a votive Mass in Mary’s honor, white vestments are worn instead of Advent violet. In the dimly lit setting, priests and faithful prepare to honor the Light of the world, Who is soon to be born, and offer praise to God for the gift of Our Lady. As the Mass proceeds and sunrise approaches, the church becomes progressively brighter, illumined by the sun as our Faith is illumined by Christ.

The readings and prayers of the Mass foretell the prophecy of the Virgin who would bear a Son called Emmanuel, and call on all to raise the gates of their hearts and their societies to let Christ the King enter; asking for the grace to receive eternal life by the merits of the Incarnation and saving Resurrection of Our Lord."


Upon entering the church, the whole of the body and sanctuary was covered in darkness, save the multitude of lit candles in the sanctuary, and smaller candles lit on every windowsill. 

In attendance for the actual Mass, was about 30-35 laity in the pews including myself, though with celebrant, servers and choir thrown in, that makes for a total of 40-45 people offering their prayers/participating in the sacred liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

While the numbers were about the same as last year’s attendance, I can happily say the demographic has been changing, reflecting the overall gravitas of youth and young adults seeking the spiritual nourishment that the Latin Mass provides. Last year when I attended, from a visual glance around me, I and maybe one other soul were young men under 40, the rest older parishioners of St Mary’s and women. 

This year, when I looked around, I saw two young adult couples, another young man from (my first MC’d) October Christ the King Mass, and another young man with a relative (perhaps one of the acolyte’s brother and mother?) For a smaller crowd at a EF this is a marked jump in demographic, and proof that giving solid liturgy to the youth attracts them to the church, so much so to get them out of bed on an early Saturday morning, and forsake their favourite past-time of weekend sleeping in! 

As for the liturgy itself, every member on the altar was nearly flawless in their execution of the liturgy. Though I would not expect nothing less from pastor Fr Kazimierz who has been doing the EF a few years now, and the serving corps of whom most members I have has the pleasure at serving at the altar of the Lord with. Those servers are all veterans in our diocese, made of a combination of parishioners of St Mary’s and have assisted masses of (in most cases) all lay organizations/choirs who organize Latin Masses in Toronto, and those involving the EF chaplains of past and current in our Archdiocese. 

The choir was sacred and sanctimonious in their chanting of the hymns, propers, and the chosen Mass setting IX: Votive Mass for the Blessed Virgin Mary 1. Mass setting IX was fitting as the sound of the setting has a strong, yet docile and tempered pace, well suited to the gradual rising of the sun and illumination of the parish interior over the Mass. 

As per usual in my reporting, to give you a sample of immersion into the Latin Mass, I post here some of the main posts of the Homily by Fr Kazimierz from my recollection:
  • Even in the Old Testament God allowed for many miracles out of love for his holy people and to give hope to all of us, the faithful. 
  • Examples are the exile of the Jews out of Egypt from their Egyptian captors as well as the parting of the red sea.
  • God continues to show his love and mercy and hope for the people of the faithful even in the time after king David. He did so with Achaz as in the Epistle of the Mass (Isaias 7:10-15.) Surrounded by their enemies, God nonetheless gave to Achaz and the Jewish people, a sign of hope and promise forelling of the coming of Christ being born to the blessed virgin Mary. 
  • With Regards to Mary and her Fiat, She was open to the Lord’s grace, his blessings, and mercy, in accepting the great task and privilege of bearing Jesus Christ in pregnancy. Mary is the mother of God because of His own incarnation, of Christ being born of the blessed virgin Mary.
  • In this time of Advent me we to reflect on the blessed virgin Mary’s obedience to our Lord and may we be open to his divine well as was Marie when she in obedience excepted being the mother of God and mother of Jesus Christ.

In all, this liturgy was a beautiful way for one to prepare themselves to celebrate his nativity on Christmas Day. It contained a beautiful serenity, so much so, that after I consumed the Lord in the Sacred Species of the Eucharist, I felt a movement of peace and warmth within me after reading some post-communion prayers from my old pre-Vatican II prayer Missal, “The Key to Salvation.” This Sacred liturgy was definitely the “warm cup of cocoa” to melt the spiritual cold of one’s heart and there is no one better (save Christ) to do so than His Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the key focus of the Rorate Caeli Liturgy. 

If one wishes they could come to such a sacred liturgy you have one more chance this coming Saturday, December 23, 2018. Fr Kazimierz will be celebrant for another Missa Cantata at St Mary’s Polish Catholic Parish. This liturgy will also be special as it is an Ember Saturday for the Season of Advent (of the Winter ember days,) containing five Scripture readings prior to the Gospel. There is still time to prepare one’s heart and mind, spiritually, this Advent, with a gorgeous and sacred Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

Enjoy the accompanying pictures. Of note: notice the smoke of the incense rising up in the candlelight of the altar, and that the stained glass window over the altar has, in it's center, but who else ... the Blessed Virgin mary 

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. 

PS. As to the prayer I was reading after consuming the Sacred Host, this is the prayer from “The Key To Salvation,” “Act of Love:“ O beloved Jesus, where shall I find words to express my gratitude and love? O inestimable pledge of God's love for man! O inexhaustible fountain of divine graces! O boundless mercy! O divine charity! Hail O merciful Jesus! O may my soul be sensible of Thy adorable presence and may I see how sovereingly sweet Thou are in the sacrament of Thy love. Yes, O God of goodness!  I love Thee with my whole heart, my whole soul, and above all things. O divine Jesus, do Thou confirm these holy resolutions in my heart, and frant that I may always be able affectionately to exclaim with Thy holy apostle: Thou knowest, Lord, that I love Thee. 

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Special Offerings of the Latin Mass in the 2018 Season of Advent in the Archdiocese of Toronto, and Outskirts for the Christmas Season

Hello Everyone,

Provided here is a listing of offerings for the Season of Advent 2018, for Latin Masses in the Archdiocese of Toronto, outside of those normal offerings at the usual Latin Mass parishes on my listings web page. These offerings are publicly posted on the hosting parishes` websites, OR are from the Facebook groups that I follow for the Latin Mass, and additional information from my few close colleagues in Faith in the Latin Mass.

Only occasional exclusion will be made, which are those offerings that contravene my blog goals, as seen here in No. 4. Those listings must be found elsewhere on other Latin mass community/blog pages on the Internet.

For the most solemn/popular days of the year, this blog makes exception to coverage of offerings in other dioceses. Please stay tuned for more info come closer to the end of this Month.

NOTE: Not listed are regular, Sunday offerings. For regular locations and times, please see my Known Listings page for Ontario.

Apology: My apologies to Mater Dei Latin Mass community. It is a Facebook group I follow, that I had forgotten about. Recently it had posted activity. You are now added to my Listings page, and your remaining Masses outside regular, Sunday obligation are added. 

Updated as of: December 26, 2018


Saturday, December 8, 2018 - Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Murillo immaculate conception.jpg
  1. St. Mary's Polish Catholic Church, 1996 Davenport Rd. []
Saturday, December 15, 2018 - Feria/Votive Saturday (RORATE CAELI PERMITTED)
Offering Incensation, Rorate Caeli Mass, St. Stephen, Sacramento
  1. St. Mary's Polish Catholic Church, 1996 Davenport Rd. []
  • 7:00 AM MISSA CANTATA/HIGH or SUNG MASS FOR RORATE CAELI (see link under photo above for more info on what the "Rorate Caeli" Mass is about) 
Saturday,, December 22, 2018 - Ember Saturday in Adventide/Season of Advent

  1. St. Mary's Polish Catholic Church, 1996 Davenport Rd. []

LITURGICAL SEASON OF CHRISTMAS (Incl. Christmas Eve and Jan 1st)

Monday, December 24, 2018 - The Nativity of our Lord, First Mass at Midnight


1. Holy Family Catholic Church (1372 King St. West, Toronto, ON.) 

  • Midnight - Solemn High/Missa Solemnis 
  • Confessions will be heard an hour before Mass begins

Tuesday, December 25, 2018 - The Nativity of our Lord/Christmas Day (Third Mass, during the day time)

1. Holy Family Catholic Church (1372 King St. West, Toronto, ON.) 
  • 1130am - Solemn High/Missa Solemnis 
  • Confessions will be heard an hour before Mass begins
2. St.Vincent De Paul Catholic Church (263 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronto, ON)

  • 930am - Low Mass/Missa Lecta
  • Confession will be heard at least 15 min before Mass
3. St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church (2210 Lawrence Ave E., Scarborough, ON) - See HERE for PDF Version

  • 1:00pm - Low Mass/Missa Lecta

Wednesday, December 26, 2018 - St. Stephen, Martyr

1. Holy Family Catholic Church (1372 King St. West, Toronto, ON.) 
  • 1130am - Low Mass/Missa Lecta
  • Confessions will be heard at least 15 min before Mass begins
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 - Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God 

1. Holy Family Catholic Church (1372 King St. West, Toronto, ON.) 
  • 1130am - Solemn High/Missa Solemnis (Third Mass, during the day time)
  • Confessions will be heard at least 15 min before Mass begins
2. St.Vincent De Paul Catholic Church (263 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronto, ON)
  • 930am - Low Mass/Missa Lecta
  • Confession will be heard at least 15 min before Mass
3St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church (2210 Lawrence Ave E., Scarborough, ON) - See HERE for PDF Version

  • 1:00pm - Low Mass/Missa Lecta


Tuesday, December 25, 2018 - The Nativity of our Lord/Christmas Day (Third Mass, during the day time)

1. St. Patrick's Schomberg (91 Church St., Schomberg, ON) - For all listings, see this bulletin
  • 1030am - Low Mass/Missa Lecta
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 - Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God 

1. St. Patrick's Schomberg (91 Church St., Schomberg, ON) - For all listings, see this bulletin
  • 1030am - Low Mass/Missa Lecta

Tuesday, December 25, 2018 - The Nativity of our Lord/Christmas Day (Third Mass, during the day time)

1. St. Mary's Parish, Kitchener (56 Duke St. West) 

  • 1.00pm - Low Mass/Missa Lecta

Thursday, December 27, 2018 - St. John the Evangelist, Apostle

1. St. Michael's Ukranian Catholic Church (48 William St., Coniston, ON) - Mater Dei Latin Mass Community (SUDBURY)
  • 6:00 PM Missa Lecta/Low Mass
    • Confessions from 5:00pm - 5:45pm
Friday, December 28, 2018 - Holy Innocents, Martyrs
1. St. Michael's Ukranian Catholic Church (48 William St., Coniston, ON) - Mater Dei Latin Mass Community (SUDBURY)
  • 11:00AM AM Missa Lecta/Low Mass
    • Confessions from 10:00am - 10:45am
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 - Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God 

1. Our Lady of Mount Caramel, (51 Albert St E, Hastings, ON, in Peterborough)

  • 1:00pm - Low Mass/Missa Lecta

2. St. Mary's Parish, Kitchener (56 Duke St. West) 

  • 1.00pm - Low Mass/Missa Lecta
3. St. Michael's Ukranian Catholic Church (48 William St., Coniston, ON) - Mater Dei Latin Mass Community (SUDBURY)
  • 6:00 PM Missa Lecta/Low Mass
    • Confessions from 5:00pm - 5:45pm

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

    Thursday, 8 November 2018

    REPORT: Missa Cantata/Sung High Mass for Christ the King, October 28, 2018 1PM St. Mary's Polish Catholic Church Toronto

    REPORT: Missa Cantata/Sung High Mass for Christ the King, October 28, 2018 1PM St. Mary's Polish Catholic Church Toronto

    Hello everyone,

    Once again, the St Patrick’s Gregorian Choir of Toronto (SPGC,) based out of St Patrick’s Catholic Parish, Toronto (Redemptorist,) organized their annual offering of the Latin Mass on the Feast of Christ the King in the Extraordinary Form/Latin Mass Calendar.

    This Missa Cantata/Sung High Mass took place last Sunday, October 28, 2018 at 1 pm and was held at St. Mary’s Polish Catholic Church, 1996 Davenport Rd in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

    Of note was three particular items for this offering of the Mass:
    1) For SPGC this was the first occasion organizing a Higher level Latin Mass at this parish. St Mary’s has never been asked by the choir to be used as a Mass site, although other lay organizations, and even the parish itself, had held/holds Latin Masses respectfully.

    2) A seminarian who has assisted with St Patrick’s Gregorian Choir in the last few offerings and is a regular member of the schola, completed his pre-seminary studies and was accepted into St Augustine’s this fall. This was his first EF Mass since being accepted into seminary, as well as his
    first time in the liturgical role of Acolyte 2.

    3) After 7 years of being loyal to SPGC and assisting in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and dealing with much over my time alongside the choir, this author, made his debut for the first time in the Master of Ceremonies (MC) role in the EF liturgy! 

    Pre-Mass Details/preparations 

    After a change in celebrant and location of the Mass times, it was eventually settled that St Mary’s, under the pastor-ship of Fr. Kazimierz, our celebrant, would be host to the TLM for this annual offering of SPGC Christ the King, 2018.

    Thankfully, St Mary’s has been involved with the hosting of the EF in the last few years, including their own Saturday 9am Missa Lecta/Low Mass, as well as special high and solemn Masses on feast days and solemnities in past, in partnership with another lay organization. As such, the parish was well equipped for the celebration of the Latin Mass, with many of the liturgical items in stock, such as framed altar cards and their own 1962 Missal. Only Acolyte/processional candles were supplied by the SPGC.

    As usual, the choir devoted their weekly Sat evening practices for the last few weekends, to rehearsing for this EF Mass, in addition to their weekly duties, for the Saturday Novus Ordo vigil Mass at 5pm at St Pat’s (a vernacular Mass with Latin and Gregorian Chants in the musical portions)

    On the serving end, preparation for my role as MC was undertaken starting with the last offering of SPGC in June 2018, whereby I was permitted to shadow the prior MC, Mr. Giovanni at practice. In between offerings, while dealing with full-time work and parenting a young 7 month old son, private preparation was undertaken via a combination of written and video resources including: my personal copy of the Missale Romanum 1962, (see here,) the “Gold Standard” Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described, and YouTube video of other Latin High Masses, especially one of Christ the King Missa Cantata, to prepare for the role. Private serving practice for mastery of footwork/positioning went on alongside the Choir on the 20th October, and a full serving practice was held with the choirmaster, Surinder, present on the eve of October 23rd @ St Mary’s.

    The Actual Mass

    On Sunday October 28, 2018, the Mass took place at 1pm at St Mary’s. A modest showing of 30-40 people were present at the Mass, mostly residents from the Parish. Considering that promotion of this Mass on my blog and media various sources (e.g. the Archdiocese website, the Catholic Register) was delayed for a myriad of reasons including a postal strike (for the Register newspaper), this turnout was great for a smaller parish and less advance notice.

    Overall, the liturgy was conducted decently, save minor mistakes with a side offering of high nervousness, and some off-timing on my part. Timing is quite different in real life versus recordings of the chants. Thankfully the serving contingent was made of experienced servers, some from the parish who have served the EF, others of my allies in the EF, including the seminarian who was a quick study for Acolyte 2. Fr Kazimierz was excellent as our celebrant, clearly knowing his role as celebrant, and also being a great assist to me as first time MC.

    After much sweat (in our cassocks and clergy robes,) effort, and prayer, the liturgy was conducted as reverently as possible, despite my nervousness. Not one complaint was voiced to the choir by anyone in attendance. The choir, as usual, demonstrated their abilities and experience in their chanting, and lifted the souls of the faithful (alongside the sanctuary contingent) on High to our King.

    The musical selections for the Mass, combined with the ordinary Liber chants for the Mass were:

    Organ Prelude
    Introductory hymn: Praise to the Lord the Almighty, by Lobe Den Herren
    Introit: Dignus et Agnus (Liber)
    Kyrie: XII (Pater Cuncta)
    Gloria: XII
    Graduale: Dominabitur (Liber)
    Alleluia: Potestas Eius (Liber)
    Credo: II
    Offertory: Postula A Me (Liber)
    Sanctus: XII
    Agnus Dei: XII
    Communion hymn: Panis Angelicus
    Communion Antiphon: Sedebit Dominus (Liber)
    Closing Hymn: Rejoice the Lord is King by Gospal

    In addition, I present some of the points of Father’s short, but succinct and poignant homily for the feast of Christ the King:

    - The Feast of Christ the King has a significance, of which it’s analogy of kingship may not seem as relevant to modern Man, as the Monarchy/active Kingdoms have been replaced with democratic governments and symbolic monarchies.
    - However, the analogy does apply to us as a Catholic Church, even in today’s world.
    - A King wields authority over his subjects and is responsible for their well being. His subjects, in turn, are to respect the authority of the King and his rulings and governance of the kingdom.
    - Christ is NOT just an earthly “King” who appeared once in time, he is our Divine King in Heaven, who wields authority over Heaven and Earth, though now he resides in his True Kingdom of Heaven.
    - Jesus ensured that his divine authority and care as our King, would persist in this earthly kingdom via his Bride, the Holy Catholic Church. Through it, He bestows through Apostolic Succession, his authority to Holy Mother Church. As His Holy Bride, it is through She where His authority over his subjects, us the Faithful [ed note: who consist of the “Communal” Body of Christ.]
    - Because our King is so closely linked to the Church in His authority as its head, and on earth, The Pope as His Vicar, and his bishops as ordinary arbiters and judges of the Magisterium of His teaching authority, those who attack the Church Herself, the Magisterium and Her teachings, and/or Herself as a whole, attack Christ directly.
    - This even applies more directly to us, the laity within the Church! When we attack Her Magisterium, and those who are it’s guardians up to the Holy Father itself, you attack Christ directly!
    - In the end he asked us to pray to the The Lord that we may be His loyal subjects and to be obedient to His Will and Holy Mother Church.

    Finally, I present to you numerous photos from the Mass, a combination of those submitted with thanks by a young man in attendance, as well as some of my own and the Choir:

      The choir preparing for the Liturgy

     Likely, the Collect. I, as MC am to the right of the Celebrant, Fr. Kaz(miriez), on the Epistle side, during the Mass of the Catechumens (Liturgy of the Word.) I point to the prayer in the Missal before he begins. 

    Incensation of the altar before the offertory of water and wine

    More incensation of the altar in the Mass of the Canons (Liturgy of Eucharist.) The crucifer has been employed to take the altar Missal off while the Celebrant incenses the altar. I, as MC on the right, and the Thurifer to Fr's left, assist him in incensation, by lifting his arms when he genuflects. 

    Consecration of the wine into the Blood of Christ. I am just below the celebrant's right, Thurifer is incensing Fr. as he lifts up the chalice. 

    Communion of the servers. Here we say the "Confiteor" a 2nd time in the liturgy, a common practice at higher Masses for the servers. 

    Communion of the Choir post-Mass (they cannot descend for communion during the Mass)

    More communion of the Choir. 

    What took place was a beautiful and sacred offering of the Mass, and all parties present that day, assisted in that Sacrifice of the Mass, even the laity in the pews with their prayers to Christ. Hopefully you have enjoyed this report, and perhaps in future, you will join our Lord in the Latin Mass at one of these offerings or those of Toronto, or other parishes. It is not just sentiment why the EF/Latin Mass is nicknamed “The Mass of Ages” that lifts the soul to higher callings.

    Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin

    Thursday, 1 November 2018

    Special Latin Mass Offerings Nov 1-3 2018

    Hello everyone,

    I hope this posting is not too tardy of this weeks events. Considering some pivotal feast days are happening in our Church as well as another historical first in a diocese in Canada, I wanted to inform you of going’s on. 

    For All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day There are some special offerings for Latin Masses in addition to the regularly scheduled offerings of the TLM/EF during weekdays. The offering for these feast days are: 

    Feast of All Saints. Thursday Nov 1, 2018
    - Oratory Holy Family (1372 King Street West, Toronto) 
    • 1130am Low Mass Missa Lecta
    • SPECIAL: 6pm Solemn High Mass/Missa Solemnis
    Feast of All Souls
    Oratory Holy Family (1372 King Street West, Toronto
    • 1130am Low Mass Missa Lecta 
    • SPECIAL: 8PM Solemn High Mass/Missa Solemnis
    The oratory’s promotional image/jpeg is above for All Souls.

    If you are able to come out Nov 2, not only will you be able to come out, but you will get to witness rare liturgical customs in the EF. The Mass will be a requiem, whose order of the Mass is altered in some ways. Also the clergy will be wearing BLACK coloured vestments, which was sadly discarded for today’s vernacular/ the Novus Ordo Mass funerals. Finally one of the most Solemn chants outside of the normal Mass settings will be sung, the Dies Irae.

    Now, after Nov 1 and 2, another major historical AND liturgical event will be happening in Ontario Canada, albeit outside of the archdiocese of Toronto. However due to the noteworthiness of the event, I’ll take exception to promoting this on my blog (as this IS a toronto Archdiocese focused blog.) You might recall that with my good friends of St Patrick’s Gregorian Choir, for the first time in history since Vatican II, on October 30, 2016, a Solemn Latin Mass was held at St Michael’s Cathedral with His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins present and as guest homilist. This was a liturgical first in Ontario in the Church in Canada, one of the first Cathedrals in a major Canadian diocese to have a Latin Mass since Vatican II.

    In the Archdiocese of Peterborough, this Saturday Nov 3, a major liturgical-histoical Mark will once again be made. In what is likely the second instance of a Latin Mass in a Canadian diocese’s cathedral since Vatican II, but for sure the first instance in Peterborough (after asking 

    one of its celebrants on Facebook,) a Solemn Latin Mass is being held in honour of the Feast of St. Hubertus, patron saint of hunting. It will be on Sat Nov 3. At the cathedral of St Peter in Chains  (411 Reid Rd, #1) in Peterborough, ON. See the Facebook event page HERE. Furthermore, after the Mass there will be a blessing of hunters and hunting dogs at the cathedral rectory.

    Despite my tardiness, I DO hope some of you will be able to attend. Considering some people from that diocese likely attended our Cathedral mass back in Oct 2016, it would be great to “pay it forward” and attend their diocese’s cathedral Mass. 

    Regardless, may you embark on your faith journey and partake in these special aforementioned offerings of the TLM this week. 

    Pax, Julian. 

    P.S. Don’t forget the special indulgences for the Dead that one can earn for souls, November 1-8. See this bulletin from the Oratorians for the indulgence information. 

    Thursday, 18 October 2018

    ANNOUNCEMENT: Missa Cantata/High Latin Mass for Christ the King on October 28, 2018 1:00 pm in Toronto!

    Hello everyone,

    Once again, time has past, and that time of the season has come. On the 12th anniversary of their formation, the St Patrick’s Gregorian Choir will be organizing their annual offering of the Extraordinary Form (EF) of the Roman Rite aka the TLM, Tridentine Mass, 1962 Missal ...) on the Feast of Christ the King, according to the Liturgical Calendar of the EF.

    The details pertaining to the Mass are as follows:

    Where: St. Mary's Polish Catholic Church
    Address: 1996 Davenport Rd., Toronto, ON
    When: Sunday October 28, 2018
    Time of Mass: 1:00 pm

    The poster is attached here:

    As a personal, yet liturgical point of interest, I will be serving our Lord on the altar in a prominent capacity. After much service in the Extraordinary Form, this being my 7th anniversary, it was decided by the organizers that I will be debuting as Master of Ceremonies.

    The SPGC has arranged for a celebrant, but in terms of serving, they are always open to new young boys and men of any age, having done, at least, their first Communion, who would like to altar serve in the Latin Mass.

    If interested, please contact the choirmaster, Surinder Mundra @ 416 731 4485, or myself at, and we will arrange for you to be part of the Mass in some way.

    The servers will be practicing this coming Saturday, October 20 @ 630 pm at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in downtown Toronto, at 131 McCaul St. (University Ave. and Dundas St. W.) It is near St. Patrick`s subway station on the TTC.

    Please spread word and use your email or social media to inform your family and friends of this sacred and holy event, and also come out to support the SPGC, as well as myself in my new liturgical endeavour.

    Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin

    Saturday, 18 August 2018

    High Mass/Missa Cantata in Archdiocese of Toronto Saturday, August 25th 1230pm EST


    Hello everyone,

    I would like to announce another special offering of the Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, herein the "EF") in our Archdiocese of Toronto, happening before Summer’s end. While I will not be involved liturgically (full serving compliment!,) others whom I have served with will be assisting at the altar of our Lord for this Mass.

    The offering of this Latin Mass will be at the level of Missa Cantata/High (Sung) Mass, with Fr Russell Asch, Chaplain of the EF in the Archdiocese of Toronto as Celebrant.

    The date and time of this offering is Saturday, August 25 at 12:30 PM. This will be held at the chapel for the Carmel Heights Seniors' facility located in Mississauga at 1720 Sherwood Forest Circle. Follow the link for a map.

    As an interesting footnote the liturgical acolytes a.k.a. altar servers as well as the liturgical music of sacred Gregorian Chant, will not be organized/provided by the usual lay organizations or choirs, who normally hold offerings of the Latin mass at the higher levels in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

    The servers will be composed of young men who already serve their home parish and/or extra-parish offerings of the EF, and a choir of young adults in our Archdiocese. This is an extraordinarily positive sign! This shows that young people in our Archdiocese are willing to go the distance, with some additional help when needed, to bring full, liturgical worship that people are craving, to the faithful in our local and universal Church.

    This also shows that the EF alive and well in the Archdiocese of Toronto, and has expanded beyond its normal groups and parishes in our Archdiocese, and in the overall life of the Church. Who knew this would happen back in the mid 2000’s when the EF first re-emerged in Toronto’s faith life, outside of the one 1988 "indult Mass" at St Vincent De Paul.

    As an important note: NO, this does not fulfill your SUNDAY obligation. You must still attend a Saturday Vigil Mass in a Valid and LICIT rite of the Church, OR Sunday Mass including either form of the Roman Rite.

    Regardless, if you are looking for that beautiful endnote to the Summer in your faith life, or are genuinely curious, come one and all to this sacred offering of the Latin Mass.
    Come experience real mercy and reverence in the Latin Mass, and see that Hagan Lio Pope Francis keeps telling youth to do!

    Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

    Sunday, 29 July 2018

    Reply to Kennedy Hall's pro-apologia SSPX Articles on Serviam Ministries Part III


    See Part 1 HERE,  and Part 2, HERE.

    I have hoped to elucidate those readers here, of reasoning for NOT involving one's faith life DIRECTLY with the SSPX in this manner, and arguments to point out flaws in material provided by the SSPX, as well as their statements and those stated by pro-apologia materials, such as the articles written by Mr. Kennedy Hall.

    To conclude this counter to the articles made by Mr. Kennedy, I will share my perspective on these matters and the making of such a harmful spiritual decision, as a father of a 4 month old boy, an altar server who serves the Lord in organized Latin Masses in my Archdiocese, and one man who strives his best to be loyal to Christ in his Holy Mother Church, without succumbing to radical traditionalism, also known as a heresy.

    I will say that in pursuing the vocation of marriage, I took this matter seriously. I purposely enrolled in North America's largest Catholic dating site, Catholic Match, to find a solid young woman near me to seriously marry in the Sacrament of Marriage, and even to start a family with and raise all future children PROPERLY in the faith. I would not accept a woman who didn't take her Sunday Obligation with laxity, or had a past history and/or embraces mental ideologies, contrary to the doctrines of the Catholic Church. Thankfully, with much petition of prayer to St. Joseph and Christ, I was blessed with my wife of today, and now, my 4 month old son, Gianluca. Might I say in irony, she ended up being a teacher in a Catholic School board in my Archdiocese?

    Further, through a good friend I met via a young adult ministry in my then local parish some 8.5 years ago, he introduced me to the Latin Mass, and eventually both of us became servers. Through serving the Lord at the altar at Masses, mainly those organized by St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir in Toronto, as well as my own personal Latin Mass serving blog, Servimus Unum Deum, I have come to appreciate and play a direct part in the Traditionalist movement in the Archdiocese. However in doing so, I have encountered the gamut of insanity of both online, and in person, commentary and material that unfortunately promotes radical traditionalism, which has stalled progress of the Latin Mass in some senses in my Archdiocese. Coupled with bullying and harassment of multiple forms (of which I have been personally targeted with,) this has made some former acquaintances of mine in serving either reduce their ministry to their home parishes, abandon traditionalism altogether and retreat to their Novus Ordo parishes, or even worse ... become adherents to the SSPX and attend only their EF masses in Toronto.

    In serving the Latin Mass, one is bound to in one form or another, encounter the SSPX and some of their printed materials. I will admit that I do contain a book or two from their Angelus Press at home, and found a great resource online for the Missa Cantata/High Mass level of the Latin Mass. However, their provision and experience of doing the Latin Mass alone, is NOT enough to warrant approval of them. Let me also state that, not just from the SSPX solely, though they do emphasize this more, I became aware of the "crisis of the church." Crisis of vocations? check. Novus Ordo done not as reverently due to temptations that exist for liturgical abuses? check. Culture war? check. Gourmand, internet celebrity priest who is a textbook encyclopedia for all things Latin Mass related and emphasizes all of the above? Check, and Fr. Zuhlsdorf at WDTPRS is one of my favourite internet reads! I am not an ignoramus to all those things emphasized by Latin Mass participants and the SSPX.

    Still, would I be so inclined, based on what I know and understand about the Novus Ordo and current institutional (e.g. the people, bricks and mortar and political structures,) and sociological culture of  the Catholic Church, to make the same decision as Kennedy to jump the "ship without a rudder" to  quote one Pontifical Latin Mass loving prelate, and become an SSPX adherent?  


    First of all, were I to abandon the Church and bring my current (and future) family outside of the Church into the SSPX, for the sake of a FORM of the Roman Rite and what is being promoted by its clergy as the "TRUE" Church, I would be causing spiritual harm to my family, and eliciting spiritual pride, akin to Satan's "non serviam" of God, in a form of spiritual rebellion. Knowing that the Novus Ordo IS a valid and licit liturgy, promulgated by the Church via Apostolic authority of then Pope Paul VI, and maintained up to current Pope Francis, and even stated explicitly by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who in essence "freed" the Latin Mass in an IMMEDIATE ACTING LAW FOR THE ENTIRE CHURCH, A MOTU PROPRIO, I would be committing a grave violation of Church Law. I would violate a doctrinally, legal document in Summorum Pontificum article 1, and also violate the DOGMATIC constitution of Pastor Aeternus from Vatican I, believing that the Pope has NO authority in discipline and government of the Church in the finite world. I would be encouraging my family and I to become schismatics and separate themselves from the Church, though albeit my wife, my children, and my grandchildren might be less culpable in their actions as they were influenced by my decision and their new SSPX environment. Personally, I do not want to arrive at the court of Christ after death, and be sentenced to Hell because I became schismatic and left Holy Mother Church, and dragged my wife and children with me, doing what Matthew 7:9-10 describes: giving them the opposite of what is supposed to be the nourishment of Christ. I would be judged harshly with our Lord`s Divine Wrath as the spiritual head of my family for this decision upon all our souls.

    Second of all, I get that we are facing ever increasing odds and forces that oppose the family and the Catholic Faith, especially the Church's children being brainwashed with anti-Christian ideologies and/or lifestyles, particularly the lifestyle du-jour, that of homosexuality and/or including multi-genderism. Sadly, the Catholic school system IS failing in that regard, even aiding as such with the establishment of Gay-Straight Alliance groups in schools, instead of general anti-bullying or ``respecting differences`` groups. I also understand, having now been a practicing Catholic adult, parish politics, and the problems that priests themselves bring to the liturgy and the ordinary faith life of the faithful, who are used as  pawns in the greater politics that is the bureaucracy of the Church hierarchy. I also am aware of the poor formation that many priests got in seminaries, which according to some sources, includes homosexual shenanigans and purposeful selection of candidates who were effeminate or gay to be ordained, removing conservative/liturgically minded candidates for priesthood. This last note was recently brought to public light, once again, in the Cardinal McCarick scandals, and cowardly via peer pressure, he has turned in his resignation to Pope Francis.

    However, this is NO excuse to abandon the barque of Peter for the sake of finding a liturgical 'bomb shelter' to hide out in! There are some teachers willing to actually teach the deficient Catholic curriculum properly in their classes, such as my wife. She actually uses Church documents in her courses, such as VATICAN II documents to introduce the proper Catholic framework of the Grade 11 World Religions course, before she delves into ANY of the world religions in detail. She also attempts her very best to connect things back to the Church, regardless of the religion, and at the end of every Gr. 11 course puts a question on the final exam to purposely tie together the religions the students learnt about and the Catholic Church's teachings on other religions and/or faiths. She does NOT aim in any of her classes to slander the Catholic Faith, or make it simply another choice of faith as options in the course.

    Also, because both my wife and I work, and I am not the heir of a wealthy business or enormous inheritance, I know that I will NOT be able to afford private Catholic education. Therefore, I know intuitively that I will have to FIGHT the system, and I will be ever more attentive to my son's education, both as a parent, but also in teaching him in the home. One strategy: I have amassed a personal library of works and spiritual literature to nourish my child's soul (e.g. Aquinas' Summa Theologica, 1/2 of the Ascetic Volumes of St. Alphonsus Liguori,) While I have not read front to back every book to date, nonetheless I will attempt to educate myself as much as possible, and hopefully my son as well, that he will 'seek the good' in some of what is the best, most Traditional literature I could afford.

    As for the liturgical end of things, if one TRULY wants to seek out the Latin Mass, in developed countries should one have access to an automobile or public transit (or truly holy and great allies/friends,) one can seek these the EF actively and access it if they choose, whether for spiritual nourishment or to avoid liturgical abuses at a parish or Fr. Boisterous on the altar. Now, were I to have to make that decision, then NO, I would not be forsaking my family's Sunday obligation as that priest advises in his SSPX videos (10) just because there was not an EF or an SSPX EF Mass available. While the Church does not force you to endure liturgical abuse, it DOES request you, out of honouring the Lord and out of mercy for weak human fault, under obligation of sin, to fulfill your obligation. While yes, the Pontifical Council of Ecclesia Dei has stated you CAN (read, NOT MUST!) fulfill your obligation at an SSPX Mass, that does NOT mean it is your first choice to do so, particularly when there are Novus Ordo, or even parishes of other rites of the Church available to you (e.g. Byzantine/Ukrainian Catholic Rite.) Further, even if I am taking my wife and child to these Masses, such instances would support disobedience to Holy Mother Church, even if I do not sin for attendance SSPX Masses for proper reasons. Finally, as seen in the SSPX FAQ videos, it's clear that being in contact with the SSPX, including clergy who support such ideas in the FAQ videos, who could potentially preach such ideas from the pulpit or in instructional material for my family, HAVE THE POTENTIAL as per the warnings of the Church's communications, to put my family and I in harm's way of adopting a self-schismatic attitude.

    Third of all, there ARE more and more ample opportunities in ordinary diocesan parishes, that are  being created and developed each year in developed/"1st world" countries such as ours in Canada, whereby the lay faithful CAN partake in, should they be enamoured with the EF if it spiritually fulfills their needs. With the ever increasing access to the EF in dioceses, the argument of the SSPX that the Church is in a liturgical crisis and that lay faithful must abandon the Church for the EF (offered by the SSPX) has gradually become eroded, especially since Benedict Emeritus XVI released Summorum Pontificum in 2007. Let us not forget also laity-led, or combined laity-clergy led organizations/choirs who are organizing Latin Masses and providing both the sacred music for the Mass as well as the servers for the liturgical portion, in parishes willing to allow a diocesan priest trained in the EF to celebrate that form of the Latin rite and to hold the Masses in their sainctuaries. The most well-known example are chapters under the Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce, whom was established after Vatican II by laity, to preserve the liturgical traditions of the Church via the Latin Mass.

    As a local example, in my Archdiocese of Toronto alone, there are two major parishes that are public transit accessible, that have not only Sunday obligation Masses, but also weekday Low Masses and  even occasional, solemnity/feast day higher level Masses for the laity that they can attend. One of them, St. Lawrence the Martyr in Scarbourough, is also home to the Chaplain for the EF in our Archdiocese. The other parish, staffed by the Oratorians, is Holy Family/St Vincent de Paul, whose Sunday Obligation Masses are High or Solemn Level masses for the 11am offering.There are also at least 4 other parishes in my Archdiocese offering one of either Sunday obligation Masses (e.g. St. Patrick's in Schomberg, ON,) occasional Latin Masses on another weekday, or once a month. Should one be able to afford driving out occasionally, they can even find the Latin Mass in other (arch)dioceses of my province of Ontario, and these offerings are growing in the “peripheries” of my province of Ontario, or those of my Archdiocese. There are also the lay organizations/choirs of St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir and the Toronto Traditional Mass Society (a.k.a. Una Voce Toronto) who organize special offerings of the Latin Mass, particularly Missa Cantata and Solemnis (High and Solemn High) level Masses, in addition to the parishes that offer the Latin Mass in varying frequencies.

    Further, I myself am trying to contribute the best I can to support the maintenance and growth of the  Latin Mass, whenever I can, whether this is attending a Mass in the pews, to serving offerings of the  Mass in a liturgical role as a server. I am also attempting to undergo training to become a Master of Ceremonies, so that I can assist my allies in the movement in my Archdiocese, as well as in the long run, possibly be able to assist the Church in some way of hosting another offering of the TLM, or possibly even training clergy/servers in their roles. Instead of throwing my arms up in the air to run with my family to the SSPX, I am playing an active role in the Latin Mass movement in our Archdiocese, the best I can while being a father to my newborn child, and also ensuring that my family fulfills their Sunday obligation via Sunday Mass attendance, which usually is at our local Novus Ordo parish. Occasionally, my wife will even attend the offerings of the EF I serve at, though I have yet to witness her don the mantilla my more Traditionalist friend gave her as a gift, despite my requests. She did though, bring my newborn son to the last EF mass I served in June for the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

    Finally, let me end my resolve with an analogy, to understand all of the above. Imagine you are taking your family to a camping destination: A campground with supervision, maintenance staff, amenities such as a lake staffed with lifeguards, etc. You are driving your family along the road to your destination and you child diverts your attention as there is a crystal blue lake near large patches of land that look `pristine` as if man had never touched this part of God`s creation. Why, there`s even a perfectly made dock and crafted fishing boat waiting for you to go out in the deeper parts of the waters where juicy, non-mercury tainted tuna are waiting for you. At the behest of your rambunctious child, you go to investigate and naturally, your wife comes along with you.

    Now, problem is that you have heard about this lake from the bait shop cashier you purchased your fresh supplies from, and a forest ranger friend of yours, who works at the campsite you frequent, who say NEVER to go on that lake, as it is not only too deep, but a large, great white shark is at the bottom. Since that lake is outside the county boundaries of the parks and recreation authority, they do not have the means legally to go in and kill the shark. Foolishly, you dismiss the cashier and your friends` warnings and take your family into the convenient fishing boat set aside for you at the dock. You decide to go out just enough that the water is not shallow anymore, and try to fish. You caught a couple of sizable minnows, but you wanted to get the ``big catch`` and go deeper. You then go out deeper and start catching small size tunas, but of course, you want the big tuna fish. Your child and wife, however, see a large shadow passing the side of the boat while you are distracted, and warn you that maybe this is not a good idea. In passing, you ignore the warnings of your family, and move deeper to the center of the lake with those big tunas. You put those small minnows, now bleeding from your fishing hook before, on the tip of your fishing hook into the depths of the water. A large shadow approaches your fishing pole and catches it ... enough to break it ... and that shadow isn`t leaving the side of the boat ... 

    This analogy, of the shark in the waters as you go deeper, is exactly what the SSPX is to me. All for the sake of the Latin Mass, one immerses themselves in the ``life`` of their `apostolates` or `chapels` while their priests like the one in the video spout partially or completely false ideas about the Novus Ordo Mass and the Modern Church, all for the sake of taking you away from Holy Mother Church and into a parallel, NON-CANONICALLY VALID `church` of supposed `true Catholicism` that only they can provide, that the Novus Ordo, `modernist` ``Church`` under the modernist Pope Francis, (who IS the Vicar of Christ they claim to honour,) cannot. In a big irony of them all, here is the non-canonical SSPX, telling the lay faithful to abandon Holy Mother Church and it`s major form of the Mass, the Novus Ordo, when Traditionalists strongly believe and adhere to the adage ``Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus`` which translates to ``No Salvation Outside the Church.``
    How can a society outside of the Church, canonically speaking then, provide me salvation to my wife and child? As a "T"raditionalist, I would have to thus stick to the old adage, and remain loyal to the Bride of Christ, under the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, warts and Novus Ordo and all. I will do so, as my family`s spiritual authority, so my wife and my son, will be able to obtain the fullest opportunity, of obtaining salvation, as promised through my Lord, Jesus Christ, Sovereign King.

    I pray that one day, in my lifetime, Christ's hopes and wishes that we may all be united be granted, and that the Society of St. Pius X is reconciled, and heavily re-vitalized so as not to be an instrument of division, but an instrument of unity serving Holy Mother Church in obedience to the Holy Father, and in revitalization of the sacred liturgy of the Latin Rite. Amen.

    Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin

    Saturday, 21 July 2018

    Reply to Kennedy Hall's pro-apologia SSPX articles on Serviam Ministries Part II

    Rebuttal to Kennedy Hall`s pro-Apologia for the SSPX Part II: The Novus Ordo and the ``Crisis of Faith`` and the ``Reply to Comments`` Article



    In his second post, Kennedy chooses to address some of the specific complaints or criticisms against him, and continues to defend the SSPX, now as an adherent as he openly admits, with my emphasis added, "... my family and I have begun to attend an SSPX Chapel, and I cannot see us going back to the Novus Ordo, unless necessity requires for our Sunday Obligation ..." (1) From there Mr. Kennedy responds to two main gripes from his first post and/or the Facebook(TM) comments, but also opens up discussion to some more serious spiritual matter here, particularly the question of crisis in Faith, necessary for him to decide to become fully integrated into the life of the SSPX, and outside of the life of the Church. 

    The first gripe that he responds to is that the SSPX are literally schismatic. This Mr. Kennedy is correct on, as the matter is one of specific violations of Canon Law and the actors who participated in the actions, as well as the fact that those who were part of it were validly and licitly ordained as Catholic priests, prior to being made bishops. Can participation in the society lead you to schism? Yes, as I covered this in the section on the status of the Society. 

    The second gripe is that one must believe in ALL parts of the Vatican II council as infallible. This is actually incorrect as even Pope John XXIII, regarded Vatican II as a pastoral council. Where tension between the SSPX and the Vatican lies is in this regard, both under Benedict Emeritus XVI and Francis I, whether by formal negotiation or indirectly through a former secretary of the Pope’s respectively. I will say, however, in defending or countering this gripe, Kennedy used poor source material, as his quotes are taken from a site called "One Peter Five," a website with an anti-Francis and anti Novus Ordo agenda/bias in its media. 

    Now, while one might think I am allowing the second blog post of Mr. Kennedy to pass, that is wrong, as between the two posts, Mr. Kennedy has brought into the open a deep and concerning issue: Forsaking the Novus Ordo and normal parish life for the SSPX under a spiritual crisis scenario. Kennedy brought this into the open in the following quote: "...  I want nothing more than to be a man of God, a saintly father to my children, and a leader in faith to my wife, and this is why the SSPX exists ...." (1) alongside this in the first post: ".... The strongest argument for the validity of the Society as a legitimate arm of the Church lies in the provisions given in Canon Law that allow for irregular actions during situations of crisis ...  if the Church really has been in crisis for some time now ... then perhaps  ... the SSPX ... were in fact a legitimate response ... to a true crisis of faith and church governance." (2)    

    In this article, combined with a point in his last one on "crisis" of the Church, Kennedy uses as defenses a number of points to validate one leaving the `regular` Church for the SSPX. One example is that "... it is clear that the Latin Mass and the surrounding community is truly the breeding ground of Saints." (1) I say to this that, at least at face value (but not perhaps personal intention on Kennedy's part,) the statement displays spiritual arrogance and pride, and "bashes" the Novus Ordo, saying the atmosphere cannot produce saints. What about examples like soon to be martyr Saint, Bishop Oscar Romero, killed during a Novus Mass after preaching the homily on March 23, 1980? What about teenager St. Chiara "Luce" Badano born in 1971 after the complete changes of the Novus Ordo, whom died of cancer on October 7, 1990 at a mere 18 years old? These are but two of the hopefully growing number of saints, that have been immersed and/or had to become part of the Novus Ordo "Church culture," and hopefully the Church will canonize more to come. While I will admit I am no stranger to the weaknesses of the average parish culture of the Novus Ordo Mass, it is NOT deficient of Christ's graces and the Holy Mass. Clearly as with these (soon to be two) Saints, ordinary parish or Novus Ordo culture CAN enable some people to become saintly under the right circumstances, or dare I say, in SPITE of such circumstances.

    Another argument Kennedy uses to validate one`s decision to abandon Holy Mother Church for the SSPX, is that the Latin Mass has been the formative Mass in the Roman rite for numerous saints. If the article was a general apologia for the Latin Mass, this IS a vital argument that can be used. However, did said saints decide to act outside the authority of the Church and start their own parallel `society` with a form of the Mass they felt better or more "pure/holier", like say, version 1.0 of the Tridentine Mass when Pope Pius V promulgated it in 1570? Absolutely not! Those saints were loyal sons and daughters of the Church who did not take matters in their own hands to save what they thought is the "true tradition of the Church."


    While not deeply touched in these two postings, with possibly obvious reason, Kennedy fails to mention one key teaching that the SSPX continues to hold: A firm antipathy towards the Novus Ordo Mass, one that violates the teachings of the Church and puts those who adhere to the SSPX's teachings in peril of their soul. 

    Where is it that Catholics must at the very least acknowledge the validity and licitness of the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite/Novus Ordo under normal conditions? 

    In most recent times, part of that is in the very document that allowed for freer usage of the EF again in modern times, Summorum Pontificum, promulgated as a motu proprio by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (emphasis added:) "Art 1.  The Roman Missal promulgated by Pope Paul VI is the ordinary expression of the lex orandi (rule of prayer) of the Catholic Church of the Latin rite .... These two expressions of the Church’s lex orandi will in no way lead to a division in the Church’s lex credendi (rule of faith); for they are two usages of the one Roman rite." (3) Being motu proprio, this is immediate acting, binding law, upon the entirety of the Church, both for lay faithful and priest. 

    Also, besides the Pope having infallibility in faith and morals, he also has full Papal Authority on other matters in the Church including the promulgation of liturgical rites, discipline in the Church and its government. This was promulgated in the Vatican I Dogmatic Constituion of the Church of Christ, Pastor Aeternus, paragraph 3 (also, emphases added here:) 

    "Hence we teach and declare that, by the appointment of our Lord, the Roman Church possesses a superiority of ordinary power over all other Churches, and that this power of jurisdiction of the Roman Pontiff, which is truly episcopal, is immediate; to which all, of whatever rite and dignity, both pastors and faithful, both individually and collectively, are bound, by their duty of hierarchical subordination and true obedience, to submit, not only in matters which belong to faith and morals, but also in those that appertain to the discipline and government of the Church throughout the world, so that the Church of Christ may be one flock under one Supreme Pastor through the preservation of unity both of communion and of profession of the same faith with the Roman Pontiff. This is the teaching of Catholic truth, from which no one can deviate without loss of faith and of salvation." (4) 

    Unfortunately, the SSPX do not swear total fealty to the Holy Father, or should I say Fathers since Vatican II, given the above with regards to one key element of our common Catholic Faith: The everyday, Novus Ordo form of the Roman Rite, the Catholic Mass of today, found in most parishes worldwide. It is in their treatment of the Novus Ordo that once again, Mr Kennedy's statement of "total obedience" to the Holy Father is disingenuous and whereby, the SSPX poses great danger to the faith life of the ordinary Catholic, and hence, the possibly of becoming self-schismatic. 

    While Kennedy has definitely become familiar with the SSPX website, perhaps he has stumbled upon the YouTube(TM) SSPX FAQ videos, produced likely by the USA district? The channel is "SSPX News - English" and is a series of 16 videos, 15 of them frequently asked questions about elements pertaining to the Society, including their origins, the priest's status of "jurisdiction" in the Church, etc. The host is an un-named priest of the Society, who narrates the text provided in the comments section under each video. Of the series, 3 of them involve dealing with the Novus Ordo/Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite and attendance at this form of the Mass. 

    The first FAQ is Episode 7 titled "What is the Novus Ordo Missae?" The priest explains how the New Mass was some concocted scheme of Anibale Bugini, but also states of the Novus Ordo the following: "... Man has become more of the focus, not so much God. The priest and faithful father for a meal to share with one another Christ's loving presence ... vernacular languages, "Mass facing the people," and equating the laity's role with that of the priest ... the Blessed Sacrament ... is reserved away from the main altar ... many abuses have been introduced, such as lay Eucharistic Ministers, Communion in the hand, and altar girls." (5)

    I'll address some of these charges briefly. In each case, it was NOT the Novus Ordo Missae itself that allowed these changes, or the charge doesn't stick well. Rather it was politics or flat out abuse by certain prelates that led to the abuses mentioned. 

    To start with the charge of the man-focused liturgy, and that the Mass is a meal to share with one another in Christ's presence, I think that, even my Conference of Canadian Catholic Bishops, (of which bishops' conferences are generally deplored by Catholic faithful in the know,) in the publicly accessible General Instruction of the Roman Missal (G.I.R.M.) for the 2011/3rd edition of the Missal, would beg to differ.  Their second paragraph in the Introduction states the following: "The sacrificial nature of the Mass, solemnly defended by the Council of Trent ... was once more stated by the Second Vatican Council ... What is taught in this way by the Council is consistently expressed in the formulas of the Mass. Moreover, the doctrine which stands out ... is aptly and exactly expounded in the Eucharistic Prayers; for as in these the Priest enacts the anamnesis ..." (6) which is explained in paragraph 78(e) as, "... by which the Church, fulfilling the command that she received from Christ the Lord through the Apostles, celebrated the memorial of Christ, recalling especially his blessed Passion, glorious Resurrection and Ascention into Heaven.``(6) While we cannot control the (willful?) ignorance pf priests for NOT reading the G.I.R.M. and/or the possible brainwashing of their formation for the generations of the late 60`s to 80`s and some of the 90`s, one can certainly conclude that the Mass is NOT intended as a `celebratory meal` for the celebrant in carrying out the sacred liturgy.  

    As for the other charges, these were limited or narrowed suggestions/permissions abused by the clergy at the time of the Council, and/or taken in well-meaning intention by ignorant priests from liturgical "experts" who likely themselves did not have the proper interpretation of, or even the actual documents themselves, of Vatican II. As per the abuses mentioned, they were twistings of suggestions from the Vatican II documents, but NOT the original intention for the Novus Ordo, whose true intentions are oriented particularly from Sarcosanctum Concilium. Much of this, don't forget, was in the pre-Internet era, before even laity could enact surveillance on our institutional Church and be able to decry when clerics do not follow rubrics or violate laws. For the sake of length I will not attack each claim by the unnamed priest, rather I refer you to one of Catholic Answer`s priests on retainer for answering questions from the faithful, Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J. (Yes, a Jesuit!) in this article at The unnamed SSPX priest then describes the Latin Mass as the total opposite of everything about the Novus Ordo at the end of the video. The underlying message he gives is `Novus Ordo bad, Latin Mass and SSPX good.`

    In the 2nd video on the Novus Ordo, titled ``Should Catholics Attend the New Mass? - Part I or II`` (7) the unnamed priest, does not necessarily lob any direct attacks on the Novus Ordo but does a good job in explaining the Sunday obligation to attend Mass. The one thing to note though, which he intentionally sets up for part II are the reasons WHY someone would be unable to attend to their Sunday Obligation. As per the text of the video these reasons are: ``• Dangerous travel conditions, an inability to travel, or even great distances.; • Poor health. ;• Preservation of a common good. • A duty of charity or another necessity, such as caring for the sick or employment for one’s livelihood.`` 

    Keeping in mind distance and preservation of a common good, the priest then goes into the second part, titled ``Should Catholics Attend the New Mass? - Part II of II.`` Here is where the unnamed priest assaults the Novus Ordo in order to convince the ordinary faithful, to abandon the regular Church life and even NOT attend the Novus Ordo. Using the Ottavani Intervention, a warning from Cardinal Ottavani and other signatories of the errors that would be introduced in the 1970 edition of the Roman Missal (the 2nd edition, as there was a 1965 version of the Missal and the Mass intended by Vatican II documents,) and other statements including the excommunicated and un-reconciled leader of the SSPX, +Lefevbre (of which a quote is purposely abridged,) the priest convinces the viewer to abandon the Novus Ordo. 

    What statements does the priest use? Examples are the obscuring or "... even removing from its prayers the Catholic doctrines concerning the propitiatory nature of the Mass, the sacrificial and mediatory character of the priesthood, and the dogma of the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist" (8) and "... the New Mass departs from the Catholic Faith "as a whole and in its details." (8) Already in those statements, the quote I used prior from the G.I.R.M. proves the priest wrong, as the sacrificial and mediatory character IS retained in the Mass (though whether the priest acts as such in an obvious way is not under our complete control.) As for the denial of the Real Presence of the Lord Jesus, setting aside the issue of not having the tabernacle on the altar in visible sight (with exception of specific adoration chapels near the altar) which AGAIN was due to foolish liturgical "experts," all one has to do is examine the climax of the Mass in the Eucharistic Prayers, when the Body and Blood of Christ is consecrated/undergoes transubstantiation from bread and wine into the Sacred Species in the Mass. Yes, even the so called paltry and commonly over-used Eucharistic prayer II, has it mentioned TWICE in specific detail, the Body and Blood of Christ, the second time even using the word "partaking."  

    Finally, after some more charges against the Ordinary Form, the un-named priest makes these horrifying statements of the Novus Ordo: ".... In itself the rite of the New Mass does not clearly express the Faith precisely on the points of doctrine denied by the Protestant heresies. In itself therefore this new rite of the Mass constitutes a danger to souls." Hence, what this illicit priest has said, is that the Church's highest form of prayer, in the MAJORITY FORM & RITE OF THE MASS OFFERED TO THE AVERAGE CATHOLIC, is detrimental to their souls, as if it were a mortal sin to go. 

    This, is a sickening charge to make against Holy Mother Church, the Church Christ founded that He himself said that the Gates of Hell would never destroy in Matthew 16:18. Further, Our Lord Jesus Christ, said himself in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 7: 9-10 (Douay-Reims), "Or what man is there among you, of whom if his son shall ask bread, will he reach him a stone? 10 Or if he shall ask him a fish, will he reach him a serpent?" Why, would the Lord, then, via the Church he instituted for the salvation of souls, with the principal form of prayer and command to honour Him for all eternity in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, allow the creation of a Mass diabolical enough to damn the souls of the faithful? Even the un-named priest says himself in the video, "The Church cannot ask her members to endanger their Faith." (8)  

    Regardless, the priest continues to tell the faithful, that if you can't get to a traditional Mass (implying, as being the source of this enlightenment in the FAQ videos, that it should be a Latin Mass offered by the SSPX,) or the priest in his preaching and opinions is a detriment to the faith, you should NOT attend, and instead stay at home and " ... sanctify Sunday by dedicating a time for prayer, alone or in the family: one could read the Mass of the day, pray the rosary, and make a spiritual communion." (8) And should one be forced into a situation to attend a Novus Ordo for a sacrament (e.g. wedding, Confirmation, funeral,) you are to attend passively. 

    Oddly enough, even those who argue for the Traditional Latin Mass, are actually fighting this charge of passivity in the TLM, saying you actively participate via your "internal disposition" of prayer, uniting those to the priest at the altar involved in the eternal, bloodless re-presenation of the Lord's Sacrifice. While the priest in an odd, anti-culture type way is applying this to the Novus Ordo, he is actually encouraging passive participation in the Mass, which defeats the efforts of Latin Mass apologists, and only supports the stereotype of the passive laity at Mass, a misunderstanding that made its way into the Vatican II Council to encourage "active participation" (albeit the Popes has a different idea of this vs. the Cardinals/bishops who allowed practical mis-applications of this concept.)

    NEXT: Part III: My Decision as a Father and Practicing Catholic, Involved in the Latin Mass.

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