LONG TERM PROJECT: Vatican II Reading and Countering with the Actual Documents, AND YOU CAN HELP!!!

Hello Everyone.

While viewing this post on Fr. Z`s website, What Does the Prayer Really Say? Some people in the comboxes were discussing how wrong the person was to write No More Latin in a prayer intention book, and how it actually contravenes Vatican II, which to these liberals or miseducated laity/clergy, is their excuse  to do anything they want in the Church.

So this got me thinking, I've read bits and pieces of the Documents, and seen an apologetic or two on using Vatican II in defense of the Latin Mass, but I've never really done a thorough read through of the documents. So how about this for a long term project for this blog:

Primary Goal: 
1) Read through all 16 of the Vatican II Documents in Full (either in print form or through www.vatican.va/ under Resources, Vatican II
2) Demonstrate with Vatican II, how certain excuses in the "name of (, or the spirit/mis-application of) Vatican II" are actually disproven with Vatican II with regard to the Latin Mass, liturgical practices, doctrine, etc. 

Sub Goal
- Read complementary sources to Vatican II, e.g. first hand accounts, summaries by neutral or conservative authors, to further aid in the primary goals.

Now look, I am not going to place considerable time constraints on this one, knowing how my life is in a constant state of flux, between my work, my attempts to secure better work, and the other stuff I do in the Holy Mother Church. Not to mention the Latin Mass serving and general stuff has to come first. I also have a number of other incomplete/unfinished books to read too, some being Church books.

I would like your help on this one though. I am not asking you to do my work. What I am asking you to do though, is to give me arguments or topics for arguments that are said by those who use Vatican II to justify what they do. Also, Vatican II can in certain cases be used to dispel the sayings and practices of misguided non-Catholics or Catholics on both side of the spectrum. Here's a couple of examples I will be exploring, which have had some work done on them:

1) "Vatican II got rid of Latin In the Mass. We don't use Latin anymore"
2) "Vatican II got rid of that 'nasty' Gregorian Chant. Bring on the Haugen and Hass and Gather Hymnal tunes!!! KUMBAYA!!!!"

So I encourage you to comment in the comment box and add your suggestions. I am more open to comments here as I am looking for ideas, but you still have to adhere to my blog rules. I will not tolerate utter and crude nastiness. In addition, if you have in past violated my rules repeatedly under yellow flag rules, or committed a red flag violation, do not expect your comments to be posted. Furthermore, I will NOT be posting anonymous comments. You must at least have a pseudo name attached to a Blogger/Google+ profile. I might still use your ideas if they seem viable and worthy of pursuit, at my discretion of course, but don't push your luck.

Hopefully, something will come out of fruition when this happens. May your ideas be viable and worthy of pursuit.

Pax, Julian.

Last Update: July 16, 2013, 2013

Time Log
27/05/2013: Started to Read Inter Mirifica - Decree on the Media of Social Communications. http://www.vatican.va/archive/hist_councils/ii_vatican_council/documents/vat-ii_decree_19631204_inter-mirifica_en.html
Read up to paragraph 7.
16/07/2013 - Doing research on a point from a blog, looking for the Document on Christian Unity and division to counter Latin Mass as "divisive" when it's really the hate of TLM that is divisive. Led me to Decree on Ecumenism - Unitatis Redintegratio. Found the quote and other interesting quotes.

Question Log/Things to De-mystify:
1) On the Traditionalist Right - Technology is evil, e.g. the television, Internet. Therefore it should be banned from the home as a source of evil (made by some priests in RadTrad societies). True Catholics should not have themselves and their children exposed to such things. (Counter - I.M. 1/2).
On the Traditionalist Right -
On the Lie-beral left -
1) You don't need the Catholic Church to have the fullness of Christ. You can be saved and be one with Jesus in a Christian Sect, so it doesn't matter if you leave the Church and join your Christian brethren in the Lutheran, Anglican (NON-Catholic Ordinate), Baptist .... (Defense of the O.H.C.A.)
(Counter - U.R. Ch 1, para. 2)
2) The pre-Vatican II Church was big, bad and, mean pre Vatican II to our Christian Brothers and didn't respect them. (Counter - U.R. Ch 1, para. 2)
3) It`s okay to be part of the other Non-Christian/Non-Catholic faiths or sects. They are all one path towards eternal salvation with Jesus, just by other names or set-ups (countering syncretism, where all faiths are equal.) (Counter - U.R. Ch 1, para. 2)
4) The Latin Mass is `divisive and harsh` to the Catholic Church. (Counter - Introduction Ch.1 Para 1. Also argument from

On the Lie-Beral left-
1) The Catholic Church is just another religion among many as one path to take. No religion has the monopoly on the truth outside of the Catholic Church.

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