Known Latin Mass Listings in the Archdiocese of Toronto and External Dioceses in Ontario

Known Latin Mass Listings in the Archdiocese of Toronto and External Dioceses in Ontario

!!! Updated as of August 26th, 2018 !!!

This page will list all known (Arch) diocesan, sacramentally valid and licit Latin Mass Offerings in the Archdiocese of Toronto, and its neighboring dioceses in Ontario, provided they are not as described in point #4 in my About page for this blog. The page is separated into regular occasion (e.g. weekly) listings, and also special occasion listings when they do come up. There will be divisions between Archdiocese of Toronto Listings in its core and outside, and other dioceses in Ontario. 

Archdiocese of Toronto

Core of the Archdiocese

Regular Offerings:

1. The Oratorians of St. Phillip Neri
  • Holy Family Church (1372 King Street West, Toronto, ON)
    • Website:
    • Contact information: Phone = 416 532 287 & Fax: 416-532-8733
    • Offerings: 
      • Monday - Friday 11:30am Extraordinary Form/Latin Low Mass
      • Saturday - 8:30am Extraordinary Form/Latin Low Mass
      • Sunday Obligation - 11:00 am Extraordinary Form Solemn Mass (possibly High/Cantata in Summer months)

N.B. There may be additional offerings of the EF/TLM on special feast days/solemnities. Please see the bulletins/contact the parish to verify these additional offerings outside of the normal schedule. 

2. St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church (2210 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough/Toronto, ON)
    • Website:
    • Contact Information: Phone = 416-759-9359 & Fax: 416-759-6725. Request Fr. Russell Asch, the Latin Mass Chaplain for any specific inquires unanswerable by clerical staff of the parish. 
    • Offerings:
      • Monday - Wednesday: 11:00 AM EF/Latin Low Mass $
      • Thursday: 7:00AM EF/Latin Low Mass $
      • Friday: 7pm EF/Latin Low Mass $
      • Saturday: 10:00 AM EF/Latin Low Mass $
      • Sunday Obligation 1pm EF/Latin Low Mass (with full serving complement) 
        • Also Sundays: EXTRAORDINARY FORM Eucharistic Adoration (Fr. Russell Asch)
          • Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament - 4:00PM
          • Adoration: 4:00-4:45pm
          • Benediction: 4:50 pm
$ = Masses are subject to cancellation or time changes, if priests involved have administrative/managerial commitments they cannot remove themselves from, or funerals, or non-predictable acts of God (e.g. bad weather). 

3. Carmel Senior's Residence in Mississauga - Served by Fr. Russell Asch (1720 Sherwood Forrest Circle, Mississauga, ON)

NOTE: Please call ahead to ensure that Fr. is doing the TLM/EF at the mass times below. These times are the most frequent/common times he does the masses as per e-mail list.

DOUBLE NOTE! As of Aug 1, 2018, Fr. Russell Asch is now the Chaplain of the Extraordinary Form in the Archdiocese of Toronto. Due to his duties of this, as well as to his base parish of St. Lawrence the Martyr, these offerings might not be available anymore, or certain ones are removed due to duties @ SLTM. 

  • Website: 
  • Contact information: 
    • Phone: 905 822 5298
    • Fax: 905 822 7386
    • Email:
  • Offerings (usual times):
    • Monday, Wed to Fri: 8:45 AM
    • Tuesday: 10:00am
    • Saturday: 9:00am $
    • SUNDAY OBLIGATION: usually 910AM or 1210PM. $

$ These offerings are subject to Fr's duties @ the residence, and/or may change due to his schedule/other EF/TLM commitments. Please call ahead to verify if these offerings are happening.

4. St. Issac Jogues Catholic Church (1148 Finch Avenue, Pickering (Toronto), Ontario)

  • Website: 
  • Contact Information: 
    • Phone: 905-831-3353
    • Email:
  • Offerings:
    • Every First Saturday of the Month @ 11am
5. NEW! St. Mary Polish Catholic Church (1996 Davenport Rd., Toronto, Ontario)

  • Website:
  • Contact information:
    • Phone:  416-656-3130
    • Email:
  • Offerings:
    • Low Mass/Missa Lecta every Saturday (w/some exceptions like Holy Week) @ 9am

NB: Please check the parish website/bulletin for OTHER special offerings of the TLM/EF. In addition, offerings held on a feast day/solemnity may be upgraded to a Missa Cantata/High Mass.

Special Occasion Offerings:
St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir (Lay Initiative)
  • Website: None specific to initiative (though this blog promotes all SPGC related activities)
  • Organizer: Choirmaster Surinder S. Mundra with Paul Mundra, MC
  • Contact Information: 416 731 4485 for Surinder (Choirs and Serving)
  • Facebook Group:!/RestoreTheLatinMassAndGregorianChant/ 
  • Offerings:
    • Most frequent Feast day offerings include: EF Feast of Christ the King (anniversary of choir) on the Last Sunday in October, and the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on one of the Friday's in June. Occasionally other Feasts or Solemnities such as Feast of St. Joseph in March, Immaculate conception in December.
    • All levels of Masses, from Sung Low Mass, to High and Solemn Latin Masses
    • Various Churches in Archdiocese of Toronto
    • Latin Mass server training provided  

Peripheries of the Archdiocese of Toronto

NOTE: The Carmelites in Zephyr, Ontario, as per a new Mother Superior, ceased all EF related activities as of Sept 2016.

1. St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Schomberg, Ontario (91 Church Street, Schomberg, Ontario)
2. Immaculate Conception Parish, Port Perry, ON (1710 Scugog St.)
3. NEW! St. Timothy's Church, Orangeville, ON (42 Dawson Rd.) 
  • Offerings:
    • Thurs and Fri 7:15am, 
    • Wednesday to be added?

Other (Arch)Dioceses in Ontario


1a. Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (St. Mary's) (21 Centre St., Campbellford, ON)
  • Website:
  • Contact Information: 
    • Celebrant: Fr. Jean-Pierre Pilon (FSSP trained) 
    • Phone: 1-705-653-1093
    • Email:
  • Offerings:
    • SUNDAY OBLIGATION - Every 2nd, 3rd, (and 4th) Sunday of the Month 12:30pm Low Mass with Music (Chant).
1b. Our Lady of the Assumption (1830 Keene Road Otonabee, ON)


UPDATE 25/08/18: The climate has changed significantly in this Archdiocese in terms of general public acknowledgement, so much that Bishop Crosby has assigned a chaplain to the administration of the Extraordinary Form in this diocese, starting Sept 1, 2018. As a result, one can now find Churches who offer the EF/TLM/Latin Mass at this website: Individual parishes/communities, however, may have their own social media/internet sites for themselves. The listings are as follows: 

1. St. Anne's Parish, Kitchener (268 East Avenue)

  • Website:
  • Contact information 
    • Phone: 519 745 5302
    • Email:
  • Offerings
    • SUNDAY OBLIGATION - Every Sunday @ 3pm

2. St. Ann Parish, Hamilton (120 Sherman Avenue North)

  • Website:
  • Contact information: 
    • Phone: 905-544-0488
    • Email:
  • Offerings
    • SUNDAY OBLIGATION - 1st and 3rd Sundays of the Month @ 2:30pm

3. St. Mary's Parish, Owen Sound (554 15th Street East) aka Grey Bruce Latin Mass Community

However, due to a request from someone affiliated with Kitchener Latin Mass back in 2015, as well as being blocked by their Twitter account, there will not be postings of special offerings on the Christmas and Triduum holy days, as is done by other bloggers, unless listings are promoted by a parishes the EF are under, the official website of the Diocese of Hamilton, or by more friendly communities/parishes offering the EF that are not hostile to websites like mine.   

While this is unfortunate and sad, and contrary to the goals here at Servimus, I ask that out of respect for the parties involved as well as my personal character, that you, readers, abide by my requests (and blog rules) and do not inquire further. Such inquiries will lead to an immediate public ban on the blog, with possible public mention of the offending party. 

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