Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Off the Beaten Path: Turning Back the Clock to 1962 - 4th Attempt at Straight Razor Shaving Now 100% more Shaving Cream

Hello Everyone,

My adventures in straight razor shaving land continues. I did a third straight razor shave off-camera, and while I was getting much better, I still was not getting the baby-smooth shave I desired. Thus, I purchased more items from www.classicedge.ca/ and obtained what I should have had at the beginning: Shaving cream and a badger-hair brush.

Here goes my 4th adventure in straight razor shaving.

My now complete kit

Actual Shave post warm cloth and stropping ~15 times

Final Result after 2nd round of shaving with cream and oil

So while it went much better and I got some decent hair shaved off, my face still has a 5 O'clock shadow. I did another 8-10 rounds of honing with the combined low/high grit water whetstone I purchased after this and I'll try once more while at home tomorrow to shave and see if more honing was the problem. Other than this, I just can't figure out for the life of me why this isn't working. 

I don't suppose anyone can help me out? Yes, I'll even take advice from those who are not Catholic or Christian too (though you should seriously snoop around my site. Go on, I dare ya). I'd really appreciate it. Just remember my blog rules though, nothing malicious eh? We Canadians like peace and civility eh. 

Pax, Julian Barkin. 

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