Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Off the Beaten Path: Maggie Wang at the Calling All Girls Conference this past Mar 14-15, 2015 Weekend

Hello Eveyrone,

I`d like to divert your attention to something I`ve found through my Facebook feed. Some of you may recall I`ve been promoting a young Catholic musician on Servimus, Maggie Wang A.K.A, MAGS, because unlike the Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists, who haven`t found her ``Catholic`` enough for the Church, I find her as a great role model for young women, as part of a large Catholic family striving to do their best to follow the Lord.

This weekend, she was invited to be a participatory speaker for the ``Calling all Girls`` conference, a smaller youth conference for mothers and their daughters. held as part of the bigger Dynamic Women of Faith Catholic Women`s conference annually in Toronto. Her topic for her segment was ``The Joy of Pure Dating.`` Considering how many parents today in the Church are not even bothering to fulfill their duty as the child`s primary teacher, including the realm of dating and social skills, it is a blessing that Maggie is educating young Catholic women (and parents!) about these topics and putting herself out there as a Catholic role model.

Attached is the weblink to a recording from the female youth conference on YouTube. Listen and enjoy as MAGS talks about dating to young Catholic women. Enjoy, and pax. Julian.


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Happy Anniversary Papa Francesco! 2 Years Since Elected

Hello Everyone.

Two years ago yesterday, Papa Francesco, (a.k.a. Jorge Bergoglio) ascended to the Seat of the Papacy in the Catholic Church.

Since coming to terms, although he hasn't been too keen on the Latin Mass, he has said and done a number of things. Particularly, no pope in history has been releasing their daily homilies, or at least summaries of, for public consumption. Thankfully he's defended its existence and will not aborgate Summorum Pontificum!

While Pope Benedict XVI is my favourite pope for what he did for liturgy and Tradition in the Church, I do admire the Pope in numerous ways. From putting showers in the Vatican so the poor can have some sense of human dignity instead of obvious body odour, to the numerous fervorinos/mini homilies he has stated to take us away from our self-centered and prideful hearts, he is certainly applying a pastoral approach to the Pontificate.

Aside from the usual jabs at his Argentinian background and socio-theological upbringing, should we actually heed his words instead of accusing him as the anti-Christ or injecting evil into the Church, and give him considerate analysis of his words, one might find that he is teaching us how to progress in the future with the Church, especially with regards to the Trads. It's likely closer to Christ's example in the Gospel's than one would think.

Sadly, it seems that the Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists have chosen to harden their hearts more, at least online in the "Traddie" "c"atholic blogosphere, and the Pope is being rejected. Nothing he says can make them happy. Oh what little faith exists for Holy Mother Church and the Holy Spirit who guides Her! Guys wake up, the mainstream media and liberals are starting to turn on him now.

Regardless, I'll be at least one "Glad Trad" that actually salutes and acknowledges his pontifical anniversary.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/CarmeliteSisters/photos/a.496426680379821.106072.333949379960886/873928089296343/?type=1


Please pray for His Holiness, that he may continue on his journey and that the Holy Spirit guides and preserves him, for however long he stays in the Papacy. May he continue to bring us back to where we should be in our Faith lives and be defended from the assaults of Satan and his minions.

Pax, Julian.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

REMINDER: Latin Novus Ordo at St. James Catholic Church This Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hello Everyone,

When something organic and good in the life of the Church, that is being done to rejuvenate the living Tradition of the Church is happening, be it liturgical, spiritual, etc. I am more than happy to promote it and support it here at Servimus Unum Deum.

The pastor of St James Catholic Church, Rev. Ignacio Pinedo, has decided to contribute to such work via hosting Novus Ordo Latin Masses. Considering that this ended a couple years ago at the Oratory of St. Phillip Neri to fit in one more Latin Low Mass, it would be worth attending and supporting. Should this be successful, it could become a regular occurrence, and maybe spread to other parts of the archdiocese.

The details for this month`s Latin Novus Ordo is as follows:

Saturday March 7, 2015 (NOVUS ORDO) Saturday Vigil, Liturgy for 3rd Sunday of Lent

St. James Roman Catholic Church - LATIN NOVUS ORDO, 

" Latin Mass Revisited - Rediscover the beauty of the solemn Latin Mass in this modern Eucharistic celebration. We will be celebrating the Mass using the original Latin text of the Third Typical Edition of the Roman Missal (note: this is not the Tridentine form of the Mass). Side-by-side Latin and English Missals will be provided for those attending. A truly uplifting experience that is both ancient and new, bridging past and present. For more information, contact St. James Church at st.james@sympatico.ca or call 416-767-6451."

TTC-wize, it is closest to Jane Station, and one can take a bus down Jane St. to get to the Church or close to it.

As an added bonus, I WILL be finally able to make one of these Masses and attend it in support of this Archdiocesan initiative. I hope you will attend to, in replacement (or in addition to,) your regular weekend Mass be it Latin Mass or Novus Ordo.

Hope to see you there. Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Brief Update for Acolyte Post .... It's in Progress

Hello Everyone,

Someone did a search on the internet and found my blog, by typing "role of first acolyte at latin mass."

So since someone inquired, I just want to say that the post is in progress and I got most or all of the background on the position, and I have to do the portion of the post about serving the Mass. It's coming, I just have to get around to it.

Pax, Julian.