Sunday, 30 June 2013

Update on Current Rad Trad Situation in Archdiocese of Toronto: New Developments

Warning: as stated at the top of the ``Initial posting`` below, do not harass me or my friends, or the people mentioned in this posting. You will be listed for your harassment, the communications archived and unreleased, and my lawyer will be contacted. In other words, don`t try anything stupid. An no anonymous posters will be allowed.

Hello Everyone.

This is an update to the situation that is currently sweeping our diocese with some bloggers harassing a young startlet in Catholic entertainment.

The initial post I did to cover the shameful situation happening in our diocese was here:

I followed up yesterday with an appropriate, and (not???) coincidental highlight of a posting on Team Orthodoxy considering proper fraternal correction. The poster knew exactly what was right and wrong in these situations, with words from Holy Father Emeritus Benedict XVI and Scripture. The highlight posting is here:

However, the in-fighting and the disgusting examples of these bloggers, and their close allies, continues. Some new developments have occurred:

1) A close ally of the first blogger in the initial covering post, decided to admonish the "sinners" of the sister, the starlet, and David Wang, using the sister's FB page when the sister posted a conversation in defense of her beloved family member. The ally incessantly continued to harass the family in both Facebook and messages to David Wang`s private email address(es?). The ally's manner of addressing the issue was no different than the first blogger, and highly uncharitable, lacking proper virtue. David Wang has now had to block the `warrior` of the first poster and is considering legal counsel. I, Julian of Servimus, also decided to contribute to the conversation and make known who these attackers are, as I know who this ally and the first blogger are.

At this time I will not elaborate here. All I will say is thank God I saw the light, and only took maybe a couple of sips of their brand of ``TruCath`` Kool-Aid and did not drink the whole glass.

2) The second blogger in the initial post, has made one today on decorum in churches, using the example of St. Peter`s Basilica in Rome. I know that this is related to these affairs currently happening in the Catholic blogosphere and Facebook. I do not disagree with the underlying message. In fact in my first posting, I said this with regard to the situation:

``.... 1) In a nutshell, yes, perhaps a little more clothing (e.g. a shawl or a super-lightweight long sleeve sweater) could have been worn, and the sandals/shoes kept on in the video for the sake of proper decorum. For that type of song, perhaps another venue could have been used or a soundstage/green-screen used to "mimic" a church with a disclaimer if needed. We as a whole, Catholic society, need to reclaim the sense of the sacred and that the Catholic Church is a "House of God." If concerts and the like must be done in a Church, may they adhere to Canon Law, Archdiocesan guidelines, and whatever other Vatican documents cover this topic. That is not to say people will intentionally ignore these laws, but as it seems, the artist and her team did go through lengths to secure permission with the proper authorities in the Church to do the video .... ``

However, it is not the underlying message. Were this posting done without the current events hanging around, it would have been credible and valid standing alone. However, because of the events, and what the second blogger has been doing to aid the first, this post is a passive-aggressive form of harassment online to ``shove it in the person`s`` face as it were. You can dress it in sugar and spice, but those of us following along, know it is facetiously nice.

I pray that through our Lord Jesus Christ, may the virtue of justice be restored here amongst all those who have been unfairly victimized, and the injustices committed in this situation by all parties involved, rectified by His Holy Will. May this rectification come about through prayer, repentance, sacrifices, etc. in whatever we can accomplish with His graces, and the rest from the Divine Power and Will of our Lord. Amen.

Pax, Julian.

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