Thursday, 20 June 2013


Hello Everyone. May I have your attention please:

There will be a Solemn Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form/Tridentine Latin Mass/1962 Mass this Saturday, June 29, 11am, at St. Joseph's "Streetsville" in Missassauga, Ontario.

Here is the poster for the event: 

Here are the abridged details:
Where? St. Joseph's Catholic Church "Streetsvile", Missassauga, ON
When? Saturday June 29, 11AM. 
Address: 5440 Durie Road, Missassauga, ON
Parish Contact: 905-826-2766 (Request Fr. Kim De Sousa who will be of the clergy in the Mass for inquiries.)

I will say that this is truly exceptional and a joyous blessing for the Archdiocese of Toronto! With my experience participating in the Latin Mass (May 2011 onward), I will say that to my knowledge, up until now, in the core of the diocese (excluding the outskirts or "suffragan" dioceses),  Latin Masses have been held  only in the designated Latin Mass parishes (e.g. SLTM or the Oratorian ones, the temporary FSSP mission sadly ended by the diocese in 2010 at the Shrine of the Little Flower in Scarborough), or organized by Choirs/Societies in other parishes that have allowed the TLM to occur. This is not what was intended for the Latin Mass, under the governance of ++Collins, and gives a poor appearance and misconception that it's only "on special occasions/in EF parishes" where this is welcome. NEWS FLASH! THAT'S WRONG! NOT ANYMORE!!!! 

NEVER, have I witnessed until now, a regular, ordinary, Novus Ordo diocesan parish in the core of the Archdiocese of Toronto, hold a frequent or random Latin Mass, not as a special parish devoted to the EF (via a program or a designated parish,) and/or without aid from an organized society or choir. Unless otherwise notified (feel free to inform me charitably!May I declare that THIS IS THE FIRST INSTANCE SINCE SUMMORUM PONTIFICUM that a major core parish in the Archdiocese of Toronto, has held a Latin Mass according to the guidelines of Summorum Pontificum and Ecclesiae Unitatem, free-standing!!!!

With this declaration, I must highly congratulate and give my salutations to St. Joseph's for doing so. This is trailblazing in light of what our Holy Father Emeritus, Benedict XVI, worked so hard to achieve for Holy Mother Church, the New Evangelization, as well as for our Archdiocese of Toronto. 

The faithful of the Church, of whom many have not been able to experience solid, orthodox worship, untainted by the sentiments of secular society/the Devil (e.g. Jesus loves everybody, and as long as you are "nice" you are a good person), are truly being fed and spiritually nourished by liturgies such as this. The more parishes, priests, and laity that do this and word towards this goal, are carrying out the necessary Evangelical Catholicism, needed to combat spiritual apathy and anti-Catholic sentiments in this modern era.

The youth and young adults, who are not indulging in the secular means of society and are truly seeking such aforementioned worship and the Truth, DO want more of this, and are more and more gravitating to this form of the Mass in the Roman Rite, and parishes with solid, reverent liturgy (even in the Novus Ordo/Vernacular Masses). I myself am witness to this: Even in my Novus Ordo efforts, I abandoned my former parish due to such a lack of spiritual nourishment. I went to my current parish (of which you can find out where in an archived post), which is feeding me spiritually, and has many great signs under its current pastorship of spiritual fruits and the TRUE meaning off all contained in Vatican II in effect.  

While I so desire to attend this Mass, I am forced to work Friday night Night, despite a request for the whole weekend off (with apologies from management. Unfortunately, full timers are GUARANTEED every other weekend off, and luck has it most had Friday off). However, anyone who is attending, can you kindly please tell me how it went, provide me details of the event, or at the most, be willing to write a full report??? You will be credited by full name or a pseudo-name on here for your report or information. 

Bottom line: I encourage you, to please attend this blessed and reverent Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, on a critical feast day in the Church, in the Extraordinary Form. Further, please spread the word via every possible form of media in your possession (e-mail, phone ....) and get as many people as possible to go. 

Pax tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. 

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