Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Seeing my Facebook Feed, Catholic Chapter House just linked to THIS:

This is a special update from "That guy", Michael Voris of what he calls his media network ChurchMilitantTV. Go look it up yourself, as I do not support the work of what he does. I personally think he is a "RadTrad" (The rest of you can go disagree in your own little corners of the blogosphere and real life. My blog, my opinion. Canada hasn't barred free speech legally yet).

HOWEVER, the saying is "a broken clock is correct twice a day", and well, it turns out Pope Francis just summoned all available Cardinals of the Curia for an emergency meeting away from a conference in Rome for the Latin Liturgy and things related to it called Sacra Liturgica. Voris is present for this conference. The video is 8:46pm Rome time and Italy is about 6 hours ahead of Toronto, so this was reported 2:46pm EST here in Toronto.

Voris isn't sure, but, according to a rumour, perhaps this is to be the radical change that most people were hoping for out of Pope Francis. The rumour is there's going to be some radical change in the Curia!

Does this have any credence whatsoever, or is Voris being his usual, controversial self and making life harder for Traditional Catholics? Well .... Remember that concert that Pope Francis missed ... the great Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Holy Internet Father of all that is Traditional and Holy in the Catholic Blogosphere (who is present for this conference too, unsurprisingly), commented on the concert snafoo here:

Initially, Fr. Z. said this before his sources gave him updates: ".... The other part of me, however, the Romanized part, is wondering if the Holy Father didn’t use an occasion when he knew where all of his “handlers” were going to be, and how long they would be there, to have a one-on-one meeting with someone who knows what is going on in the Vatican and where the reform is most necessary. After those years in Rome I have a conspiratorial streak. Either way, the Pope is keeping everyone guessing, and – in the Curia – on edge...."

While his information leads him to say that apparently Pope Francis did not meet with anyone of importance or controversy, other sources like Vatican Insider co-support this, saying he was hard at work in his 'Papal Office' here: .

Further I found this article as well about what the Pope and his 8 (now apparently 9?) Cardinal advisory team are getting to work on: This caught my ears! ".... The Pope encouraged reflection on the new evangelisation, using Paul VI’s Evangelii nuntiandi as inspiration and an awareness of the fact that society’s conditions force us to rethink our methods  and to try to think of how to bring the Christian message to the people of today. "

So .... with the other articles above .... Perhaps Voris is right ..... POPE FRANCIS JUST MIGHT BE STARTING TO LAY THE SMACKDOWN ON SOME CORRUPT VATICAN RUDY POO GIABRONE!!!  (to borrow from WWE wrestler and actor, Dwayne ``The Rock`` Johnson)

All I can say, is that we should be continuing to monitor this from good sources, and perhaps when I wake up, something exciting will be waiting for the Church on my blog feed or Fr. Z, or even ``That Guy``, Voris.

Pax Tibi Christi, I`m Julian Barkin.

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