Servimus Unum Deum - Latin Mass Serving Group


Pax Tibi Christi!

Goals and Mission Statement of the Group:

This monthly Latin Mass serving group is open to males in grade 6 and up, and adults, who are practicing Catholics in the Archdiocese of Toronto. All are welcome to participate regardless of serving experience and/or familiarity with the Latin Mass. The group aims to foster a positive, Catholic environment to provide altar server training, applicable to all levels of the Latin Mass. This group practices at two major parishes in the archdiocese, alternating to be fair and accommodate the transportation needs of our members.


Upcoming Practices/Events - Updated as of 17/03/2014

``The group of S.U.D. will be placed on prolonged hiatus, unless someone in the TLM community in the Archdiocese of Toronto, or another person with the experience and resources to carry on the group, can do so. Be warned it will take much time, effort, co-ordination, and resources to carry on the duty in light of current events in the Church, and it will be a major commitment.`` 

Regardless of the current status of the S.U.D group, all personal (Julian Barkin) and or/S.U.D. bans remain in place and will continue to do so upon the group's re-emergence in whatever form in the future. 

Pax, Julian.

Serving Tools for Your Usage/Places to purchase Educational Materials
Disclaimer: These "tools" are to review things brought up in your practices and/or teach you things you might need to know. These tools are posts that are part of the Servimus Unum Deum site and/or other websites, documents etc. which will be cited as to their web/actual source. The S.U.D. postings are property of Julian Barkin and were composed by Julian. They are not the be-all and of serving, and it is highly advised to defer to the instruction of your serving choir/priest/instructor when not serving with the S.U.D. group. 


In Addition: I have also created an "abridged" version of his introductory posts or the "tool-kit" into a package that he created for the August 2013 Latin Mass practice on serving basics. Please e-mail me at the e-mail address at the contact page for a copy of the booklet. 

ROMANITAS PRESS WEBSITE - Warning: This site, while it does not explicitly say it supports the Society of St. Pius X, does have "sentiments" in its links page, linking to the SSPX directly and its printing press, Angelus Press. The SSPX is a society not in canonical communion with the Catholic Church with "chapels" worldwide, who use the EF liturgy and their own communities and schools. While their status is unfortunate, the preservation of the EF rite can be attributed to their presence in Christianity.

Despite the warning, the serving notes on this site are excellent and even cover annual feasts, as well as tackles minutia with great detail for aspects altar serving.

The FSSP is the personal prelature, created by Pope John Paul II in 1988 to allow for a canonically valid and licit way for the Tradtitional rites and ways of the Church to be preserved, without breaking communion with the Church. Their Fraternity Publications website contains a number of resources for purchase (including paying shipping and handling) for both priests and altar servers. Should you desire, you can order resources from them. I personally have purchased a number of serving resources from them.

Altar serving - "Sancta Missa" -
Purchasable Materials -
The Canons are another EF fraternity of priests who offer the EF Mass, operating in the Archdiocese of Chicago in the USA. Their site, Sancta Missa offers a number of excellent tutorials and guides for altar serving, as well as the text translated in English of some of the Liturgical Books of the EF, and resources for priets. Their bookstore, Biretta Books, also offers materials for purchase (with paid shipping and handling) with regards to altar serving and the EF liturgy. I have also ordered materials from this store as well, and our MC Paul has ordered some materials from them.

Under this list are individuals, who have been banned from the S.U.D. Latin Mass Serving Group, due to reasons listed below with their names:

ROBIN L.M. CHEUNG (Toronto, currently serving St. Lawrence the Martyr)  - Reasons: Over the period of time from November 2012 - October 2013, Robin has sent a number of e-mail and phone text communications to the principal of Servimus Unum Deum at that time (Julian), about his personal matters. Compliance with requests by myself (and other recipients of his communications) to cease these communications have been not followed by Robin. After numerous attempts to ask him to stop the communications, including failed intervention of his parish priests, and attempts to ignore/block all incoming communications, he has been formally banned by letter, sent by electronic mail to his e-mail accounts. His parish pastor and an associate priest, and the principal trainer for Servimus Unum Deum (Paul), have also been notified and received a copy of the ban letter by e-mail.