Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Of Interest: Select FSSP Parishes Have Indult to do pre-1955 Holy Week

Hello everyone,

I’ve come across an interesting development within the Church, specifically in the Latin Mass communities of the FSSP.

Thanks to a close friend in my circle of trusted allies in the TLM/EF community here in the Archdiocese of Toronto, it was brought to my attention that the Pontifical Commission of Ecclesia Dei had granted a certain number of communities in the FSSP, a 3 year experimental basis to do the pre-1955 Triduum (Holy Week) liturgies for the three days.

Apparently, amongst hard core liturgiophiles (lovers of the liturgy,) and Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists, the current 1962 liturgies of the EF are inferior or had much damage dealt to them by Pius XII’s reforms in 1955. It is said some of these “damages” are examples, like: the number of scriptural readings known as “Prophecies” from the Old Testament (Starting from Genesis at Creation, and progressing through the OT with other readings, dealing with the salvational history of man and woman,) were reduced from 12 in the pre-1955, to just 4 for the current 1962 Holy Saturday Liturgy. Ironically, the Novus Ordo Holy Saturday Mass resurrected some to make it 7 of the original 12, albeit some are optional to the priest discretion and/or convenience. Also it is thought that, generally, much richness and symbolism was lost.

In my personal opinion, what gives? I’m just happy and would rather devote attention to even getting the EF/TLM of 1962 spread more in the Church that can be accessed by the majority of people, and stopping RMTs from poisoning the community spiritually, never mind going back further to another liturgy or version of it.

Regardless, the issue is big enough of a concern to laity and some clergy members of the FSSP, that a large enough request was made to the PCED and it was allowed. As for the details of the indult, one may find both reasoning and summary details of what was granted in these example bulletins from two FSSP parishes as follows:


http://www.stjoanarc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Bulletin-2-18-18.pdf - St Joan of Arc, Idaho, U.S.A.

- The rites of the pre-1955 liturgy can be used on an experimental basis for the years of 2018-2020.
- FSSP pastors had to gain permission before requesting the indult (unclear if a FSSP regional superior or a bishop is the “superior.”)
- A limited number of FSSP parishes are doing this on a trial basis, rumours on social media sites estimate at least, around 25 FSSP parishes have been granted the indult
- PCED was strict on one condition that is publicly known, Benedict XVI’s 2008 revision to the prayer for the Jews in the Intercessory Prayers MUST be used, not the pre-1955 version.

As for up here in Canada, it is currently unknown at this time whether any FSSP parishes, including my closest ones of Thorold (St Catharines, ON) or Ottawa have expressed interest, or are even aware of the indult. However, word likely will travel fast and soon those priests there will have an answer. Mind you I would think not, or that being Mid-Feb, it might be slightly too late to apply for said indult, then also deal with the catechesis on this liturgy, and also become familiarized with the rubrics
and have both choir and liturgical ministers, superior (priests/deacon/seminarians w/minor orders) and inferior (laymen up to Master of Ceremonies positions) be trained in the super Vetus Ordo liturgy.

Regardless, this is an interesting piece of news for those that are part of the EF/TLM environment or communities, and perhaps, should this experiment go well, it could lead to, or be part and parcel with,  greater effects Church or worldwide to come.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.