Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Off the Beaten Path: #howtodad ad for Cheerios

Hello Everyone,

Time to take a break from my usual posts, and go off the beaten path. While viewing my blogs, this advertisement popped up in the side screen:


What makes this video so epic? Well it's a salute in an advertisement that hails all fathers out there, but also large families.

Watch the whole thing from start to finish. In the video, this guy has 4 kids. That's right, 4! That is a statement in itself where most families are not procreating enough, especially Catholic families. Further, this dad is NOT a bumbling idiot as portrayed by the man-sterilizing, anti-male, misandrist media and society. No, rather he's protector, advice giver, multi-tasker, and man-in-command of this house as he associates with all the members he's got.

Kudos to General Mills and their latest advertisement for Cheerios. If you aren't a organic foods/health nut, then go buy a box of Cheerios and let them know you did it because of this ad. Especially you Catholics!

Pax, Julian.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The "Nun" Trend ... but Not Those Nuns ... I'm talking about "That" Symbol

Hello Everyone,

Sadly, the Islamic terrorists in the Middle East have driven our Christian brethen out of one major city, and are now doing graffiti art to Christian's homes, painting a symbol that looks like a "happy face" with one eye. It's called "Nun" and is used by the terrorists as a mark of shame.

Interestingly enough, a number of Catholic Traditionalist Bloggers, including the Trads Behaving Badly, have taken that symbol as their Facebook profile pictures, or their Twitter pics, and even made blog posts with the symbol, to show solidarity for their persecuted Christian brethen.

I, however, on Servimus Unum Deum, as well as on my Facebook, will absolutely NOT be doing this.
I will not be doing this for two main reasons.

1) Holocaust Reminder ... Offensive to my Jewish Background. To me, this symbol reminds me of the Jews who were persecuted and killed by the Nazi's, who were forced to be identified by wearing a Yellow Star of David. It reeks of being made to feel like a second class citizen, and a target to be killed. Further, having a Jewish father and relatives (yes that's true. Is that offensive to you, TBBs?) I am abhorred with the whole practice for what it is worth. You may want to argue that you are trying to turn this symbol into something positive, but to me, a mark of death, is a mark of death. So no, I am likewise, not going to practice in a different form to "reform it", as this act is the very thing that made the friends of, and possibly, some of my distant family members and predecessors back in World War II, marked targets for death. Just instead of German Nazis, it's Radical Islamic Terrorists marking me. And don't even get started on saying that it's a way to "identify" with the pains and sufferings of my family. We don't simulate practices that degrade the human of their dignity just to "identify" with them. In fact, if anything, it destroys the person even if it was simulated or similar. Don't believe me? I dare you to research the Dr. Zimbardo prison experiment that is well known in psychology.

2) (Mostly) Radical Traditionalists Trending This Practice. Hate Screeds and Desire to Fight Back ... Between the Lines or Directly. My second big reason for not doing this is because most of the people gung-ho to do so are the Radical Traditionalists, a.k.a. TBBs. Some of those I know or read are more saner in the Traditional Catholicism spehere who are doing it, but not everyone. For the TBBs, what is part of their posts accompanying the nun letter makes me sick to my stomach.

First example, everyone's favourite TBB blog, Rorate Caeli, devoted a posting to the Nun Letter, and here's a screen capture of the first part of the post:

If you notice what the "header" picture is accompanying the blog, (and all other posts as well), it's an artistic depiction of a knight in the red cross regalia in armor slaying the Ottoman Turkish Muslim radicals in the Crusades. 

Further, here's what they have to say at the end of the post, before an interview with a Christian representative, with my emphasis bolded:
"They mean it as a mark of shame, we must then wear it as a mark of hope: Yes, we are in the army of the Resurrected Nazarene, the Master and Lord of the Universe, the Man who is God Almighty, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. You may kill our brethren and expel them, but we Christians will never go away."

I am not sorry to say this, but between that Crusades header and the military language, basically Rorate Caeli is expressing a hatred for this, so much that the message is to slaughter the Muslims. It doesn't need to be said aloud, but they are advocating a Crusade to fight the militants. Put 2 and 2 together folks. That's TBB antics for you.

Another example, was one that offends me as a Catholic with Traditionalist leanings, and some participation in the Latin Mass. While I will not name the blog on purpose I am that disgusted with it, another TBB blog posted this symbol in solidarity with their Christian brethen. But in addition, the poster called the Muslim faith inspired by demons (in essence, Satan and Hell). Wow ... how anti-ecumenical, anti-Nostra Aetate/Vatican II, and anti-Catholic. It's one thing to hate the murder and violence, and to properly discuss what elements are true and not in other faiths, but to call the faith of a whole Mass of people, who express more devotion than many Catholics around the world, "demonic" serves once again to show the inner hatred and pride of the TBBs, and embarrasses the many good Latin Mass attending Catholic Traditionalists worldwide. I am sure that any Muslims reading that posts, SOOOOO BADLY wants to convert to Catholicism now, especially the Latin Mass, knowing their faith is inspired by Hell's demons and Satan. What a nice show of "ecumenism" to our monotheistic brothers.

Now, what about the rest of the Catholic blogosphere? Most bloggers, including the so-called "Neo-catholic" ones, are discussing this, but they are NOT posting that symbol on their Facebooks, or their actual blogs. If anything, they are advocating prayer and NOT subscribing to such hate screeds.

So, what can we do then, besides the symbol?
Well, in a nutshell, prayer, and acts of fasting and penance, are our greatest spiritual weapons. I'll leave the lovely Mrs. Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia, to inform you how to properly do something productive about the crisis in the Middle East with our Christian Brethen, instead of participating in these symbol shenanigans. Please see her latest post here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/theanchoress/2014/07/21/5-things-you-can-do-right-now-as-isis-threatens-iraqi-christians-and-shiites/.

And so, that is my 2 cents on this matter, and something off my chest. Again, I am deciding that comments are to be closed for this post, to deter combox harassment. Frustrated? Do it on your own soapbox, er, blog.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Recent Altar Server Book Haul

Hello Everyone,

For those who do not frequent the world of YouTube that much, a "Haul" is basically a purchase of a number of goods at once for one's self.

I said in my 7 Years Summorum Pontificum Posting, I had just recently decided to splurge and purchase a number of books for the Latin Mass, and it wasn't cheap. However, I do issue a correction ... because I got something else too I didn't want at first, but now have (I'll explain below) .... it came to over $220 now altogether.

Here's the latest purchases from FSSP/St. John Cantius:

  • Replacement - How to Serve Low Mass and Benediction by William O'Brien, Angelus Press
  • The Liturgical Altar by Gefforey Web
  • The Traditional Latin Mass DVD from FSSP (Liturgical Publications)
  • Not Pictured - Candles in the Roman Rite by Rev. Edwin Ryan, D.D.
  • Handbook for Laundering Liturgical Linens by Angelus Press
  • Not what I wanted ... 3 Volume set of the Roman Ritual

Yes, two of those books are from Angelus Press, but 1) There is no other publisher to date who's reprinted the books, so you have no choice, and 2) I bought them from the FSSP store online, so at least most of my money is going to them.  

Now, as for that 3 volume set, that's more appropriate for priests. I certainly cannot do sacraments, and I wouldn't likely be able to do any blessings (and certain sacraments e.g. Baptism) unless I was perhaps, a deacon. However, I do still have the set because the good folks at FSSP, in sending me the wrong books, gave me the option of either returning the set (at $150 USD it's a pretty decent loss in profit), or offered the set to me at 1/2 off. Well .... why not! What great customer service! And who knows, maybe there's a priest in my diocese who'd like this. And of course, just today ....

... The right books arrived. The reprint of the Manual of Episcopal Ceremonies originally by Rev. Aurelius Stehle, O.S.B., D.D., revised by Rev. Emmeran A. Rettget, O.S.B., M.A., and reprinted by Preserving Christian Publications.

Hope you enjoyed my latest round of purchases. Pax, Julian.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Facebook Highlight: Dave Armstrong and Personas On-line with In Person ... Your Heart Affects Your Words

Hello Everyone,

I follow the well-respected Catholic apologist, Dave Armstrong, on Facebook. Recently, he created a great post on how what we are online is no different from in person. Our heart/soul cannot lie, and despite how one person thinks that you can be nicer in person vs. online, it doesn't truthfully matter. Here's what Dave Armstrong has to say on the matter, and he's no hypocrite if you have viewed his writings at "Biblical Catholicism":


Someone noted that people are generally a lot nicer in person than they are online. This was my response (with quite a bit added presently):

If a person habitually acts like an ass online, it's still the same person who exists offline who chooses to do that, when it is totally unnecessary and wrong. They're either "acting" online (passive-aggressive, gossipy, slanderous, rude, juvenile garbage) or acting when they are "nice" in person. Something is fishy there. Otherwise, they would act with normal Christian charity whether online or in "real life." 

In other words, they are not two people, but one, who chooses to act differently (usually much worse) when online. Ethics and morality don't change according to venue or environment. They are what they are.

Of course, some folks simply have an uncontrolled tongue or a hot temper, or a tendency to run others down, for various possible reasons (besetting sins), and that comes out online as well as offline. I do agree that those sorts of faults get *magnified* online, but such behavior can't be blamed *solely* on lack of body language, inflection, tone, and all the rest, that has been noted hundreds of times.

People act in self-interested fashion. So, we have more to lose in person and we shape up. But online, many folks seem to feel that they can act like idiots and "get away" with it: almost like a know-it-all rebellious college kid out of town on one of the pathetic "breaks": where he or she feels that they can do any outrageous behavior and not be noticed by anyone they know. No boundaries or responsibilities . . . 

THAT'S how (sadly) too many people act online. I contend that this is the real person coming out (due to less social pressure to "behave"), and that we stand accountable for all the words we say (or type).

In the end, we are responsible for what we do; how we act. Does anyone think it will matter a hill of beans to God on Judgment Day whether our sins were committed via Internet writing or in vocal words in person? St. James' and St. Paul's and Jesus' warnings about the tongue and lack of charity apply here as much as anywhere else.

Thus, I've always, from the beginning of my online participation (1996) insisted that folks should act exactly the same here as they would in real life (like a Christian!), and cease with the games, the anonymity (with the allied silliness of nicknames), the one-upsmanship, being the big shot of a forum or venue, the cliques, the disposable friendships, the endless vanity and pretensions of self-importance, factions, divisions, and "groupthink" -- and all the other nonsense. But of course, all of that reflects real life, too.

My conclusion is: folks are online what they are "in real life": even if the "real life" persona may be primarily hidden in their hearts, and is not outwardly observed. What comes out of our "mouths" [or, keyboards] proceeds from the heart, after all, and the bad tree produces bad fruit, etc. (Sermon on the Mount stuff). We are all in need of God's grace on a continual basis (primarily from the sacraments) in order to be and act as God would have us to be.

Some good food for thought from a true, orthodox Catholic. Pax, Julian. 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summorum Pontificum 7 Year Anniversary: General and Specific Reflection from a Young Adult Altar Server

One note before I begin. I am turning off comments for this post as I am getting personal about my experiences with the Latin Mass. Certain readers and/or bloggers might not like it, but this is my blog, and my experiences. I don't need more headaches this week anyways ..... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - - _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _- _

Hello everyone.

Yesterday was an important day in the EF of the Roman rite. It was the 7th anniversary of the motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum, released by Benedict (Emeritus) XVI. This is THE document that gave Catholics much freedom to celebrate the Latin Mass without persecution from bishops and controlling priests. This post will be an overall, but also personal reflection, to me of where it has taken the Laity and myself, and what needs to be done to keep it going strong.

The past 7 years generally

Since it's release, more and more priests and parishes are embracing the Latin Mass with gusto. The gamut ranges wide from the occasional, monthly mass, to full blown daily Mass communities and introduction of EF societies and personal prelatures (e.g. FSSP, ICKSP) in dioceses worldwide. Furthermore, practices surrounding the TLM are even being embraced in Novus Ordo Church culture, such as sung Latin hymns and chants in the Mass, ad orientem worship, and even traditional catholic practices like Eucharistic processions. Some parishes have even limited their serving core regardless of the form of the Mass to boys only, and these dioceses have seen an enormous surge in vocations to the priesthood.

However, as many good advances there have been in such a culture, Satan has been immensely on the prowl, trying his best to poison this deadly weapon against him. Because these traditionalists won't fall for the heresies and modernism of the usual Church culture, he's gone the opposite way, attacking it through radical extremism/Pharisaic-ism. Sadly, numerous web bloggers and even certain members of a priestly fraternity have been more than happy to fall on he opposite side of the narrow gate, and have become the Church's, newest, roadblock to the proliferation of Traditional Catholicism. 

And their actions haven't gone unnoticed by the Vatican, so much so, Pope Francis has taken afew well- needed stabs at their dismal actions in his daily Fervorinos in the Santa Marta chapel.(Hey! The Vicar of Christ, is acting just like Christ did ... he's calling out the Pharisees! Ha Ha ha!) He even was so bold as to call out the Trads Behaving Badly in his Apostolic Letter, Evangelii Gaudium, in paragraph 94 as the "neo-Pelagians." In addition, not all priests and bishops have been on board with the "reform of the reform" as it were. In certain cases, such as with Una Voce Costa Rica, and recently, the sacking of Fr. Wylie in New York under Cardinal Dolan, not all is good and well in Traddie Land. At least, there are some examples where the Church has appropriately intervened when Trads have gone Bad, such as with the Franciscans of the Friars Immaculate, and Fisher More College under the archdiocese's bishop. 

Regardless, there is clearly still an antagonism in general towards the Latin Mass, which is being further aided by those who act all Pharisaical, regardless of how "passive" or calumnious and detracting their tone is. Yet ... more and more it seems as if the cracks are appearing in the dam, and eventually, it's gonna burst wide open in the Church.

Personally, my own reflection on the growth of the EF via my Archdiocese

I cannot speak for much of the early years post SP, as I only came onto the scene in 2011 to the EF, but what I have seen I can comment on in a short span of 3 years. If I can speak on the pre-2011 times, it is only from what I've glanced at from web sources about my own diocese.

Our archdiocese of Toronto had a great start when SP came out. The Oratorians of St Phillip Neri began to do daily masses with SP surpassing the 1988 indult, and the two lay groups began to do Masses, first together (to an extent), then sole organization of their own Masses around the turn of this current decade. On the serving end of things, there was a good size of about a dozen or so plus a few of us serving and we did anyone's Mass. We even had the FSSP priest Fr. Venette for a time, though he left in 2010 before I appeared. That initiative wassoon replaced with a parish community I've blogged much about here on SUD, St. Lawrence  the Martyr, with its chaplain Fr. Szakaczki, under the guidance of Fr. Roy Farrell, a dream team if I ever saw one in this author's opinion.

If there is anything I have seen though, that has been a barrier to SP being more fully fruitful, as a server, in my diocese and worldwide, it is the radical traditionalism that certain members hold within he movement and their public expression. While the majority of EF attendees come to the Mass for its sake and the glory of God, a sizable minority have chosen to undertake either online and/or on the ground leadership in the TLM, and the witness has been one that sadly gives The Holy Father credence to "slam" them as it were, in his Fervorinos and Evangelium Gaudii. Their witness, as defined by professional Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong, in his e-book Mass Movements: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, the New Mass, and Ecumenism: "...is one of [a] self-important attitude: a Pharisaical, relentlessly legalistic, know-it-all, holier-than-thou mentality,and lack of faith in the authority of Holy Mother Church; also anunwillingness or inability to think along with the Mind of the Church. That lies at the root. It's "spiritual kindergarten" (location 202 - 206)

For me, I have witnessed, have been the target of, and continue to witness bullying at the online or personal hands of these leaders. Just last week in fact, Michael Coren, a popular Catholic writer and columnist for the Toronto Sun and our Catholic Register, was the target of a TBB hate-fest, because Coren has changed with regards to his views on how to treat those with same-sex attraction, after being horrified by the hate crimes being done to those with SSA in Africa. While Coren does have to further clarify his statements regarding Dr. Teresa Pierre of Parents As First Educators and the Sin of Sodom, after seeing the hate-fest that occurred online, I cannot believe that I have to be in the same ``camp`` (of which all EF and/or traditional Catholics are lumped together in) with these bullies. I sure do NOT condone what they did (Cue the hate bombs from those bloggers.) 

As a Latin Mass server, I personally could not continue to serve in some capacities in this Archdiocese, and do not frequent the Latin Mass as I should because I became enraged and sick of the harassment in those parts of the community, as well as feeling "spied upon" by the laypeople attached to these leaders in misguided loyalty. I will say to its credit, that in certain parishes and/or communities, this happens less or is not present, and hence why I associate with the groups and parishes I do.

It is also not only me who has been affected. During the dark hump that was occurring in mid-2012 to mid-2013, besides other things had the displeasure to witness two of my former serving colleagues stop EF serving altogether and serve either the Novus Ordo only, or other rites in the Church, because they too got sick of all the politics and hate. I also watched a different serving colleague sadly become lost to the Society of St. Pius X who are NOT in communion with the Church, and have NO SACRAMENTAL MINISTRY.

If you have followed my blog for some time, you can see why I write the way I do and cover the way I do because of these things. Unfortunately, the archdiocese and His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, have become aware of a portion of this activity, and needless to say they don't appreciate it.See here with ++Collins speech to youth at this theology on tap in May 2013 at 13:15. I side with them, completely.

But yet .... there is hope here in Toronto ....

However, despite of all the sub-culture politics and mudslinging, I am proud to be part of the activity I am involved with, and blessed to be under the spiritual authority of ++Collins. My Eminence clearly understands the beauty and sacredness present in the EF, so much so, he chose to rise above all this, and was present not just in a physical body sense, but as a greater prelate in a Solemn Latin Mass for the 75th ordination of Msgr. Foy. That means, for those of you new people or confused on the word, that he was in the Liturgy on the altar, in copeand mitre, said the EF prayers at points, and was seated on a pontifical throne raised on a platform, with other priests as attendants, while the main servers and clergy (celebrant, deacon, and subdeacon) did the Mass like usual. That my friends, has never happened since Vatican II in the Archdiocese of Toronto. NEVER .... UNTIL NOW! That is a BIG statement in the Church.

The diocese took the helm in the organization of the Mass and had control in it's liturgical aspects. My serving colleagues, a number who I`ve served with for St. Patrick`s Gregorian Choir Masses, proudly were the torchbearers, lighting the way for Christ.

Further, there has been no halting, stopping, or banning of the Latin Mass in neither the parishes in the West and the East of the Archdiocese of Toronto (Oratorian ones and SLTM respectfully), nor the lay organizations who help put on these Latin Masses, even with all that has happened online and in person. All EF parties have continued to, as evidenced by my reports and listing pages, holding these Latin Masses in parishes,and at certain times there have even been multiple EF Masses on specific feast days. Also, there has been the odd new joiner here and there that has ventured in for serving and the Masses.

With such an example in this Foy Mass, and the continuation of the Latin Mass parishes and the lay groups, there is clearly a future in our archdiocese for the Latin Mass. I can positively feel like there are good things to happen for the EF, including myself as a Latin Mass server.

The future? My hopes and what must be done.

So where does this leave us after today? Generally speaking in the Church, while growth is steadily increasing and more youth are coming to this form, there is a ton of work to do. We must increase the education of the laity and priests in this form, dispelling stupid notions such as "the Latin Mass is not suitable to contemporary Catholic worship." If anything, it is NEEDED to complement it, and even enhance it, where Novus Ordo liturgy is done inappropriately. 

We need to increase the number of priests and servers trained in this form, and this everyone .... means emptying out your pockets and paying up. I just bought 5 books recently for the Latin Mass and after shipping and handling it's over $120 Canadian! That's just one example, although I will admit half of the cost was because, inspired by the Foy Mass and seeing it as a reference book in my other books, I bought the Caeremoniale Epsicoporum reprint from the FSSP. This stuff is not cheap! Even cheap metal stuff is not cheap in the EF! 

Another note on training: while some dioceses are allowing EF societies or groups in to handletraining, most aren't. It will this be up to individual priests and laity (that means MCs too!) to train both clergy and servers who can't afford excursions, training packs, or can't go away from their home diocese to train. As for the music end of things, that's not my forte, but how about giving young music students who've completed musical studies degrees in classical arts and/ororgan studies, jobs in parishes or part time with Latin mass groups with stipends for their work? They gotta eat and save up for families too, you know.

I will stress however that the biggest hurdle, as a young lay server, that will deter people from exploring the Latin mass, especially clergy, is the online and in-person "policing" as it will. Extremism does not appeal to the majority of people unless they are in a desperate situation. Further all it does is fortify the stereotypes already in place about us "trads," even occasional ones like myself. This also extends to politics in the Latin mass itself. When the trad behaving badly stuff gets to people, they often want nothing to do with the EF, and they won't return. On some occasions, it might even send them further into that realm, and they might associate with groups like the SSPX who aren't in canonical communion with the Church. 

I'll admit I've been testy at times here at SUD in my zeal for the EF, for +Collins, and to fight radical traditionalism. But we all MUST start expressing positivism and mercy in our online personas, and even mix and mingle with those "Novus Ordo" types. If there is anything we are supposed to learn from Pope Francis, it's to extend a hand if mercy and Christ's Love to others to show them what we are about, all the while defending the teachings of the Church. He clearly is not for extremism, and I think we EF people should likewise follow his example. Until those people responsible for the bulk of this nonsense start expressing this mercy, and dioceses startcurbing those who don't want to tow the line after repeated attempts at peace, then I forsee this will continue to deter most priests from opening up their parish doors to the TLM, so as not to attract 'those crazies with the Latin Mass.'

In terms of my Archdiocese, I think what would be a really cool idea, would be to "complete the compass" as it were. There's already a "West end" TLM parish, and an East one. What about having a South/Downtown T.O./Central TLM site, as well as one in the North of this diocese? In fact, I am thinking of a community who doesn't have a parish built yet that could be a potential, perfect spot for a TLM (with of course, needs to add in communion rails in the planning). 

Personally, in the interim, I would also prefer if the Archdiocese also set up a training school for the lay/inferior ministers to be able to train properly for the TLMs, until there are enough groups/parishes that can supply those training needs to a set standard. However, the staff chosen to train people, must have a proper, TBB-free attitude and if need be, no affiliation with groups portraying such an attitude.

However, one good thing that will likely happen here with the TLM in Toronto, is I think after the Foy Mass, the Office of the Archdiocese of Toronto, particularly under ++Collins, is going to start holding these Masses on special occasions. One occasion, I can forsee this being possible, would be on the Feast of St. Michael. ++Collins could organize and hold a Solemn Pontifical Mass every year to mark the cathedral and Archdiocesan feast day. Another occasion would be, the completion of the renovations to the Cathedral when it is complete. Thatwould be the perfect time to "Christen" the "New" building as it were, so why not with a special Mass? Even if it is not annual, I do think strongly that ++Collins will be the Prince of the Church to do it, and after the success of the Foy Mass, clearly it can be done again. Somebody should buy him a Cappa Magna though if there isn't one hanging around the archives though. Really.

My Final Thoughts.

Overall, not just in my diocese, but also generally speaking, yes, we might still have large hurdles to overcome in terms of spreading the TLM, but I do have hope and feel, even in the Pope Francis pontificate, the Church IS going to see a growth of the TLM. Hopefully, Francis will discover it ISN'T a fad among the youth, but a place where they are getting fed. As both the disgruntled elders who witnessed the liturgical carnage and became sowed with hate, and the free-spirit hippie generation that all but banned the TLM are dying, the TLM is more and more becoming the grounds for a new youthful generation without those hatreds and screeds to take over. The haters and hopefully, the bloggers, too, will become a less sizable minority, and the majority will become positive leaders, whether they are online, servers, choir members, etc. Also the newer members taking positions of power in the politics of the Church, are becoming more and more like ++Collins-es, and less and less like Buginis. These newer members are more neutral to positively conservative and orthodox in their Catholic faith, and aren't putting up the same fight against the TLM as their political forefathers.

In addition, there a special X factor we haven't taken account of .... the 4th/MIllenial generation. What I've been seeing is that the Church is starting to invest in youth ministry and deeper worship for young people. Most Trads of course balk and spit on things like the Stubenville Conferences and praise and worship, but as a Glad Trad, what I see, is that first step towards making them open to the TLM. These young people are getting what many of us, even my generation, never got: investment in their Faith with a specific center to Eucharistic devotion, and encouragement with mercy and Love. These groups and experiences are the baby steps or first building blocks where they will then want more, and be ready to want that experience the TLM will give them. I think that what we will see is in the next several years, this "1st/2nd wave" of youth ministry kids will gradually, though maybe not in huge numbers, start wanting to explore their Faith deeper as adults, and they will be the next, newest crop of youth to come to the TLM.... if we do not go all TBB on em that is.

Final thoughts: Yes there is still that darkness overhead, but it is dissipating, Virginia. Keep fervent in your prayers to the Lord, and continue to be evangelical and spread the Gospel, all the while supporting (both financially and personally) the Latin Mass. The light is gonna shine baby!


Pax, Julian Barkin.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Report: Friday June 27, 2014 Solemn Latin Mass on the Feast of the Sacred Heart with St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir

Hello Everyone!

Once again, I had the esteemed pleasure and privilege to serve a Solemn Latin Mass with my compatriots in serving, and under the organization of the St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir. This past Friday, June 27, 2014, together we came to be part of a Solemn Latin Mass/Missa Solemnis for this Feast Day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which occurs both in the Novus Ordo and Extraordinary Form liturgical calendars on this day. I was the boat bearer, but nonetheless happy to serve alongside St. Pat's choir in the Latin Mass.

To begin with, we had a practice on the Sunday prior, after the 7pm Novus Ordo Mass celebrated reverently by Fr. Steven Szakaczki, SLTM's Latin Mass Chaplain, a priest I know to be a true alter Christi in his vocation to our Lord. Afterwards, with almost all servers present (save one for work reasons), we went through the basic duration of the serving parts for the Mass. It was great to do this with old serving comrades, and even two new young siblings to the foray, one whose first time it was doing this Mass. Needless to say practice went well and our MC, Paul Mundra, guided us effectively.

And so the day finally arrived this past Friday for our Mass. Besides Fr. Szakaczki as our Subdeacon, two familiar faces showed up to complete our clergy roles for this evening. The first was Fr. Russell Asch, coming from his current (soon to be former) assignment at St. Patrick's Markham, and he was our Deacon. The second was a kindred soul hailing all the way from Campbellford Ontario, Fr. Jean-Marie Pilon, under the newly installed +Kirkpatrick in the Archdiocese of Peterborough. Fr. Pilon was our Celebrant this evening.

Our preparations were done in good time. As per my usual reporting, here's some of the setup pictures for the altar, as when in liturgy, we do NOT take pictures on the altar:

Credence Table with Chalice and its Veil. 

The Altar with cards set up. Basic metal framed cards that were used in prior St. Pat's Masses eventually replaced the cardboard laminated cards. 

The Sedilia and accompanying seats for our clergy. This pic of the three is my favourite. Isn't it beautiful and majestic how the light shines through the windows onto the chairs? It's like it's telling us something ...

7:00pm rolled around, and lo we proceeded out to carry out the greatest form of prayer in the world, the Catholic Mass, the extraordinary form of the Roman rite. With Fr. Pilon as our celebrant, it was he who gave us the homily at Mass. Here is what I could remember from Fr. Pilon`s Homily, albeit not quite verbatim, and I know I skipped over connecting parts:

  • There is an expression told to people, to ``have a heart.``
  • For people, this advice is hard to swallow as many people are bearing their own personal sins. 
  • When we turn to our personal sins, we often express the sin of anger. The sin of anger does not allow us to be with God, and we often make God the source of our anger for whatever our struggles are at that part of our Life. 
  • In being angry at God, we do not want to allow Him into our lives at that point when we are sinning. 
  • However, God should not be the source of our anger. If anything, God is the opposite of anger. If anything, he is the steadfast and most ultimate source of Love in our lives. 
  • God gave us our Lord Jesus Christ, his ultimate sign of His Love for us, from the depths of His very Heart. 
  • Man, alas, shallow and concerned in His sin, rejected God in the form of the Word Made Flesh, spat on Him, whipped Him, beat Him, and even crucified Him on the Cross. 
  • But that was not enough for sinful man. Man even had to go so far as to literally, pierce his beating heart, while upon the Cross. 
  • That person who did so, was the soldier, Longinus. In Longinus, he represents in us when we commit the most egregious sins of them all, Mortal Sins. It is these sins that, freely, expel us through that open wound, out of the loving heart of Christ. Some of you might have already pierced His heart in doing so already. Some of you might do so in future. Some people, continually pierce His heart by staying in Mortal Sin and committing such sin. 
  • However, do not think or be angry that God, via our Lord does not love us, or does not understand us. When we feel that we are broken, our Lord knows of our brokenness. When we feel that he cannot understand us, He in his Divine Love knows the whole of human sin and darkness. When we feel that we are not loved, He Loves us perfectly. He Loves us via his pulsing, beating, heart, the very heart that we have stabbed in the form of Loginus` spear. 
  • It is out of that Heart that he has come to give us repentance and mercy and His Undying Love for us. So much that there have been brought forth devotions to His Heart, and he has shown certain Saints how to do so. To Mary Margaret Alcaquoqe, we were given the devotion of the First Fridays in Honour of His Sacred Heart. To St. Faustina Kowalska, we were given the modern day devotion of Divine Mercy, (which as pictured here in St Lawrence the Martyr to my left), pours forth abundant rays representing his Divine Mercy and Love, straight from His Heart. 
  • But further more, one can find the overwhelming Love and Mercy of our Lord here in His Sacraments. You will find His Love and his Heart here in the Mass, in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist. 
  • Importantly, it is in the Confessional in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, where His Heart pours out his mercy and forgiveness for those sins, even mortal, in the confessional. Here he renews you and you may be part of His Love, emanating from his Sacred, pulsing, Heart. So avail yourselves to be a part of the Divine Love of His Sacred Heart. 
All in all, while there was minor mistakes made, and sometimes we were a little too fast in our speed for processions, our overall serving of the Mass was much better than last year's Mass. Part of that was our MC emphasized that we listened to him, for his cues, during the Mass. We did actually listen to the cues for the Mass and our transitions to various parts were smooth. Further, everyone carried out their duties in their assigned roles, with nobody freezing up when they were carrying them out. Oh, and our young torchbearers did their jobs well if you were wondering.

In addition, considering another Latin Mass group was holding their own TLM in the west end of Toronto, and it was the beginning of the "long weekend" for some people who could take of work yesterday, we still managed to have a good solid turnout of 100-130 people for our Latin Mass, when SLTM looks like visually it could hold about 500-600 people in its pews. To me, that's a great turnout!

Regardless, it was fine indeed, a good serving experience, and the future looks promising. St. Patrick's next Mass will likely be its anniversary Mass, that of the Feast of Christ the King on the last Sunday in October, so Sunday October 26th, 2014. However, there might be a Mass later in the summer somewhere .... and .... there might be something in the works for me as a server. Not 100% sure, but when I have more full details on St. Pat's next Mass, you will definitely hear it from me and I'll add it to the Summer Listings for 2014!

Hope you enjoy this report, and of course, if you have any other reports or things to add, like pictures, e-mail my blog at torontotlmservers@gmail.com. Just remember, read my blog rules and no communications of slanderous, calumnious, or detracting nature. Course, I really hope someone took pictures from the pews of the Mass.

Pax Tibi Christi! Julian Barkin.