Hello to All.

I figure that I might as well lay down the law for this blog, in order to ensure everyone knows the decorum of this domain in the blogosphere:

This is a blog by a Roman Catholic Male, mainly for Latin Masses and serving in the Archdiocese of Toronto. This blog also features articles on traditional Catholicism, and at certain times, other events I attend in practice of my faith, as well as certain opinions and musings which are usually found as "Off the Beaten Path" postings. 

If you do not like what is contained here, be you a non-Catholic, or a more "progressive"/Liberal Catholic, or even a more radical traditional "rad-trad" Catholic, I am not holding you here against your will to remain here. Take your mat and leave, or post your own misgivings on your own blog. I treat this blog as my living room and you are "guests" in my domicile. Should you become an unruly house guest, you will not have any further communications posted on my blog and your e-mails will be archived for personal records in case of the need to report verbal/written harassment to Blogger or an appropriate authority, be they in the Catholic Church, or the secular police force.

- Any comment submitted for posting or left on my blog, can be further subject to being the content of a new blog post, including dissection, disscussion, my own personal commentary, etc. You have been warned. 

I will NOT TOLERATE any of the following. 

- As of March 7, 2013: Verbally harassing communications. This includes abusing my contact e-mail to send verbally harassing communications and commentary on my posts. - Religious indifference/hate to the Catholic faith or Catholic religions. This can include: direct insults and hatred towards laypeople or clergy, taking a pro-choice, pro-Latin Rite married priest, pro-euthanasia, etc. stance and insulting people on here. See further below for valid concern/criticisms.
- Any form of blatant racism, or religious indifference/hate to OTHERS if they do not share of our Catholic faiths or share other philosophies. Likewise to those who aren`t Catholic or have those philosophies, see the point above. 
- Constant trolling or "S*#& disturbing". 
- Insulting or lashing out at Traditional Catholicism and those who engage in such practices of their faith. The same applies to goes for traditional Catholics who insult or lash out at those who are Novus Ordo only and do post Vatican II practices. Exception: If something is seriously grievous to the Catholic faith and attention should be brought to it, or an exceptionally intelligent argument is brought to the limelight. I might even investigate what you bring further as I am just a young buck and I gotta broaden my mind.  
- Any links to pornography, anti-Catholic sites from any source (regardless of religion or philosophy of the site and your religion or philosophy) as spam or insulting those here on my blog. This should be a no-brainer. 
- Direct insults at me or anyone else partaking in Latin Mass Efforts. If you have an issue with other people, take it up with them, but I won't allow piss-potting here. 
- An anonymous poster who does any of the following above or in the "warning" list below. I can't exactly warn you if I don't know who you are.
- emails from people with addresses that are blatantly obvious in your intentions e.g.
- you  do what is in the "warning list" a 2nd time or repeatedly. Depending on a case-by-case basis from me, I`ll either toss you our or give you a sterner warning. 
As of March 31, 2013: Anyone who is adamantly defending and insistent on adherence to  SSPX, or traditionalist groups not in canonical recognition and/or communion with the Holy Church. 
- As of April 7, 2013: With certain postings, I will say in the post that it is "red flag" status. This means that even if you commit a minor infraction on my blog which is "yellow flag" below, you will still be booted from S.U.D. 
- As of July 07, 2014: The intentional leaving of any sort of disparaging comment in my comment box, knowing it will not be posted, just to take a stab at me or insult me. 
As of July 07, 2014: Spam comments and emails will be directly deleted and not posted. They will be ``marked as spam.``

These kind of violations will not get your posts published. Also I will be archiving all future communications and attempt to have you blocked indirectly, or directly by whatever means GMAIL or Blogger allows. Update July 7, 2014: In addition, such bans will be publicly posted on the blog. 

Here`s my ``warning`` list. You do something once, I`ll let you know as politely as possible, or sternly if it merits that. After that, case by case bases you might get yourself booted here or get a sterner warning, but like baseball "3 strikes and your out!":

As of March 7, 2013: Condescending/negative communications via my e-mail or commentary on my blog posts. 
- Something that might seem racist, or express religious indifference/hate to the Catholic faith or Catholic religions. Same with those of other faiths or philosophies. It`ll become bumped up to Red Flag status if I or a commenter becomes validly offended. 
- Criticizing someone else if it is not validly offensive or what they write bears no harm. 
- First instances of trolling or "S*#& disturbing". 
Modified as of March 31, 2013. Sounding condescending on anything Traditional Catholics do. Same goes for Traddies who are negatively critical of Novus Ordo Catholics.   
Any promotion of Latin Masses NOT said by a diocesan, valid and licit priest, or  valid and licit effort. E.g. SSPX. I will not promote that on my site. I will be kind enough to warn you though not to do it again. I WILL ALLOW however tips from their serving as they might know things that start-ups in the Dioceses do not, with the TLM being something new to the diocese. 
- Indirect insults at me or someone yanking my chain or others. 
Defense of or criticism of certain internet bloggers, laypeople, clergy, etc. If it smells like idol worship or character assassination, You's be trolling! Exception: If you have solid evidence or can cite/quote other sources to prove your point about a specific person's/clergy member's incosistency with the Catholic faith, I might show it and follow it up. 
As of July 07, 2014: The intentional leaving of a negative comment in my comment box, even with a passive-aggressive slant, or taking advantage of me, knowing it will not be posted, for whatever purpose you seek. 

So I hope you all understand. I don't want cat-fights, or bickering, or poo-pooing one form of the Roman Rite vs. Another, or calling the Novus Ordo an occasion of sin. 

Please play nice on here and share in the Catholic brotherhood/sisterhood here. Please be respectful and full of Catholic Charity on here. Thank you, Julian. 

Modifications Made as of July 7, 2014

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