Friday, 30 May 2014

Repost for Monsignor Vincent Foy 75th Ordination Mass

Hello Everyone. 

Next Saturday, June 7th, at 10:00 am, the Archdiocese of Toronto will be honouring the 75th Ordination of Monsignor Vincent Foy. 

The Monsignor is one of, if not the current, oldest priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto. NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, has there been on official record, or at least publically observed (common knolwedge), of a 75th ordination happening, likely even according to the archives of even the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. I am open in future to being corrected, but until that point, it is likely that Monsignor Foy is possible Canada's longest serving priest in any Archdiocese in Canada. 

Considering this is 75 Years, that, is a magnificent feat in its own right. This is 75 years that the Monsignor has given his life to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, as an alter Christus, giving Toronto the sacraments and other needed spiritual guidance, as a Priest of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, he has been highly active over the years in the pro-life/Anti-abortion movement, and many of his prolific writings can now be publicly accessed via his blog, HERE

This mass, is open to the public. I here at Servimus, kindly and graciously implore you to come out and join myself and many other of this archdiocese's faithful, in supporting one of the most true, and finest priests, this archdiocese has ever been graced with, for so many years of service. Even if you have never been to a Latin Mass before, now would be the perfect time to come out and see the beauty and reverence that will be here.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WHoa! 50000K hits!

Wow. 50,000 hits as of an hour ago or so. Can't believe this. Thanks a lot for the views, particularly for the ton that keep going to one of my introductory serving posts, the second one about altar things.

Some Needed Clarification on Some Past Posts in May 2014

Hello Everyone,

If you have been searching for the Foy Mass posting, it has been taken down. It is going to be a joyous event in our Archdiocese. I have not been harassed by any Trads Behaving Badly to do so, nor has the Archdiocese of Toronto via one of its branches (usually communications under Neil McCarthy), has requested such action be taken. For the sake of everything and everyone involved, I personally, on my own accord, have taken it down for charity's sake. I may produce an updated post in future, should more information be submitted to me about the upcoming June 7 Mass, one giving, ``just the facts ma`am.``

I also must issue clarification, and also, an apology, in order on another post. I am not doing this to be facetious, or phony, rather, I have come to some new information that is vital to share about one of my recent postings.

A few days ago, I was slandered in my combox by a blogger who had in past, given me charitable feedback in comments. He/She was "Shield from Tyrrany." This blogger was supposedly a Toronto lawyer, who used to have a blog online. However, a vulgar comment, telling me to F-off from the user, came to me. Because it violated one of my key blog rules, directly insulting me, Shield was permanently banned from posting on here.

Today, I received an email in my account attached to this blog, from a "Mr. Grump." It turns out, that my small hope in my original post that this was a hacking attempt or a snatched blog that was discarded .... was true. Here's the proof:

Mr. Grump

1:31 PM (5 hours ago)
to me
i attempted to write you by post but it didnt work.  i know Shield from various forums online.  i noticed this morning that he posted on his personal facebook that a number of his accounts had been hacked and much of his content apparently deleted.  I may add that your apparent rejoicing at the prospect of ending someones career is not a good look for a Catholic blog. Anyways just thought I would pass that along.  I too found it odd that something like that would come from him as I have never observed such behaviour from him on any sites, blogs, forums, twitter or facebook.  and as you mentioned, you had never prevented him from posting comments so it clearly didnt make any sense that it would have been him.  i guess the lesson here is we must all be vigilant in keeping our online security tight."

On the comment about rejoicing, I meant it as a warning. Do I want to see someone defrauded of their wages intentionally? No. Heaven would cry vegenance for it (as one of the big 4). I am just plain sick of what Trads Behaving Badly do online. However, what I said about the college is true. Should you, as a practicing professional, in any regulated profession, be caught online or in person doing any said number of inappropriate behaviours, those would possibly, be grounds for an internal review that COULD leave you profession-less. So if anything, IF it was the case that the real person who is Shield was doing this intentionally, it would have been best for them to leave the Internet for the sake of their profession, to protect their livelihood.

Thanks to this online or personal acquintance of Shield, the truth is now real. I can admit, I did jump to conclusions in my update, because I thought that my exposure of the blogger, coupled with the evidence, made this now false TBB leave the internet. The deletion of the blog and the profile to me was taken as an act of cowardice. Hiding after commiting the crime, so to speak. Thanks to what I have experienced in the Latin Mass scene, I personally do NOT have a patience for shenanigans like this and am sick of what these people do, and if you haven`t noticed, I am trying to fight for the good guys out there. 

So, an apology is in order. To Shield, if you are out there reading this, the true one, I do apologize for the false conclusion that you were cowardly and simply turned heel on me. It has now been revealed you were the victim of cyber-hacking and truly, that was not you that posted the vulgar comment.

I will continue to keep the ban in place due to the Shield account now being in the hands of the hackers. However, should there be a new account for Shield, and possibly a new alias, I will accept those and he/she may happily blog on here again. 

Pax, Julian. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

And This is why I am not devoted to Traditional Catholicism/The Latin Mass ... BANNED! Shield from Tyrrany

UPDATE! May 27, 2014 2012h EST

Well, it seems as if this was not a mistaken case of someone taking over another's blog account. New evidence here:

Shield decided to remove both his/her blog from the web ....

..... and his/her profile. 

What cowardice. And you wonder why I have sympathy for those nobler traditionalists and prelates who recommend monitoring of online activities and are against pseudonym blogging. Then again, if this person was truly, as they said they were, a lawyer, it was probably a good move to preserve their career.

Sad, and spiritually sick though. Please continue to pray for Shield and I. Pax.

Original Post released May 26, 2014

Well, while I said I would not need to post anything for the rest of the month .... some Rad Trad just had to be asinine and make me reconsider.

In my prior posts, an online "presence" who does have a blog, self-titled, Shield from Tyranny, had made comments in prior postings which were well-presented and eloquent. He/She, whomever they are, seemed like a reasonable soul .... until today.

This is honestly a sad state of events, a sad 180 degree turnaround with really, no necessity, nor explanation.
Even sadder, this person's profile tells us that He/She is a lawyer in Toronto. A lawyer! A lawyer would know better than to pull such shenanigans, because any proof of debauchery or personally inappropriate acts could be reported to their professional college in Ontario, the Ontario Bar Association, which could happily kill their right to practice Law in Ontario. The evidence:

Yep. Toronto .... Lawyer. 

More so, this blogger is doing this harassment under their pseudonym. If this is truly one and the same person, and not someone else (see the end of my post,) clearly this barrister and solicitor has used his/her anonymity to commit such slander that they would never do professionally, or as their real life identity. What a low brow act. 

 I got to go home from work to find this unpleasant surprise. This appeared in my comment box, the text reproduced, with a MUCH necessary edit by me in the square brackets for vulgarity with the F-word:

"I must say your fear and /or refusal to publish comments illustrate the fact that you are an absolute thought nazi. Go [&#^$] yourself barkin on May posting 2b: Breaking! Collins Leading Souls Back to the Faith, Rejection of Liberal Party! Publish | Delete | Spam   Shield from Tyrrany at 16:50``

Wow, just wow. This is quite a radical and marked change from this person's prior behaviour.

First and foremost, Shield, you have committed a calumny against my person and spiritual soul, of which calumny has been deemed by our Holy Father as an act of Satan.

I am not a `thought` nazi as you put it. This is my personal blog, and YES, I have attached my real birth name to the blog. When I do not post comments on my blog, it is because they are of a malicious, vile nature, are spam, or have taints of radical traditionalist ideas/sentiments in them. Why should I allow such vile spew to penetrate my blog? I abhor radical traditionalism. However, I am quite gratuitious in what I post, even if there is disagreement in my posting if it does still exhibit proper, Catholic, fraternal charity.

Secondly, YOU, have not been denied EVER, any posting of your thoughts/comments on my blog, because in past, you were positive in such postings, as well as your thoughts and ideas DID exhibit modicums of Catholic Charity.At least you have not been denied under the blogger profile/pseudonym "Shield from Tyrrany". If you are being facetious and posting under multiple aliases, then perhaps I have denied one of your more "radical" postings. However, as "Shield," here's an example of HOW IN PAST, YOU  HAVE SPOKEN, ON MY BLOG:

"I agree. I am one who prefers to only attend TLM, but cannot endorse the total lack of charity and love shown by some of the parties you rightly call out here. And I am a big fan of Cardinal Collins. I have had the opportunity to speak with him by email and in person about making more TLM available in the diocese. He has shown me nothing but true listening, understanding and sincere pastoral care each time I have spoken with him. Great blog. Keep up good work on My Two Cents: Recent Idol Worship of Cardinal Burke by Right Wingers and Trads Behaving Badly   Remove content | Delete | Spam   Shield from Tyrrany
on 16/01/14"

So while you disagreed with me, I let your comment be posted. THIS, was an example of Catholic Fraternal charity in posting. This is starkly different from your vulgarity tonight.

And what about recently? YOU commented on the first of my May postings, when I was speaking about another Trad Behaving Blogger. Here's the evidence.

My First 2014 May Post

Clearly here, your Honour, is the comment of the named "Shield of Tyrrany, " released publicly on Servimus Unum Deum, by me. I even had the courtesy to reply to Shield. 

BANNED: Shield from Tyrrany!

I, Julian Barkin, sole author of Servimus Unum Deum, hereby BAN, the blogger known as "Shield from Tyrrany", from this blog. Shield from Tyrrany has violated a major blog rule, that being "I will NOT TOLERATE any of the following. .... - Direct insults at me or anyone else partaking in Latin Mass Efforts. If you have an issue with other people, take it up with them, but I won't allow piss-potting here. "

No future comments shall be released from this blogger publicly on the web, and all future comments will be archived and stored for legal/personal purposes. Any other messages will hereby be stored and archived as well. Should harassment through any means of communication be pursued, criminal or eccleastical authorities will also be notified to pursue any means of necessary investigation. 

One note ....

I will say, for someone to perform a complete 180 degree turn, this is highly unusual. I can only conclude a few things of this matter:
1) Shield was possibly, radically traditionalist this whole time and has revealed his/her true feelings towards me. I would hope this is not so .....
2) Shield has connections to my enemies within the radical traditionalist camp, and was egged on by them to harass me online, possibly considering my recent postings. 
3) Someone might have hacked/used Shield's account to write the defamatory message. I have heard of blogger accounts/addresses being used after abandonment to be used for evil, under the bloggers former alias.

I would sincerely hope that the third possibility is the truth, and that an apology would be highly forthcoming, or someone reveals the truth about this incident. Again, a 100% change in behaviour from past experiences is highly unusual. I hope that if the third issue is the truth, that the "Real" Shield from Tyrrany would message me somehow under their real birth name, preferably from a personal or their legal e-mail with their firm/practice. 

Everyone, pray for Shield of Tyrrany, and/or the fraudster if his/her account has been hacked. For me as well. This was uncalled for. And let's hope that this is really something abnormal, and not truly who this person really is. 

Pax, Julian. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Highlight: More Breaking News in May! Truth About the FFI Situation From Its Own Friar

Hello Everyone!

Well, I was planning on not doing anything for the rest of the month with exception to that thurifer posting, but it seems things have changed once more. My blogger feed produced something so crucial to Latin Mass culture and Traditional Catholicism!

For those of you who might not remember or haven't read my posts every day, a particularly heated issue for Traditionalist Catholics attuned to the web is the "persecution" of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate in Italy, a new order with sisters attached too, who embraced aspects of Traditional Catholicism, including the Latin Mass in Italy.

Well, according to the Trad Behaving Badly accounts, the Big Bad Vatican sent a meanie elected by someone elected by Pope Francis to investigate the FFI and now the Commissar has torn the order to shreds, with many people wanting to reject their vow of obedience to the Pope, poor "innocent" sisters being harassed by the commissar ..... it's being used as a horror story from Hell to summon the war drums and keep the TBBs fighting against the "novus ordo/post-conciliar Church," and validating their actions online and in person in Latin Mass communities around the world.

I covered this issue somewhat last year, by showing a clarification issued by a blogging friar (fully professed and ordained) from the order, Fr. Angelo Geiger, which was highlighted by Traditionalist Hero, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf. My first "highlight" post on this ongoing issue was here.

Well, today, Fr. Geiger on his blog, Mary Victrix, once again strikes back at the heart of this issue, because some unnamed, bitter member of his order (who could be priest, deposed seminarian, a sister, or a novitiate), released a scathing document on the internet. Anonymous of course, as is the true style of the Tradtionalist Behaving Badly.

Fr. Geiger replies to the accusations, detractions, and calumnies of this document in full, complicit, fraternal charity, because this issue has mistakenly been dragged out into the open in Machivellian fashion, where it should have remained internal. For the sake of Holy Mother Church, the FFI, and all those within it, Fr. Geiger reveals some startling information.

I could summarize it or reprint the whole text, but I think that it's best that you read the whole post with your own eyes. This was an eye opener to me. I wish I had known this sooner, because in my "Au Revoir" post, I said that not all was well worldwide with the general status of Traditional Catholicism in the Church, with the FFI situation being an example. With this new information having come to light, I will need to update the posting, though I am NOT going to delete what I said at the time [in true, NON-Trad Behaving Badly fashion!]

[update 2 min after releasing this post: It was not the FFI situation I used in Au Revoir. It was Una Voce Costa Rica. That one's still out to the jury, so to speak.]

So here it is. The counter reply by Fr. Geiger to the document. Read it fully. It will definitely change your opinions and views on the matter .... and please!!! Post this link to the posting and spread word! Counter the radical traditionalists.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

May Posting 3: Next Latin Mass for St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir and Another Tidbit

Note: The warnings for the original 3 May posts, still apply here. Do NOT use this posting as a loophole for a chance to harass me or my allies/friends. Sadly, a Traditionalist Behaving Badly did not care for my red text and decided to send me a personal, detracting and/or calumnous comment.This comment will not be published for that post. 


Finally, without further ado ... The next St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir Latin Mass! Here's the details:

  • When? Friday, June 27, 2014
  • What time? 7pm EST
  • Where: St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church
  • Location: 2210 Lawrence Avenue East, Scarborough, ON
  • Level of Mass: High (Missa Cantata) OR Solemn
  • Parish Website:
  • Parish Contact Info: 416-759-9359 & Fax: 416-759-6725. Request Fr. Steven Szakaczki the Latin Mass Chaplain for any specific inquires unanswerable by clerical staff of the parish. 
  • Information/Enquiries/Want to Assist? 416-731-4485 to reach the SPGC choirmaster.
  • Poster? Coming soon
  • Facebook:

And in case you are wondering .... I am likely going to assist in the serving for this one. It's been a long time, but hey, it's SPGC. Like I said, I'd still help occasionally. 

Upadate June 6, 2014: I AM going to be serving in this Mass, likely as acolyte. I think Thurifer is already assigned to someone, and no way after a hiatus would I be MC. 

Topic 4: Thurifer Posting

Yes I know it's long overdue .... it's still almost done. I WILL get it released sometime. Give me a break between work, my girlfriend, and such alright! Christ has me on a new path lately and it's not exactly easygoing, nor devoid of stresses of life. 

Well folks, Keep slogging for true, positive Traditional Catholicism, and keep giving positive example for the Latin Mass, and rejecting those examples which demonstrate "Lent without Easter." 

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

May posting 2b: Breaking! Collins Leading Souls Back to the Faith, Rejection of Liberal Party!

Note: The warnings for the original 3 May posts, still apply here. Do NOT use this posting as a loophole for a chance to harass me or my allies/friends. 

Whoa! Sorry but I gotta add this post in to my planned three posts! I was looking at my personal Facebook page, and I found the Archdiocese of Toronto promoting a new article about Collins` letter to Justin Trudeau`s no-pro-life Liberal Party announcement.

The goods are here:

However, I`d like to highlight an important section in the article:

``.... "I've never had so many clergy, both from the Archdiocese of Toronto and outside the archdiocese, send notes or phone to offer their gratitude and encouragement to Cardinal Collins," MacCarthy said.
As one example, MacCarthy said that a typical posting on the archdiocese Facebook page might garner 1,000 views. The posting of the cardinal's letter was viewed more than 100,000 times, MacCarthy said.

"There are also a number of people who contacted our office by phone or email and indicated that they will no longer be members of the Liberal Party," he said.

What! Wow! See what happens when we have bishops who have a backbone and aren't afraid to be courageous? Sadly the sentiment by many Trads Behaving Badly is there many of our Novus Ordo bishops are corrupt princes of the Church who are weak cowards. How many times has Michael Voris used this sentiment as his bread and butter in his Vortexes for his ChurchMilitant.TV?

Well guess what .... ++Collins is not one of them. He just helped a number of souls do something moral by rejecting the Liberal party, at least federally. 

Pax, Julian. 

P.S. Do I smell the next papacy going to Canada and ++Collins becoming Pope? Well .... it's a dream I suppose. But who knows if he keeps this up!

Monday, 19 May 2014

May Posting 1: A Trad Behaving Badly, and ++Collins Being Publicly Pro-life

Warning: This series of three posts are dealing with specific entities and/or parties pertaining to radical traditionalism, bullying, and Trads Behaving Badly. Any replies to me from TBBs or their adherents, will be archived for legal/personal purposes, and no replies will be issued by me. In addition no comments from the aforementioned parties will be released, but again will be archived. Should you release something personally to harass me, you will likely be committing spiritual sins of detraction, and/or the grave sin of calumny (the Devil's work). While I cannot control what is posted on your individual webpages, as long as Canadian/International law permits, you are free to do so in their own websites. Be warned that I do document for my personal records, things on the WWW, so think thrice before you post anything in reply to this posting, directly or on your blogs. My blog rules also apply here too. 

And NO I am not taking down these next three posts before or after said events taking place, by your request or via abusing clergy and/or laypeople. Only the Office of the Archdiocese of Toronto, via its civilly legal, and or episcopal representatives, or the episcopacy themselves, can place an honest request that I will comply to, and I will comment publicly such a request was made in a future post. or modify/update the existing content.

Hello Everyone .... if you are still around.

I know I am pretty late to the game on these topics, but hey, this is a combination of things that have poked at my craw, what is happening in the Archdiocese of Toronto (and a little beyond) with regard to some Latin Mass stuff, and the Trads Behaving Badly that deter people like myself from wanting full participation, or even part-time participation in the Latin Mass. With a few good items on the docket, it's time I make an appearance again. Cue some sarcasm or wittiness.

4 topics to post, the 3rd and 4th together in the third post, with 3 posts over 3 days.

Topic 1: A Cardinal goes publicly Pro-Life .... and there are still Trads Behaving Badly out there poo-pooing him. 

So, once upon a time there was a privileged, spoiled child who rode on the coat-tails of his Prime Minister daddy. His daddy was Pierre Elliot Trudeau, notorious for speed driving the liberalness of Canada, via things like the Charter of Human Rights and freedom (grossly abused in justice, with Human Rights councils to boot). 

The little boy, Justin Trudeau, grew up, and decided he could be like his dad. Only thing is, as the federal party leader in 2014, he decided he only wanted like-minded thinkers like him being in his party. Despite being a baptized Catholic, he is violating his faith by professing anti-life and pro-baby killing beliefs, and decided that only pro-death/anti-lifers can be a part of the Liberal Party. 

Now, Trads Behaving Badly like to chastise the bishops time and time again for incompetency and silent assent (cough, Michael Voris, cough), most of the time hiding behind pseudo-names in cowardice, though some do use their real names or a combination. Slander and detraction parties are their bread-and-butter on their blogs. But last week, many TBBs actually has something to praise a Canadian archbishop and cardinal about. 

One of the greatest modern princes of the Canadian Catholic Church decided that this pronouncement of Justin Trudeau was unacceptable, and so, trying to be a good shepherd to cull this one lost sheep, he issued THIS AWESOME PRO-LIFE LETTER, admonishing the anti-life and anti-baby leader of the Federal Liberal party.  

Unfortunately, some Trads Behaving Badly have hearts of stone, no matter what our "Novus-Ordo" bishops do that is outside of what is the usual modus operandi for Novus Ordo bishops. Unlike even some of their cantankerous peers, these Pharisaical TBBs think nothing is good enough unless you are close to radically traditionalist in your actions and mindset, or a clone of Cardinal Raymond Burke if you are not with the SSPX.

I usually detest giving these TBBs the time of day or direct shout-outs, nor blog hits, but sometimes, people deserve to have the spotlight shone on them as an example of what NOT to do as a traditionalist blogger, as well as what kind of individuals are spiritually poisonous to the functioning of Latin Mass/Traditional Catholic communities and Catholicism online.

One in particular, Contra/diction!, could not contain himself this past week. TBB Contra/diction!, is actually Eric Alcock, who according to his blog and about page, hails from the Maritimes in Newfoundland. He even has an about page here with statements of fidelity to the Magisterium and Holy Mother Church. Here's a screenshot of said page with the declaration and Contra's identity:

This past week, he created two posts where he smears my beloved ++Collins. Here's the first, and the follow up after with my Eminence fictitiously writing to Hitler. While the posts remaining online aren't highly vitriolic, you can tell "reading between the lines" that it is detraction of His Eminence and his efforts. Another smack in the face to my Eminence. How nice of him to harass people online from miles away on a computer, likely in his domicile, from an island in Canada. 

So what are my points on this Catholic who demonstrates a "Lent without Easter?":

1) Eric Alcock/Contra demonstrates once again why the heck most Catholics do NOT want to be a part of Traditional Catholicism, which, not always, though many a time is tied to the Latin Mass. Sadly, it's these people's online and in person example that make such a path undesirable and only strengthens TBBs' ``enemies`` and what the TBBs call the Novus Ordo/NewChurch" of heresy and false lies. We young people .... are on the Internet a lot you know, and what you show us on here determines how we respond to things and even, what guides us in our faith when so many of our spiritual leaders fail at what they are doing, or are hypocrites/lukewarm themselves.

Alcock is clearly in favour of the Latin Mass as seen in this post here. And so, here we have another example of the majority of these cases, as an online/in person Latin Mass TBB.  

2) Generally speaking, what is tarnation is he thinking, commenting on our Archdiocese and my spiritual head, ++Collins in this volatile manner of the two posts, when he's all the way east in the Maritimes? Shouldn't a primary focus be his own episcopal representative(s)? It's one thing for me, and other Toronto TBBs,  to give proper, and truly Catholic and charitable fraternal correction and or analysis about ++Collins being my prelate, if the situation genuinely calls for it, after much prayer and thought. It's another thing for some guy bodies of water and land masses away to launch a smear campaign at another bishop in another diocese when it is uncalled for in the safety of his own diocese. 

3) Sadly, Eric is the sole outcast who think ++Collins' letter "sucked" for lack of a better word, while his other Trad Behaving Badly contemporaries on the web lauded and were impressed by ++Collins' brave action, despite the increasing hostility towards Catholics in the modern world, and without such commentary post lauds. Eric's companions online and in person, might secretly have the same opinions about my Eminence, but at least they are keeping those opinions out of the public sphere of the Internet in the current moment (that does not exclude past sins!) and praising ++Collins for taking a public stand ... when other bishops continue to be "careerists" that Pope Francis warns against, and clearly does not support. To their credit, even other TBBs, including ones in my archdiocese, have shown contrary example to Alcock, Credit is due to these TBBs for being exemplary in the right manner with regard to the letter.

4) My genereal question to everyone ... As a Catholic would you rather A) ++Collins did absolutely nothing like the "careerist" bishops, adding fuel to the fires of distrust and anger against our princes of the Church, and give more false reason to separate from Rome's and go to radical traditionalists NOT in communion with the Church? or B) that our prelates do something, anything, to stand against modernism, world and institutional Church corruption, and moral evils? And in doing so, the TBBs show a positive example and stop giving weaker souls reason to defect from Holy Mother Church to radical and non-canonical traditionalists?

What would you desire all parties involve do as a Catholic?

Summary: Eric Alcock/Contra/dticion!: Another reason for Catholics and I, NOT to re-enter or even dabble in the Latin Mass and/or fully embrace the Latin Mass/Traditional Catholicism, even ``part time.`` This is even despite being not in my archdiocese. 

Tomorrow, May posting 2: Latin Mass related items 1 of 3.