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Reply to Kennedy Hall's pro-apologia SSPX articles on Serviam Ministries Part I

Rebuttal to Kennedy Hall`s pro-Apologia for the SSPX Part I: Status of the Society and the Article ``SSPX Sympathizer``

Serviam Ministries has been serving the Catholic faithful over the last several years in the Archdiocese of Toronto. Their conferences have catered to all walks of faithful from regular parish-attending Catholics, to Traditionalists, in the choice of keynote speakers in their conferences which are held twice a year. The Serviam conferences` popularity and reputation has grown so highly, they are promoted on parish websites and bulletins.

In addition, the ministry has branched out to the needs of men with the Band of Christian Brothers (herein, BCB,) an arm of Serviam Ministries of which I am part of the Facebook group, and have been privileged to have attended, and volunteered once at, a conference for the Men's group.

Let me also disclose that Serviam's co-founder, Mr. David Gilbert and I, share common interest in the Latin Mass/Extraordinary Form (EF) of the Roman Rite, as he is an executive member of Una Voce Hamilton in that diocese, and I have been serving at the altar of the Lord for certain offerings in the Archdiocese of Toronto since October 2011. Mr. Gilbert and Serviam Ministries have also been a great assistance or promoting organized offerings of the Latin Mass, especially of my colleagues of St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir in Toronto. Rest assured without them, there would not have been the 800+ bodies in attendance for the October 2016 offering of a Missa Solemnis/SolemnHigh Mass at the Cathedral of St. Michael in Toronto, with His Eminence ThomasCardinal Collins present on the altar and as homilist.

Almost one month ago, the Serviam Ministries blog posted two blog post by Mr. Kennedy Hall, one of Serviam`s listed authors of blog articles. Kennedy is a Catholic father and school teacher in a Catholic/Separate school system (he does not identify which region's board, likely to maintain his employment,) who is debating what to do about his son's education in the faith, as he detests the approach the system takes in regard to instructing students in the Catholic faith. In looking at educational options, he has present to him a local academy run by the Society of St. Pius X.

According to his first posting on Serviam Ministries, Kennedy did his own "research" into the SSPX. He wrote an initial post approved by Serviam Ministries on June 13th titled ``SSPX Sympathizer.``  While Mr. Kennedy says in the article: ".... This article is not meant to be a propaganda piece for the SSPX, and in full disclosure, to this day I have still never been to a Mass offered in one of their Chapels ...." (1) he devoted a full posting to making a pro-apologia for the Society, rather than focusing on the differences in education between the SSPX school system and the current Catholic system, and why a father in the Catholic Church would consider the SSPX school as a necessary option, which is why I clicked on the link to this article from the BCB Facebook group in the first place.

Due to commentary on the Facebook postings in Serviam and BCB's Facebook groups, Mr. Hall was then graciously allowed a follow up on June 22, whereby he states, ".... Once again, it is not my intention to be an SSPX apologist on this blog.  That said, it is difficult for me to leave certain untruths unanswered when I am in a position to do so. In full disclosure, my family and I have begun to attend an SSPX Chapel, and I cannot see us going back to the Novus Ordo, unless necessity requires for our Sunday Obligation." (2) Again Mr. Kennedy was given an audience to address some comments from the Facebook group, but now reveals he is becoming what is called an 'adherent' of the Society, which involves being a frequent attendee of SSPX Masses, and also again issues a pro-apologia for the SSPX.

Were Mr. Hall allowed one post, I would have written it off as a gaffe, or a one-time guest post to simply state an alternative viewpoint in the Catholic Church. However, between Mr. Kennedy's spiritually troubling decision to now attend SSPX Masses with his family (and likely, will have his children attend the charter school,) and my aforementioned background, I must now address these postings, as well as the SSPX issue and the decision Kennedy has made.

My motivations are for the sake of defending Traditionalism from critics who use examples like the SSPX, bloggers, Mr. Kennedy`s articles, etc. to shun the Latin Mass and/or Catholic Traditionalism, and attack ALL traditionalists despite a vocal minority being extremists; for fellow Catholics who are part of the Serviam Ministries and BCB Facebook (TM) groups, and/or attend their conferences and can access this website; and finally to defend Holy Mother Church and be subservient to Her. 

While I will address what Mr. Kennedy got correct, other matters will need to be addressed, such as clarifying points about the situation of the SSPX and the statements of Mr Kennedy`s first article. In a follow up posting, I will also address the second of Mr. Kennedy`s postings, but also address the Sunday obligation issue and ``Crisis`` in the Church, specifically addressing the SSPX`s warnings to avoid the Novus Ordo form of the liturgy of the Roman Rite, as well as state my own reasoning also as a Catholic Father of a child (and hopefully more in future) why I would NOT make a decision such as Mr. Kennedy's as spiritual head of my household.


Mr. Kennedy is correct when he says that the "...  They are not in full communion ... They don’t have jurisdiction to offer mass publicly in a local diocese ... Their Masses are valid, but not necessarily licit, and the Church has said they are not in schism, yet regular attendance at their chapels can lead to a “schismatic” attitude ...." (1) This is because their leader in 1988, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, decided after a stalled period of requesting a bishop for the SSPX from the Vatican under Pope John Paul II, to consecrate more bishops for the Society in a ``crisis`` scenario.  Part of that crisis was Lefebvre’s failing health, with the fear that the Vatican would not be able to deliver to the SSPX a bishop before his death.

This act, Lefebvre did, was a violation of the Church`s governing law, Canon Law. This put the four, now three acting bishops in the Society (as +Williamson was expelled in the last few years for anti-Semitic propaganda,) as well as +Lefevbre in excommunication, and the Society made ``irregular.`` Because those bishops` priesthoods were valid as they were ordained prior to the illicit consecrations, by a bishop who was of the same, any priests they do ordain are valid priests, but since done out of disobedience to Holy Mother Church`s Canon Law, and operating outside of bishops' jurisdiction, the priests` Masses are illicit, though the Eucharist is consecrated, and any sacrament done outside of the permission of the Church is null (e.g. Confirmation.)

As for attendance at their Masses, at least Kennedy was honest enough to say what is correct, in that regular attendance at the Masses of the SSPX can lead to self-schism from Holy Mother Church. The Pontifical Commision of Ecclesia Dei (PCED,) in a formal letter in 1995, seen here (3) states as follows: ".... While it is true that the participation in the Mass and sacraments at the chapels of the Society of St. Pius X does not of itself constitute "formal adherence to the schism", such adherence can come about over a period of time as one slowly imbibes a mentality which separates itself from the magisterium of the Supreme Pontiff ...." While the overall public presentation of the SSPX seems to be improving from a public relations perspective, Rome (the Church) has NOT withdrawn or altered the communication issued in 1995 from the PCED.

As for other sacraments offered by the SSPX, since the 1988 excommunications, the Holy Fathers Emeritus Benedict XVI and Francis I, have granted the following permissions out of mercy for the current bishops and the lay faithful, under the SSPX in this order: The removal of the excommunications of +Fellay, +Galarreta, and +Tissier de Mallerais (+Williamson was included too, but has since consecrated another bishop of his own, outside of the SSPX, becoming excommunicated once again from the Church;) valid faculties to conduct the sacrament of Reconciliation; validity of marriages in the SSPX chapels, provided a) A diocesan priest officiated the marriage vows portion of the liturgy, or b) Bishops of a diocese give ``carte blanche`` permission as the Church`s ordinary judge and officers of its Canon Law, for SSPX priests to officiate the wedding vow portion of the liturgy, or in the case of the EF, the pre-Mass vows. The sacramental permissions Mr. Kennedy got right also. 

However, Kennedy is wrong in regards to something I left out above. Kennedy is wrong in saying the following: ``... they fully accept the Holy Father and his authority." (1) This is incorrect on three different fronts. The first is their general situation, and involves the Mark of the Church being "Apostolic." By being outside the scope of the authority of their local bishops, who are the Church`s ordinary guardians and teachers of doctrine, dogma, and the laws of the Church in matters ecclesiastical, they at least indirectly go against the mark of Apostolic Authority, as it is from the head of the Church in Rome, under the Holy Father, the Supreme Vicar of Christ, where the authority of the Church flows.

The second front, is that currently as of 2018, the SSPX still promotes and has published public statements and/or media, that smacks of Protestantism that defies the Holy Father, particularly Pope Francis. When Francis was brought into the seat of the Pope, the SSPX, on their USA district site (a frequent source of Kennedy's in the first post and his second,) accused Pope Francis in 2013 of heresy in blatant accusations of Modernism. (4) To start, how can they accuse the pope of Heresy when they have NO direct spiritual authority in the Church? Furthermore, to accuse the Pope of heresy violates Scripture in Matthew 16:18, whereby Christ will never allow the gates of Hell to prevail in the Church, and that includes the Dogma of Infallibility in faith and morals, proclaimed in the Vatican I council. The SSPX has NOT repealed their accusations of modernism, including the 2013 article from their website. For Kennedy to say they are in complete obedience to the Holy Father and his authority is disingenuous at best, false at its worst.

The final front is by going against the Church’s/Pope’s jurisdiction over governance of liturgical matters, particularly in the debasement of the Novus Ordo Mass as an occasion of sin. This topic will be explored in my second posting to come, alongside other matter.  

Up and coming: Part II: The Novus Ordo and the ``Crisis of Faith`` and the ``Reply to Comments`` Article

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Report: Missa Cantata/High Mass in the Extraordinary Form for Sacred Heart June 8, 2018 7pm EST

Hello everyone,

Once again St. Patrick’s Gregorian Choir, (herein, SPGC,) based out of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church in downtown Toronto, began their season of organizing Latin masses a.k.a. the Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, with a Missa Cantata or High Mass, last month on Friday June 8, 2018 at Saint Edward the Confessor Catholic Parish in North York, Ontario, within the Archdiocese of Toronto.

It is the pleasure of this author, once again serving the Lord Jesus Christ on the altar for these offerings, to be reporting on this sacred beauty of a liturgy in the Church.

Mass Preparation

At first, it was possible there would be no offering of Sacred Heart, due to the choirmaster`s other commitments in the classical music sphere within the city of Toronto. As of June 1st, Fr. Russell Asch who is now the official Chaplain for the Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Toronto, agreed to be the celebrant for a Mass for the Feast of the Sacred Heart. In addition, an experienced Master of Ceremonies, Giovanni, who has frequently aided Fr. Asch in carrying out Latin masses in the Archdiocese, and training of servers for those Masses, assisted in recruitment of servers to serve the Lord on the altar, as well as performed the duties of the liturgical role of Master of Ceremonies for this offering.

As soon as the necessary people were gathered, a serving practice was held the night of Wednesday, June 6, at the confirmed parish for the Mass. The practice went quite well, and it helped that the servers present, including myself, were already experienced in serving the Latin Mass.

At the choir end of things, the SPGC, of who most of the members are veterans, practiced their repertoire for the Latin mass, and it was easily mastered as many of them have been with the choir over the years, including singing the Gregorian chant propers, specific for this feast as per the Liber Usalis, as well as being familiar with the Mass setting (No. 12/XII, For Feasts of the Third Class, ``Pater Cuncta,``) chosen by the choirmaster, Mr. Surinder S Mundra.

Prior to the day of the Mass, Giovanni and choirmaster Mundra went over the chants that were going to be used in the musical repertoire, so Giovanni would be able to predict timing on the altar, and for servers to be cued at the appropriate times, as well as for Fr. Asch's intonations, chanting etc.

The Day of the High Mass, June 8th.

With all servers and clergy in place, the sacred liturgy of the Latin mass was carried out well. The serving was nearly flawless without hesitation by any server involved, and everything went seamlessly. This includes my service to the Lord in the role of crucifer and the ringing of the bells (with some minor roles such as removing the Roman Missal for one of the incensations of the altar, and directing people at communion to the 2nd step,) during the Mass of the Canons a.k.a. the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

As per my usual reporting of these events, below are the usual pictures of the altar pre-Mass:

Further, once again Fr Russell Asch preached an excellent homily with points that teach new insights into our faith every day. Of the points I can recall, he preached on this relating to the Sacred Heart:
  • When it comes to devotion to the Sacred Heart, there is history behind the devotion, and even up to today it’s symbolism persists in the Church, despite it being not as popular or well known as other devotion in the Church.
    • A poignant note that happened around the late 1200`s or start of 1300`s, is the vision of St. Gertrude whom was allowed in her vision to rest her head near Christ`s wound and could hear the beating of the Sacred Heart. 
    • St John Capistrano and another saint or individual, were mentioned, more in regards to devotion to a part of Jesus. For St. John Capistrano, that would be the sacred and Holy Name of Jesus, particularly attributed to a victory during the invasion of the Ottoman Turks against Christian cities, such as Belgrade, where his victory occurred.  
    • The promotion of the devotion of Sacred Heart, was attributed directly to St. Mary Margaret Alacoque, to whom Christ directly revealed the desires of his Sacred Heart, as well as the particulars of the devotion such as Communion on the 9 First Fridays. 
    • The Jesuits hold the devotion to the Sacred Heart quite prominently in their order. St. Claude de Colombiere, SJ, was the spiritual director of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Fr Asch at this point showed the two sides of a red badge of olden days, the ``League of the Sacred Heart,`` one side having the sacred heart with light rays emitting from itself, the other side with Christ with arms extended (as seen below:)
Image result for sacred heart badge
    • The Passionist order of priests, hold the Sacred heart dearly though Christ`s Passion, death, and resurrection, with their heart emblems on their clerical robes, as well as their adjoining sisterly order, the Passionist Nuns.
  • It is fitting that the symbolism of Jesus' Sacred Heart represents much of Christ giving himself, his whole self, to us in his ultimate sacrifice and act of mercy, and taking upon all our sin and suffering. Even pagan cultures, recognized the legitimacy of this symbolism to some extent. 
    • On this relevant note is the death of one of our Canadian saints in this regard, St. John de Brebeuf, one of the "Canadian Martyrs."
    • The Iroquois were NOT a friendly tribe of the Native Canadians to those priests who were trying to promote Catholicism in Canada. In 1649, the Iroquois attacked villages where the priests were doing their work, and attacked the village where St. John was, taking him hostage.
    • St. John suffered brutal torture at the Iroquois' hands, of which Fr. Asch only describes some of the grotesque actions they took against John, but most noteworthy was that after St. John died, they cut our his heart and ate it raw. To them, the heart was the seat of the soul or the everything of a person, and to consume it would bestow life or vitality to them, as well as deliver the finishing blow to totally annihilating and enemy. 
  • This symbolism with meaning, is also present in our faith lives, via the feast days of our Church. Each major feast day in the Church, points to a specific part of Christ`s life, whereby God allowed the Lord into our lives, and Christ poured our himself in the ultimate act of mercy and love, in his birth, passion, death, and resurrection. This is evident in Church solemnities and feast days, from Christmas, up to this very feast of the Sacred Heart. Some examples given were:
    • The Feast of the Purification/Candelmas (Feb 2nd:) Here, candles are blessed and lit, representing Christ entering into the world as the Light of Hope for our salvation. This also commemorates historically Christ being presented to the Temple as first born son, which Jews were obligated to do. We Christians reflect this in the Sacrament of Baptism, baptizing our children as soon as they are born. 
    • The Feast of Corpus Christi (June 2nd in the EF calendar, or Body and Blood of Jesus in the Novus Ordo on a Sunday usually in June:) When priests actually allow a Eucharistic Adoration procession to take place, often children who had (or will have) their Sacrament of First Communion take part, donned in their first communion clothes or all white, spreading a path of red rose petals as they go (e.g. Here at New Liturgical Movement.) The rose petals, represent the blood spilled by Christ from his wounds, including the lance piercing on the cross. 
After the Mass was concluded, and Fr. had done the Dismissal (a.k.a. "Ite Missa Est.") Fr. knelt at the foot of the altar and did the Act of Consecration and Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Such an act receives a plenary indulgence when recited on this Feast of the Sacred Heart in the Church, under the usual conditions (Confession, Communion, and prayers for the Intentions of the Pope (1x Our Father, 1x Hail Mary, some people add 1x Glory Be) (See here, ``The gift of the indulgence.``)

Despite the short notice and planning of this offering in one weeks time, and small promotion of the offering only online (e.g. on Facebook(TM) groups and this blog,) about 40 to 50 lay faithful (including one priest or seminarian in semi-Jesuit cassock) were in the pews. Some of these included commrades in EF serving (and their significant others,) and/or fellow Brothers and Sisters of Christ of the clergy or servers. They were treated to a beautiful and sacred liturgy in the Archdiocese of Toronto! Even more so is the fact that even 40 to 50 individuals came to this offering in a short time frame, speaks for the Latin Mass and it’s growing interest and importance in the daily life of the church, as well as that the faithful are willing to spread news of when such offerings are held, and to invite others to be part of the Mass in the pews.

To all those who attended, we hope that you were spiritually moved and fulfilled by what you experiences, your senses aroused, and your souls enlightened to Heaven`s high, with all the angels and saints. Special gratitude is given to Fr. Pat, pastor of St. Edward the Confessor, who allowed another Latin Mass in his parish.

As for the next offering of the Latin Mass by SPGC, unless circumstances permit an offering in between, it will likely be on Sunday October 28, 2018, for the Feast of Christ the King in the EF calendar, which will be the 12th anniversary of the formation of the choir.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

CONFIRMED! Latin Mass Announcement! MISSA CANTATA (High Mass) for Sacred Heart THIS FRI June 8 in the Archdiocese of Toronto!

Hello everyone,

The St. Patrick’s Gregorian Choir, stationed within the Archdiocese of Toronto at St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Downtown Toronto (link to parish here,) will be organizing and providing their voices in singing the liturgical music for, their annual offering of the Latin Mass/Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, for the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The details of the Mass for this feast day are as follows:

WhereSt Edward the Confessor Catholic Church, Toronto (North York,) Ontario, in the Archdiocese of Toronto.
Address: 75 Churchill Ave, Toronto, ON.
When: Friday, June 8, 2018
Time of Mass: 7 pm E.S.T.

The celebrant for this Mass will be Fr Russell Asch, recently promoted to the Chaplain of the EF in the Archdiocese of Toronto, and now stationed at St Lawrence the Martyr in Scarborough (in place of transferred Fr Steven Szakacski.)

As a side note, I will be joining my friends in Faith of the SPGC choir, once again in a liturgical role on the altar, in service to our Lord.

For more information or questions, you may contact Surinder S. Mundra, choirmaster of SPGC at 416 731 4485. In addition, should you be interested in participation for this mass or in future, via serving or singing, you may also contact Surinder who will connect you for the appropriate part of the Mass (serving/singing).

You may also contact me at my blog e-mail ( and I can put you in touch with Surinder and/or those in charge of serving for these Masses. Be advised if you desire to serve this Mass, you must have availability for Wed June 6 in the evening for a practice, site TBD. At this point any additional servers would be likely a boat bearer, in choir, or as torchbearers as it is now confirmed a complement of 5 servers (including myself) will be assisting.

For anyone and everyone else, please come and attend and encourage your friends to attend. I hope you will take the time to partake in this sacred event and be moved by the EF and all its parts on the altar. This will truly give you a taste of Heaven on Earth!

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Latin Mass Triduum, 2018 in Archdiocese of Toronto. Better Late than Never.

``... Regnum meum non est de hoc mundo .... Ego in hoc natus sum, at ad hoc veni in mundum, ut testimonium perhibeam veritati: Omnis qui est ex veritate audie vocem meam.`(Douay-Rheims John 18: 36 - 37: ``My kingdom is not of this world ... For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, that I should give testimony to the truth. Every one that is of the truth, heareth my voice.``)

Hello Everyone,

Forgive my tardiness that I did not get this out for yesterday, Holy Thursday, but I write this as finally, I have a chance to myself, as my first born son is being quiet. I became a father as of 1024h last Friday, Mar 23rd.

Thanks to a Latin Mass mailing list I'm on, I have come across information for the annual Latin Mass Triduum (since 2014 or 2015) that is held in Toronto. From the e-bulletin, I share the following information:

WHERE: Chapel of the Carmel Heights Retirement Residence, staffed by Carmelite Sisters.
Address: 1720 Sherwood Forrest Circle, Mississauga, Ontario, CAN
Website for Residence:


  • Holy Thursday/Solemn Mass of the Lord's Supper (Thurs Mar 29, 2018) 730pm EST Start time
    • Adoration to 1100pm
  • GOOD FRIDAY (TODAY, Fri Mar 30, 2018)
    • Stations of the Cross (EF/Usus Antiquor): 2PM EST
    • SOLEMN Service: 3PM EST
  • HOLY SATURDAY/SOLEMN Paschal Vigil (Tomorrow, Apr 1/18)- 830pm EST Start Time

Some notes:
1) I, and my closest allies and siblings in Christi in the TLM in Toronto, have no personal/professional nor desired relationship with certain parties involved in the Triduum liturgies, nor have been asked by any party involved to assist. In spite of this, I promote this Triduum on my blog because: Fr. Russell Asch is chaplain to the residence (incl. the sisters, and does their Masses IN ADDITION to those of the Latin Mass) and has been faithful to ALL parties in the TLM community including my friends of St. Patrick's Gregorian Choir (plus technically, one could say he is pastor of the chapel;)) one of my closest friends in faith has decided to sing in the choir for these liturgies/services; and most of all for the good of the lay faithful (and clergy to an extent) who have honest and non-radically traditionalist interest in the EF liturgy of the Roman Rite, particularly in the most, important time of the Catholic Faith during the year.

2) While priests who are under the spiritual authority of the Archdiocese of Toronto are involved in the carrying out of these Masses/services, in no way, shape, or form, is this directly due to the Archdiocese of Toronto proper, or any of its episcopal members, up to and including His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins. This has been independently organized via the efforts of parties involved, individual lay men and women, and the assisting clergy. 

3) All services and/or Masses of these EF liturgies will be done at the level of the Missa Cantata/Sung or High Mass, with one priest officiating and carrying out the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass/Good Friday service, with a full complement of altar servers and a liturgical choir. 

4) Fr. Steven Szakaczki, priest for the EF at St. Lawrence the Martyr Toronto (and veteran, as well as mentioned numerous times here on S.U.D.) will be the celebrant/priest for the Holy Thursday and Good Friday liturgies/services. Fr. Russell Asch will be the celebrant/priest for Holy Saturday. 


If you have not spread the word to your family and friends, please do so! Don`t forget to arrive early! Pew space is limited to about 75 bodies, plus maybe 40 seats on the sister's side (single Transept) for overflow. After that it will be standing room only. 

Spread the Word, and may you contemplate with deep fervor and passion, that of His Lord, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself on the wood of the Cross for the opportunity for us to obtain Eternal Salvation. 

PAX TIBI CHRISTI, Julian Barkin. 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Liguorian Series 1C: St. Alphonsus Liguori in Preparation for Death: How to be Happy at the Moment of Death

Liguorian Series 1C: St. Alphonsus Advice for Becoming That Repentant Sinner/Saint a.k.a. How to Get to Heaven

Hello faithful reader, 

It has been a while since we've been together to discuss the bountiful wisdom of the great Saint, Alphonsus Liguori, founder of the Redemptorist order of priests in the Church. To refresh your memory on what we explored, from the first volume of his Ascetic Works called Preparation for Death, I invite you to revisit Part 1A dealing with those at the state of death who are not in God's friendship and favour, and Part 1B of those who are able to die a happy death/in God's friendship and favour. 

In this part, 1C, with helpful quotes from the holy Saint, and writing in his style somewhat, we shall explore how one avoids the fate of souls as in part 1A, and end up happy on our death beds like those in Part 1B. Where to begin? ...

Keep the end in mind ...

Before one can remedy their state and end up a happy soul on their death bed, one must have a purpose, an aim in life, or shall we say in modern times, an "Endgame." Should we go by the old adage, "eat, drink, merry, for tomorrow we die," we live our lives as a series of endless pleasures, maybe throw in a family, but to what end? No living soul or deceased person has come back from eternity to tell us whether heaven or hell exists. But should we live by the adage above, then there is no point to anything we do: education, careers, family ... even pleasure and people in life are all for naught! 

Therefore, we MUST have a guiding principle in our lived to guide us before we can even journey to being like those happy souls. We must begin with the end in mind, and that applies to our life's journey! It is clear, as explored in Part 1A, that the hedonistic, sinfully obstinate souls die fearful, unhappy deaths, begging for more time on earth. They know their end. With that evidence in mind, there must be something they fear ... hell, for eternity. They may not say or think such aloud, but their emotions and physical symptoms tell the tale. 

So start with the end in mind ... the end that awaits you lest you choose the path of grievous sin! Begin with Hell in mind as such: 

"... if you do not now change your life, if you commit another mortal sin, the Lord will abandon you, and, in punishment of that sin, send you to suffer forever among that crowd of fools who are now in hell ... When the devil tempts you again to sin, remember hell, have recourse to God and to the Most Holy Virgin. The thought of hell will preserve you from hell, because it will make you have recourse to God." (Preparation for Death, p288-289)

Now, to just say that fear alone of hell will keep you astray will be foolish! Thankfully, we do have a ``testimony`` of sorts, those who HAVE decided not to be like the souls in Part 1A. Those souls in Part 1B, die happy, relieved, calm, and ready for the eternal reward ahead that awaits them. 

But how do we, become like those happy souls who have prepared for death well? Clearly, most of us aren't "blessed" with the disposition of a saint or are of the handpicked few that get in the Saint hall of fame. We become easily discouraged, thinking we aren't lucky, or have the "patience of a saint" for holy things. Also, we become even more discouraged, particularly when we observe the follies of those around us. We think of how many times our parents or grandparents strayed from the will of God, yet properly catechized about the four last things of death, judgement, Heaven, and Hell.

For those reading NOT Christian, obviously, our own mental fear of doing something bad or that we've done before, clearly isn't enough! We are but feeble and weak creatures with such a temptation and draw to sinful things that we know damage us physically and spiritually, but we do them even when we vow not too!

Thankfully, St. Alphonsus in Preparation for Death, provides us with three main tools to combat ourselves from falling back to black, and allows us to make it to the end, a happy soul upon our death beds.

The First Tool, Avoiding the Temptation/Occasion of Sin 

The first tool is quite simplistic in its understanding: Avoid occasions of sin. It goes without saying  that if you are placed in the vicinity of whatever vice you are tempted to, you won't likely be able to
withstand it. Whether that be your favorite junk food that you must down the whole container or bag for, boundless quantities of liquor that dulls the mind, or other such vices. It goes without saying, remove yourself from the situation, and don't put it in your home or invite it in. Alphonsus states the following on such avoidance: 

".... You must on your part labor hard to take away the occasions of sin, to avoid bad company, to resist temptations by recommending yourself to God as soon as you perceive them ... You must do violence to yourself: otherwise the threat of the Lord against obstinate sinners will fall upon you. You shall die in your sin." (230.)

It is even worse if the very sin you must avoid is one of the flesh and/or sexual, hence chastity must be adopted quickly to avoid such sins: 

"Whenever the devil tempts us, let us place our entire confidence in the divine assistance ... to Jesus Christ ... to the most Holy Mary. We ought to do this particularly as often as we are tempted against chastity; for this is the most terrible of all temptations and is the one by which the devil gains most victories. We have not the strength to preserve chastity; this strength must come from God ..." (314)

Should sins of the flesh be the particular vice you must dispose of, avoiding your favourite area where you "fraternize" with women and tempt them, or are tempted by them (even without intention,) might not be enough. In this, in our modern day world of the third millennium, this even includes the Internet on computers! We will explore more on that in the third necessary tool of Prayer. Yet let's go on to another key tool, one that must work in tandem with prayer, and yet would be even more vital to be covered first: The Eucharist/Pennance.

The Second Tool, The Sacraments, but Particularly the Eucharist

The next, critical tool that St Alphonsus says we must embrace to make ourselves for for heaven are the Sacraments of Holy Mother Church, but particularly the sacrament of Penance, and the Holy Eucharist consecrated at Mass. We should not be surprised at these tools, as the Church’s sacraments are the most tangible and visible ways Christ expresses Himself and His salvation to us on Earth, with each one uniting us closer to His Will and Mission.

Were he not to express himself and his Will and Mission of Holy Mother Church in this way, He would be as deists describe him, or detractors of the Church and Christ, as an unattainable figure atop His holy little cloud in a far away universe we could never find him. With nothing to guide us but our wills and flawed selves, we alone would never be able to obtain salvation.

In addition, why would someone go on such a journey as life without having the tools needed to travel through this land? Our Lord is not a cruel Greek “g”od of the Theban plays who creates and leaves humans to their misery or even uses them as playthings? No, for he is a Loving Father, who like a RESPONSIBLE father in a human family, provides sustenance for His children, his adopted sons and daughters of God. The father knows of this world and what is out there, and raises his children to become sufficient to survive, but also keeps loving and caring for them all throughout their lives.

Also as a forgiving father, he knows his children will mess up, with their imperfect wills, and temptation to sin. It is but part of the human condition. He knows that His children, in being tempted, will hurt him, and thus, in the sacrament of Penance, like the Prodigal Father for his lost son, he provides the bridge of mercy, the open door, for his adopted children to come home, and start anew in living that full life once more. By this sacrament we restore the Sanctifying grace needed to live in Eternal life after death, lost by Mortal sins, but also receive forgiveness for those lesser sins, including those that weigh us down to be susceptible to mortal sins. 

Hence, we have our sacraments and the Eucharist in the Holy Mass to give us those actual graces. It is both a literal, and a powerfully spiritual food, aiding us in avoiding and resisting those slings and arrows of temptation that lead us to sin, even against our concupisent (sin-seeking) selves. St Alphonsus makes this point as follows:

“ ... the second, is, to frequent the sacraments of penance and the Eucharist ... by the sacrament of penance the soul is purified; by it, it obtains not only the remission of sins, but also help to resist temptations. The Communion is called the bread of Heaven; because as the body cannot live without earthly food, so the soul cannot live without this celestial bread...." (323) 

Finally, there is one more essential tool needed in order to place one's self on the road to Heaven, and remain in the direction of that course: Prayer.

The Third Tool, Prayer

While avoiding occasions of sin and reception of the sacraments are a great start, it is prayer that is the vital, third tool required to keep one's direction ahead to a happy death. Think of one who is attempting to undergo a change in lifestyle or habit, such as a diet/exercise plan. One might be able to remove sweets from the house, and might be starting great workouts which gives one an endorphic high, but longevity is where most commonly fail. The slugfest of life and all those around us, work or at home or in one's personal life (save perhaps, those single people) will wallop us with blows, until our minds are tired and worn, and there we relapse and go off course.

The path to eternal salvation is no different. The Devil is particularly an angry, dark and vile creature, who will be more than happy to step up and be the one to challenge your resolve. He enjoys such temptations and throwing them on end. Will he stop? No. A non-biological creature such as he needs no physical rest, and can happily continue to throw constant barriers to you.

Further, one might find the "holy" or "Catholic" life, boring, lacking energy, agitating, a "thorn" in one's side that they might consider drifting back into whatever sinful and darkened path they had abandoned, or started to abandon.

Finally, one must be WILLING to ask of the Lord Jesus/God through prayer what one needs. As always, God/Christ allows us our free will to conduct ourselves without him. It is no different from parents in a loving home (where they are responsible and not selfish, despite their flaws,) that will aid their sons and daughters if they ask them, even when said children are older adults. Nor is it different from trusted friends and/or colleagues. If you do not ask, they will not help. If you ask for help, that is when those you know can be called to act to help you. 

How necessary is prayer to keep one on the path to not falling back to where they were? Vital! St Alphonsus in P.F.D, tells us how vital a tool it is:

``.... He who prays is certainly saved; he who does not pray, is certainly lost. All the elect are saved by prayer; all the damned are lost by neglect of prayer, and their greatest despair is, and will be forever, caused by the conviction that they had it in their power to save their souls so easily by prayer, and that now the time of salvation is no more.`` (306)

Furthermore, not just out of the sake of avoiding Hell (though you do need prayer for this purpose,) prayer is like the gym coach at your side, enhancing the exercise in the gym that you do, and pushing you forward to ensure you make progress in your exercise. He can`t make you exercise, but he will be there to keep you persevering to the last repetition you can do. St. Alphonsus dwells upon past saints of the Church in his explanation of prayer in this way:

``.... St. Chrysostom says that, as the body without the soul is dead, so the soul is dead without prayer ... as water is necessary to prevent the decay of plants, so prayer is necessary to preserve us from perdition .... St. Augustine teaches that God gives without prayer the first graces ... but all other graces, and particularly the gift of perseverance, he gives only to those who ask them.`` (304-305) 

Now that one knows to do prayer you are likely asking, what do I do? How many prayers a day and/or times to pray? Scripture already can answer the when, as per Luke and Paul`s Epistle to the Thessalonians:

``We ought always to pray`` (Luke 23:1). ``Watch ye, therefore, praying at all times. Pray without ceasing.`` (1 Thess 5:17)

As for what specifically, the range of prayers varies from the traditional triad of: Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be; there are those of the Saints throughout the ages. There are numerous, self-composed prayers of laymen, diocese in the church, on cards, books, there is even just short one-two line prayers called "Ejaculations," which are small spiritual prayers with high meaning, internal intensity, and petition from the person praying them. There is exception, however, as when the sin is of chastity, as mentioned before in the first tool of avoidance, to throw one`s self at the mercy of Jesus`Mother, Mary, for this particular category of sin.

However, it is more important to focus on the "HOW" of prayer, as that is what will make or break the prayer being efficient, rather than which specific prayers you include in your arsenal. Firstly, when one prays, it MUST be out of a spirit of humility, instead of self-interest or pride. That is NOT the same as asking for necessary help with dealing with sin. Here, St. Alphonus explains:

``.... To pray well, it is necessary, in the first place, to pray with humility. ``God resisteth the proud and giveth grace to the humble. (James 4:6) God rejects the petitions of the proud, but does not allow the humber to depart without hearing all their prayers .... This holds, even though they have been hitherto sinners.`` (307)

In other words, asking for physical things or powers such as money, cars, houses, material goods, wealth, fame, glory, power ... unless it is absolutely in HIS will for you to have them for HIS purpose for your life, these prayer will NOT be granted. However, aid to conquer your sin, get through your struggles, and keep you on the narrow path to salvation, THAT is what the Good, Good Father will grant you, for,

``... spiritual graces, such as pardon of sin, perseverance, divine love, and the like, should be asked absolutely, and with a firm confidence of obtaining them.`` (309)  

Speaking of confidence, that is the second element as to HOW one should approach prayer. One must pray with confidence, not with fear and trembling, nor with lackluster effort, or sheer doubt what you ask will be granted (if it is NOT of selfish interest, as mentioned above.) Does this Scripture passage from XX:XX not bring this concept to memory, if you have been a faithful, weekly, Mass attendee, and even "church" goer for those non-Catholics?:

``If you being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father from heaven give the good Spirit to them that ask him!`` (Luke 11: 13)

Thirdly, one must be willing to pray not just at weekly Mass (service), or just routinely at meals as of habit, but rather ... constantly, all the time when you can, wherever you can. St. Alphonus explains this with the analogy of the homeless beggar:

`` ... the Lord wishes us to understand that we ought to imitate beggars, who do not cease to ask, to eantreat, and to knock at the gate, until the receive an alms ... final perseverance ... is a grace which is not obtained without continual prayer.`` (308-309)

This analogy is actually quite true. Where I work, there is a homeless, or less fortunate, older gentleman I must pass by on my way to public transit that I take to get home from work everyday. He is at the same location when he begs. He is a polite gentleman, who says "good day" to those who pass by, who is not aggressive in his panhandling, and even sometimes, will have conversation with those of us who stop to talk. Rarely is a day when he is not present there, but frequently he is, with ball cap in hand, dwelling on our charity. He has not disappeared permanently (yet,) and when I return to work next week, he will likely be there, in the same spot, begging once again.

THAT is exactly how we are to act with regards to prayer, though with one key difference. Christ, being the Good Lord, will not pass by you, the spiritual beggar, as most of us do without giving the beggar even our pocket change. When we pray to the Lord in earnest, he will grant those true prayer every time, albeit on HIS own time, and not always in ways we can visibly see. But in the case of perseverance, He will grant us that resolve.


Three tools to salvation. All vital. These are the three keys revealed to us by St. Alphonsus in P.F.D. which release the locks on the treasure chest that holds the pearl of great price, our eternal salvation and a happy death, towards the Kingdom of Heaven for eternity. St. Alphonsus partially summarizes this on p. 230 of P.F.D., which we revisit from earlier, but with some additions of mine for what is not included in the citation:

``... if you wish to recover from your illness, there is a remedy for you; however you must not expect a miracle of grace. You must on your part labor hard to take away the occasions of sin, to avoid bad company, to resist temptations by recommending yourself to God as soon as you perceive them: you must adopt the means of salvation by going frequently to confession, by reading a spiritual book every day, by practicing devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and continually [implore] her to obtain for you strength not to relapse into sin ...."

... especially those sins of the flesh/of a sexual nature. In addition, seek the Eucharist in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass alongside Penance, which is the most powerful, strengthening sacrament against our temptations and those that the Devil and his minions will throw against you. Finally, pray unceasingly, whenever, wherever, to keep one`s strength for the long journey to conquering those sins and temptations we must battle. In doing all this, we prepare ourselves for that happy, yet eternally promising death to endless eternity in Heaven, with God, the angels and the Saints, those lost loved ones who were fortunate to be there, and most of all, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

NEXT IN THE SERIES: 1D - Miscellaneous tidbits not falling specifically under 1A to 1C.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Of Interest: Select FSSP Parishes Have Indult to do pre-1955 Holy Week

Hello everyone,

I’ve come across an interesting development within the Church, specifically in the Latin Mass communities of the FSSP.

Thanks to a close friend in my circle of trusted allies in the TLM/EF community here in the Archdiocese of Toronto, it was brought to my attention that the Pontifical Commission of Ecclesia Dei had granted a certain number of communities in the FSSP, a 3 year experimental basis to do the pre-1955 Triduum (Holy Week) liturgies for the three days.

Apparently, amongst hard core liturgiophiles (lovers of the liturgy,) and Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists, the current 1962 liturgies of the EF are inferior or had much damage dealt to them by Pius XII’s reforms in 1955. It is said some of these “damages” are examples, like: the number of scriptural readings known as “Prophecies” from the Old Testament (Starting from Genesis at Creation, and progressing through the OT with other readings, dealing with the salvational history of man and woman,) were reduced from 12 in the pre-1955, to just 4 for the current 1962 Holy Saturday Liturgy. Ironically, the Novus Ordo Holy Saturday Mass resurrected some to make it 7 of the original 12, albeit some are optional to the priest discretion and/or convenience. Also it is thought that, generally, much richness and symbolism was lost.

In my personal opinion, what gives? I’m just happy and would rather devote attention to even getting the EF/TLM of 1962 spread more in the Church that can be accessed by the majority of people, and stopping RMTs from poisoning the community spiritually, never mind going back further to another liturgy or version of it.

Regardless, the issue is big enough of a concern to laity and some clergy members of the FSSP, that a large enough request was made to the PCED and it was allowed. As for the details of the indult, one may find both reasoning and summary details of what was granted in these example bulletins from two FSSP parishes as follows: - St Joan of Arc, Idaho, U.S.A.

- The rites of the pre-1955 liturgy can be used on an experimental basis for the years of 2018-2020.
- FSSP pastors had to gain permission before requesting the indult (unclear if a FSSP regional superior or a bishop is the “superior.”)
- A limited number of FSSP parishes are doing this on a trial basis, rumours on social media sites estimate at least, around 25 FSSP parishes have been granted the indult
- PCED was strict on one condition that is publicly known, Benedict XVI’s 2008 revision to the prayer for the Jews in the Intercessory Prayers MUST be used, not the pre-1955 version.

As for up here in Canada, it is currently unknown at this time whether any FSSP parishes, including my closest ones of Thorold (St Catharines, ON) or Ottawa have expressed interest, or are even aware of the indult. However, word likely will travel fast and soon those priests there will have an answer. Mind you I would think not, or that being Mid-Feb, it might be slightly too late to apply for said indult, then also deal with the catechesis on this liturgy, and also become familiarized with the rubrics
and have both choir and liturgical ministers, superior (priests/deacon/seminarians w/minor orders) and inferior (laymen up to Master of Ceremonies positions) be trained in the super Vetus Ordo liturgy.

Regardless, this is an interesting piece of news for those that are part of the EF/TLM environment or communities, and perhaps, should this experiment go well, it could lead to, or be part and parcel with,  greater effects Church or worldwide to come.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists and Their Infection Within the Body Of Christ: 1 Peter 5 and My Brother in Christ

UPDATE as of 22/01/18 - Finally with a uncommon day off of work, I can update this story. The Vatican HAS spoken on this matter. This article in the National Catholic Register (affiliated with EWTN), a credible source, reports on the matter. Turns out that Ms. Ploumen got the award as part of a delegation with her country of the Netherlands, and it was a matter of political protocol between visitation of one entourage of state with another. 

Personally, this was a political and institutional screw-up on the part of the Vatican STATE and likely, that of the Secretary of State in the Vatican. In addition, I cannot speak in the defense of Pope Francis' (possibly?) calumnious allegations in his recent jaunt in Chile, in defense of a South American Bishop buddy of his, which could be true if he has internal knowledge from witnesses/investigations, but is indefensible both as a head of state and as Vicar of Christ of the Catholic Church. Let me state that such statements in Chile had NOTHING to do with the defense or teaching of Faith or Morals as the Church`s earthly head, but rather a gross injustice of a grotesquely immoral action, and the failing of the Institutional Church at large (e.g. clergy, buildings/institution, heretics, liberal liars.) The beliefs and truths of the Church are still exactly those, regardless of what sinners do ministry and are ordained, and there are still thousands of decent Catholics around the world, living within it and adhering to the faith, despite the failings of its human, yet apostolic leader, who was born into this world in sinful flesh, with a will marred by concupiscence (inclination to be tempted to sin,) just like you and I.  

Back to the awarding to Ms. Ploumen, this act does NOT have any direct trace to Pope Francis, who doesn't care for pomp and circumstance. I stand by what I wrote on how RMT tabloid junkets smearing gossip of the Devil, such as 1 Peter 5 with Skojec and The Lepanto Institute under Hitchborn, commit grievous sin against the Church, the Magisterium, the Pope, and the Body of Christ, poisoning the minds and souls like my brother Knight, who without people like myself or knowledgable priests, have little to no defense against such filth disguised as "fighting for the faith." I have proven as such with a "Traditional Encyclical", Mystici Corporis Christi, though that has even not convinced some radical traditionalists to see the Satanic evil committed by RMT bodies and websites. 

Radicals Misrepresenting Traditionalists and Their Infection Within the Body Of Christ: 1 Peter 5 and My Brother in Christ

Hello everyone,

Happy new year to all my viewers and any curious onlookers.

For those who have actually viewed my site in past, you may have dismissed my warnings and my cautions against the infiltration of Radical Traditionalism and in the life of the Latin Mass in the Roman Catholic Church, as well as ordinary life of the Body of Christ, that is every single baptized Catholic under the church. Other prelates, or priests, who have given some attention to this increasingly warring factions in the church, have warned people to stay away from this faction such as reigning Canadian prelate, ++Marc Oullett, in his recent speech on Amoris Laetitia to my Conference of Canadian Catholic Bishops' Plenary meeting.

However prelates today simply do not understand the power this faction yields, particularly against those who are more deeply invested in their faith including at the parish level. They are not the type to present their works to their bishops for Nihil Obstat and Impriaturs for their works, and contain deep mistrust and antipathy towards the hierarchy of the Church, including its Magisterium. Further, prelates do NOT understand that this NOT something contained to those with possible mental/spiritual deficiencies, or even the Latin Mass. Even worse, such "fake news" or "literature" (to use the term loosely,) does tend to travel in said circles, and should NOT become a staple of media for such participants, especially the youth!. If you do NOT believe me, please reread my reflection on 10 Years of Summorum Pontificum, to see the effect it has had on one particular, "yute" under "deeper, darker concerns..." .

Examples of websites from this faction I mentioned, are: LifeSiteNews with its totally anti-Francis and anti-modern Church bias (of whom it views today's Pontificate and the modern "Church" as anti-family and life due to corrupt clergy and laity), Rorate Caeli which the very moment Francis was elected called him, "The Horror," and new to the gang in the last few years, a site I will be looking at in this post, is 1 Peter 5 (1P5), helmed or with heavy contributions from the ever increasingly, cycnical layman named Steve Skojec, whose works have been rapidly deteriorating into hatred for the Church and the Magisterium. Sadly, 1P5's motto is "Rebuilding Catholic Culture. Restoring Catholic Tradition."

Being a Catholic apologist (that is, a defender of the Catholic Church,) one loyal to Christ's church, and Him as Holy King, including His Magisterium and the Pope, I must post upon something that has happened to me today to illustrate just how powerful the radical traditionalist faction is growing, and now in infiltrating the normal life of those of the body of Christ in the every day parish life, sadly to their own understandable ignorance, yet attacking them whom have no meaningful defense.

What's going on here?
This morning, I received a message on Facebook(TM) from my fellow brother Knight, in my local Knight's Council, with an article from a website called 1 Peter 5 (I will not link to such Radical Misrepresenting Traditionalist (herein, RMT) garbage.). The article in question, from 1P5, is titled, "Pope Francis Awards Architect of Safe-Abortion Fund with Pontifical Honour." Below is a screenshot of the Facebook message, with his image and name edited out to protect his identity:

Being a pro-life advocate, and a good Catholic family man and my brother Knight, I can see why he would send something out to his friends, as it would be confusing for him. My wife informed me that he is such, so it now makes sense why this would end up in my Facebook Messenger today.

The summary of the article is (besides the usual hatred and venom laced notes,) is that, supposedly, Pope Francis, who is a ``spiritual head`` of sorts, of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great which has been around since 1831, has given a prestigious award and entry into said order of the title of ``Commander,`` to Lilianne Ploumen, former Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Netherlands. If one dares read the article, she has a laundry list of grievous offences against the dignity of life against her, meticulously compiled by Hitchborn in the 1P5 article. The article itself even questions just what Lilianne is receiving this award for, as it is supposed to be given for service to the Catholic Church.

The Dubious Article

Taking apart the article, first, I look at the author, Michael Hichborn, who heads the theo-politically "conservative" racket online called "The Lepanto Institute." When one does a general, cursory examination of Lepanto, one can see that the tone of the authors, the articles presented, and their stance towards the current pontificate and Church IS exactly the same as Skojec and 1P5, though Lepanto does cover areas politically/culturally that tie into the Church, though are not specific to it. Seeing who the author is and their sites' works, already, we have a bias present in the article: RMT type! The article originated from the Lepanto site, written by Michael. "Birds of a feather flock together they say."

Further, is there ANY supporting evidence, such as other videos on YouTube from legitimate or alternative sources, such as the official Vatican News sites like or the Vatican's website with an announcement of the awarding? NONE. The only video being circulated is the ones on the sites such as 1P5 are reporting such news, as well as the article/reporting of the "incident." While there is no general website for the Pontifical order, none of the main Catholic news sites are reporting any of this. Hence, there must be doubt as to the legitimacy of the claim. Could the mainstream Catholic sites and the Vatican be so biased as to "media scrub" something like this under the radar? Possibly, but with no alternative evidence from them, one cannot attach legitimacy to this media hit piece to give it validity that said event is/has happened, nor to the claims of the article that Pope Francis is directly responsible.

Moreso, why would Pope Francis, just simply abuse a Papal award and give it to a known abortion and anti-culture/life advocate intentionally? He is NOT stupid. If anything, an argument can be made that if we were to stoop to the lowest level, believe in the very facts that enemies of the Holy Father are touting in their "literature" (loosely used) that: leading up to his Papacy he was a politician of sorts back in Argentina, formed in some sort of Machiavellian philosophy (e.g. upcoming "The Dictator Pope" and another e-novel by some pseudonamed author ...) then it backfires in their faces and actually PROVES Jorge Maria Bergoglio, as the Pope, is clearly a SMART man, who would know of online spies or enemies, and wouldn't be so bold with the Internet watching as to stupidly make a bold statement in giving a Papal award to a known anti-life and anti-family advocate. It would be a disaster from a PR standpoint, and only increase division and doubt in the church, including in his followers, the lay Faithful. This would also backfire in his enemies faces because this is NOT his supposed usual tactic of subtle undermining of the Church via pastoral practice/his underlings. Why would he be so bold, NOW? It makes absolutely no sense at all to the average person with some intelligence and is Catholic.

The only, likely way he would do so, is if he had been misinformed by his subordinates, who would likely have delivered the award to Ms. Ploumen. Being a busy head of the Church/Vatican with little time to himself to do research, not to mention sit down and spend hours cruising blogs and other sites in between Papal Visits, conferences, and we must give the Holy Father the benefit of the doubt, that if he DID award this medal, he was highly misinformed of this woman.

Posting that article, ironically, is violating the Teachings of a Prior Pope LOVED by RMTs, Pope Pius XII

In posting bile like this online, which is meant with purpose to divide those in the Church against the Holy Father and the Magisterium, authors like Hitchborn, and purveyors of their works of similar mindset like Skojec and 1P5, are attacking the Communal AND Mystical Body of Christ in this way, via the Holy Father, and the dissemination of this information to souls like my brother Knight via the Internet. To explain this, I`ll go Traditionalist for a moment and use a ``Trad`` encyclical of a Papal favourite to the Anti-Vatican II RMTs, Pope Pius XII.

Pius XII is a favourite to RMTs, as well as sedevacantists, who believe the Papal seat is vacant, usually stating this Pope was the last 'legitimate one' because all those involved with Vatican II such as Leo XXIII to Francis I today are "modernist Popes." In 1943, Piux XII penned an encyclical called Mystici Corporis Christi, "The Mystical Body of Christ."

To begin, Pius XII speaks once again, as many Popes, Saints, and Church Fathers have many a times, about the Pope's Primacy, and how Christ purposely gave us a visible head of the Church in the Holy Father, to govern the Church and yes, men, for we would absolutely need it as finite creatures:

 40. But we must not think that He rules only in a hidden [59] or extraordinary manner. On the contrary, our Redeemer also governs His Mystical Body in a visible and normal way through His Vicar on earth. You know, Venerable Brethren, that after He had ruled the "little flock" [60] Himself during His mortal pilgrimage, Christ our Lord, when about to leave this world and return to the Father, entrusted to the Chief of the Apostles the visible government of the entire community He had founded. Since He was all wise He could not leave the body of the Church He had founded as a human society without a visible head. Nor against this may one argue that the primacy of jurisdiction established in the Church gives such a Mystical Body two heads. For Peter in view of his primacy is only Christ's Vicar; so that there is only one chief Head of this Body, namely Christ, who never ceases Himself to guide the Church invisibly, though at the same time He rules it visibly, through him who is His representative on earth. After His glorious Ascension into Heaven this Church rested not on Him alone, but on Peter, too, its visible foundation stone. That Christ and His Vicar constitute one only Head is the solemn teaching of Our predecessor of immortal memory Boniface VIII in the Apostolic Letter Unam Sanctam; [61] and his successors have never ceased to repeat the same. (Mystici Corporis Christi (MCC), 40.)

Pius XII, then also, gives this stinging, yet prominent note about giving lip service to Christ while intently denying fealty to His Holiness, living life in the Church on earth in paragraph 41:

"41. They, therefore, walk in the path of dangerous error who believe that they can accept Christ as the Head of the Church, while not adhering loyally to His Vicar on earth. They have taken away the visible head, broken the visible bonds of unity and left the Mystical Body of the Redeemer so obscured and so maimed, that those who are seeking the haven of eternal salvation can neither see it nor find it. (MCC, 41)

That very quote, should be part of every Catholic Traditionalist's prayers every day, repeated multiple times a day. Now, just what does the above have to do with those as part of the Mystical and/or Communal body of Christ? Christ himself, is directly connected to His Body, the communal/Mystical Body of Christ in the Catholic Church. In fact, he PURPOSELY is intimately tied to it, and he WANTS and DESIRES perfectly to have His Body be a part of His Life and works. Most of all, he NEEDS it to cooperate with Him to achieve said goals. In paragraph 44, Pius XII pens this about the relation of Christ as Head of Church, needing his Body:

``44. Because Christ the Head holds such an eminent position, one must not think that he does not require the help of the Body. What Paul said of the human organism is to be applied likewise to the Mystical Body: "The head cannot say to the feet: I have no need of you."[69] ... every advance of this Mystical Body towards its perfection derives from Christ the Head.[71] Yet this, also, must be held, marvelous though it may seem: Christ has need of His members. First, because the person of Jesus Christ is represented by the Supreme Pontiff, who in turn must call on others to share much of his solicitude lest he be overwhelmed by the burden of his pastoral office, and must be helped daily by the prayers of the Church. Moreover as our Savior does not rule the Church directly in a visible manner, He wills to be helped by the members of His Body in carrying out the work of redemption... He has so willed it for the greater glory of His spotless Spouse...`` (MCC, 44)

Hence, without the works of those members of the Mystical and/or Communal body of Christ, His will cannot be done, and the salvation of souls is abruptly halted. When people like Hitchborn and associated blogging outlets, leave this trash floating in the river of cyberspace, what are they doing?

They are:

1) Attacking the Holy Magisterium of the Church in a public forum, whereby they set themselves up as an alternative magisterium to discern who is right and true in the Church and who is wrong, similar to separated Christian brethen who have their own "Churches" made of individual councils in churches or "Synods."

2) By doing what is said in No. 1, anyone who is looking in from outside the Church, will be appalled that Catholics from within (or those defending Catholic teachings) are "smearing their own Faithful," which they will now consider as they reflect and see the same disgusting behaviour that is possibly being carried out in their own dysfunctional "churches." Talk about being "ecumenical." Does it occur to them that perhaps the Marks of APOSTOLIC authority with the Pope as the supreme Spiritual Vicar on Earth, is a big drawing point for them to consider maybe converting to the Faith? (as a related side note, that is part of why my council's current Grand Knight, a convert, became a Catholic. He saw that within the Church, unlike the opposite in his own prior church, of how individuals or 'councils' of humans, determine approach to moral situations and beliefs.)

3) Furthermore, this directly violates paragraph 40 in MCC, when the attack is directly pointing the finger at the Holy Father or implicating him because it is his "Papacy," when the supposedly evil or doctrine-violating work is directly being done at the hand of a lesser prelate or others who are abusing Francis' name and the Church's name to commit said evils.

4) Even more wicked, by placing these articles in a public forum, to be picked up by said people, this attacks and erodes their Faith, by sowing initial seeds of doubt which will be further cemented with repeated attempts, and then said corrupted lay member or priest then consumes this media, not trusting the messages of (their parish or other) priests, bishops, and the Holy Father, leading to further abandonment of Christ and His Church from within, all the while NOT defecting to another "denomination" or out of the Church altogether. In doing so, Hitchborn et al. also violate paragraph 44 in MCC, because in corrupting that of Christ's faithful in the Church, they thus cut off the Body of Christ from it's head. 

Christ, so willingly dependent on His Mystical and/or Communal body of Christ to carry His work, as in MCC 44, is unable to do so because His body is incapacitated from dissent. Cells, such as individual lay members and clergy, poisoned or mutated into dissenting cancerous cells. The only result of a cancerous body not starved of its cells ... is death. The "death" of the Body of Christ and His Bride, the Church.

A concluding end-note, a Biblical Note on False Teachers.

Should we be surprised that such drivel is being spewed online where anyone with Internet access can attach to such spiritual poison? No. As long as Christ's One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church exists, there will be false prophets, and we all should be aware. Christ Himself, tried to warn us, as well as his Holy Servant, St Paul in his OTHER letter to the first Pope, St. Peter himself, the one 1P5 ignores, 2nd Peter 2 (NRSV CE, 1-3): `

`But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who brought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their licentiousness, and because of them the way of truth will be reviled. And in their greed they will exploit you with false words; from of old their condemnation has not been idle, and their destruction has not been asleep.``

However, in what I have emphasized in bold and underlined, the destructive power they bring into the sheepfold, has also been acknowledged in Sacred Scripture and how they will do it: It will destroy the love of those for Christ and His Truth from reaching their hearts, and it is done with false words that repel the truth from them. Now, while we cannot control the actions of subordinates under the Holy Father, we nonetheless must be wary of those wielding such lies and power to deter people from expressing that Cardinal Virtue of Faith in Holy Mother Church.

Reading the passage above, this is exactly what these people and their blog sites do: Sow Satan`s division to entice the lay faithful to rebel against the Church and the Holy Father, no different from Satan`s rebellion over God, because they think their false ``truth`` is better than God`s TRUTH expressed through Jesus Christ, his Vicar Pope Francis, and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

With Scripture and MCC via Pius XII, this is exactly WHY we should NOT simply ignore these minority of bloggers, sites, etc. as lost causes to be ignored. Because the very acts they perform, reaches SUCH a broad audience in the Church today, an audience who is either NOT going to Mass, or even worse, an audience who is actually STILL committed to Christ but seeking more spiritual nourishment in our daily lives.

Of those people are the youth, the next generation of Christ`s workers in the vineyard, and of absolute necessity: our future priests who can perform the sacraments, our future religious sisters who aid the Bride of Christ and are joined to her, and our future laymen, who if they trust in the Church still, will marry and have families who will provide the next generation of vocations in the Church.

Further, of those people who are STILL in the Church, are good men like my brother Knight, striving through his daily work and in his marriage to remain faithful to Christ and to his family. Thankfully, I did reply immediately to his text and told him about the situation of the article and 1P5. I told him to consult me about future articles such as that of 1P5, as I am aware of a number of the major players spewing this fake news, and I know firsthand from my online and personal experience, encountering Radical Traditionalism in the Latin Mass environment, what form such spiritual poison comes in.

However, what about others like him, who have no trusted friend or family or spiritual superior to rely upon, or is not aware of apologetics sites, or is perhaps older and not technologically savvy? What defense does a layman or woman like him (or even, our pastors as priests) have to know to counter against such anti-Catholic propoganda that can sever their link to the Magisterium and the Head of the Church in the Pope?

It is for this reason, that we MUST not take lightly, articles like this, that have no legitimate journalistic credibility or supporting evidence from other legitimate sources, as viable and dangerous threats to the faithful in the Body of Christ. We must stand united together in protecting those spiritually vulnerable, or just trying to make their pilgrim journey home to Christ in Heaven, remaining on that treacherous, yet rewarding narrow path. Christ depends on His Earthly Body in us, the Mystical and/or Communal Body of Christ, to defend itself from such foreign invaders, and to expel them as its immune system. In Nomine Christi, Defende!

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.