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I am Julian Barkin, a young practising Roman Catholic Male in the Archdiocese of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am heavily involved in my Novus Ordo parish in Etobicoke, being a functional member of the pastoral council, a lector, and seeking more involvement in youth ministry. I also participate in the life of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in the Archdiocese of Toronto, focusing my efforts in the core of the archdiocese.

My Latin Mass journey started due to a reversion to my Faith 5 years ago and counting (as of Nov 2009). Once I became set on fire again I wanted to deepen my spirituality and become a more practising Catholic outside of my weekly Sunday obligation. Eventually with a mutual friend we found the Latin Mass in our own pursuits, but coming together.

My first exposure was a Low Mass in May of 2011 at the Oratory of St. Phillip Neri's main church, Holy Family. I was pleased at the silence, the reverence of the clergy and priest, and actually getting a homily of sustenance, unlike my lukewarm parish at the time. Eventually, an ex-acquaintance of ours introduced me to Latin Mass serving, and I served my first Latin Mass as a torchbearer with the St. Patrick's/Issac Jogues Gregorian Choir effort under professional chorimaster, Surinder S. Mundra. I have continued since then to serve Solemn Masses in the diocese when they have been made available, as well as the occasional Low Mass (thanks to St. Lawrence the Martyr as a 2-server Mass), one funeral mass with the odd configuration of 3 servers, and a Missa Cantata. I am also part of a group I helped bring to fruition, with the permissions of pastor Fr. Roy Farrell and Fr. Steven Szakaczki, that practices Latin Mass serving in the Archdiocese of Toronto at St. Lawrence the Martyr parish (2210 Lawrence Ave. E.) every last Friday of the Month at 8pm,  after the Low Mass, with the occasional cancellation or re-scheduling (e.g. Lent). This is our main practice site for now, but the group may move to a location in future, should a need arise to move to a more central location (for the sake of vested interest to serve, but the location makes it unreachable to interested parties).

Why a Latin Mass Serving Blog that also covers related matters of traditional Catholicism?
1) I decided that there should be more on-line media promotion of this beautiful tradition and ultimate expression of our Catholic identity in the diocese, due to the lack of a major page (not announcements) on the Archdiocese of Toronto website.

Further, young boys and men may be interested in the Latin Mass, but might be nervous not knowing what it's about or what to do (that the training is too rigid). Thus this blog contains server tips and postings from print resources or practical experience obtained with my serving initiatives, and might stir interest in serving.While the blog has evolved overtime, This was a central reason for its existence, and the serving content continues to be the most popular hits on this site. I will still continue to add additional serving content as my experience and library of sources grows.

2) Not all Latin Mass efforts (parish, groups, Choirs, etc.) have high volumes of coverage/on-line media presence, or have lack thereof, and may be ignored versus main efforts by receiving promotion on popular blogs/websites. Further, these communities and/or efforts pose alternatives to the mainstream offerings, ones that provide environments in accordance with the Mind of the Church and its' mission, and have a positive outlook with regards to the hierarchy in the Church. Regardless, all efforts will be promoted on this site unless they clearly fall into the realm of objective (4).

3) A personal social cause of mine, being echoed in many different nooks of the Catholic Culture, on-line and in the real world, is that of the New-Evangelization/Youth Evangelization. Many youth have not been given proper catechesis and/or true knowledge of the faith and have either dropped out of Catholicism altogether, or do not understand it well. In addition, those of the youth who have been dealt this blow, may mock those peers who do embrace Catholicism in full, as was commissioned to all baptized Catholics. This blog serves as an example to my young peers, that it is acceptable to be a practicing Roman Catholic, and also to others, that "hey, you aren't alone" and that it is OK to be young and practicing in your faith, despite discouragement from your peers/family/the world. I hope to serve as an example of encouragement to fellow youth, and to encourage them as well to participate in their spiritual/eternal salvation, traditional Catholicism, and to become prominent leaders in the Church and (with their faith as their moral compass and guide to navigating this sinful) our world.

4) Because I am sick and tired of the insults thrown at Traditional/Latin Mass Catholics/practising Catholics, and those Latin Mass adherents and/or Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists who practice the spiritually sick behaviours that uphold the stereotypes: cold-hearted, nasty, radical, hypocritical, hyper-critical of clergy and other Catholics not in line with Traditional Catholicism or the EF Mass, etc. These stereotypes are lies and insults meant to slander and detract us, making us 2nd-class citizens in the Church, both by mis-educated and unwilling critics of the laity and clergy. What a social injustice!!! Even Pope Francis has called such actions (lies) the work of the Devil, under its more formal name: Slander. Our Holy Father has also told us that as Catholics we must be joyful and glad about our faith, without those "long-faces." 
Unfortunately, like all stereotypes, they are perpetuated by select people and Latin Mass organizations, including their adherents, lest they be challenged, even in an intelligent and enlightening way. They tend to be the most "popular" mouthpieces that are active on the Internet and in (arch)dioceses, whether they are diocesan or canonically valid/invalid/in good standing as Catholics. They have provided Judas-like examples contrary to the Gospel, to their fellow EF/Traditional or practicing Catholics and further perpetuate the stereotypes mentioned above.

I, Julian, here with my blog, Servimus Unum Deum, hope to serve as a counter-example to those aforementioned examples, speaking with as much charity and proper fraternal correction as possible on such matters, though I will not hesitate to "call a spade a spade" when absolutely warranted. More importantly, may I and my blog serve to show that truly, most EF/Traditional Catholics are sinners who do their best to express faith, hope, and charity, while attempting to follow the Catholic faith in their fullness and put it in practice in their daily lives.

I encourage all of you to enjoy the content of this site, but also, if you happen to be servers in the diocese, perhaps you will share your tips and experiences here for all to learn.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

Edited as of March 4, 2015.

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