Monday, 11 March 2013

March 11 2013: Highlights and Personal Points

Hello Everyone. Just some short updates:

1) I got a good article from the Catholic Chapter House blog with the site. It asks "Where have all the Men Gone?" I don't know, but it sure is calling out one of the elephants in the nave of the Church. I also clicked on a link in the article, and good news for us men, seems that the Latin Mass is for us! Why? Well why don't you read it here?:

2) I have been starting to work on my next two Latin Mass posts: Part 5 of the piece-by-piece analysis of each part of the Latin Mass and their relevance, and the Serving Roles of the Cross-Bearer and the Boat Bearer in the Latin Mass. Give me about 2-3 weeks, as I am back to work and getting a couple or few days off each week.

3) I went on an awesome retreat with the folks at the Newman Centre at the University of Toronto this weekend! The focus of the talks was on John Paul II's Theology of the Body. While it may be a post-Vatican II work, it should not be overlooked in our current culture that shuns marriage and encourages a laissez-faire approach to sex. In addition, Mass (Novus Ordo of course) was held both the Saturday and Sunday, and we had a powerful encounter with the Lord in a 3-hour Eucharistic benediction and adoration. Aside from the religious components, it was great to be with my fellow Newman friends, and I even made some new ones, including finding another kind soul who enjoys the Latin Mass and shares similar practice of the faith with me with joy! Please continue to support the Newman Center in Toronto with donations, Mass and special event attendance, and with verbal and written support. I might want to explore my weekend a little further in a post when I have time .... we'll see.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian.

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