Monday, 17 June 2013

Highlight: Fr Z. Highlights Excellent Article About Music and Liturgy, Especially "Guitars" in Liturgy from The American Spectator

Hello Everyone.

I found something really interesting on my blogfeed today, with a Hat Tip to Fr. Zuhlsdorf of WDTPRS.

I usually stay on the serving end of things with regard to the Latin Mass. However, I do know that music in liturgy is always a topic that comes up with Conservative/Traditional Catholics, especially Latin Mass goers.  Whether it comes to preference, rigidity, validity, complaining about the folk choir or other liturgy at St. happy-clappy-elsewhere parish you abandoned, etc. I know this is an issue within traditional Catholicism, even among the laity.

Therefore, I am highlighting an article from a Patrick O`Hannigan of an american magazine/site called The American Spectator. The article is titled "Can we save the Liturgy?" The link for the article is here. Fr Z even musingly has the title of his post: "When ‘Guitar Masses’ became a chew toy between traditionalists and progressives." Ooooh Father, you are quite snippy and curt eh?

Please read the article and do enjoy. Meantime I have wanted to get to a book I got from Shawn Tribe, (formerly Editor) of New Liturgical Movement from one of his sales. It's an ``Àlcuin Club edition`` book called Cross and Crucifix by C.E. Pocknee. It`s got a section on the history of the Crucifix and I`ve been dying to add that to the Crucifer section of my Latin Mass serving posts.

Pax, Julian.

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