Friday, 15 March 2013

Sometimes being in EF/Trad Catholic culture saddens me ...

Hello Everyone,

I tell you, sometimes, I really am saddened to have stepped foot in the EF/Latin Mass culture. What I've seen on the internet with regards to the past two days, and even feeding into the doubts and fears (one of Satan's best weapons for good-hearted people to gradually turn them astray) seen on more radical traditional blogs, weighs down on my heart.

In the past couple of days ....

I' ve seen the traditional Catholic blogosphere say many spiteful and cruel things about Pope Francis I

I've become worried thanks to one particular blog about Traditional Catholicism that he'll abolish the Latin Mass or reduce the church to the happy good times just after Vatican II when the liberal Empire "struck back."

I have even seen others, just the second day after the election of the pope, return to their usual business or mis-representation of what it means to be a Traditional Catholic: harsh criticism not of a charitable nature the majority of the time, negativity, coldness, character assassination, be they com-boxes or other sites on the web.

Really, sometimes I wonder why I ventured into this. Well, here's all I can say:

1) Please pray for Pope Francis I, that the Lord with guide him with a steady hand, and a joyous heart. Pray for the Church as well. And most importantly, give him a chance to do his work. Did anyone think that 2 years later, Pope Benedict XVI would produce Summorum Pontificum? Nope.

2) Please pray for the continual growth of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, and that it will be the "glad trads" who help usher in its growth and show people the Catholic Faith. Let us also pray for those who mis-represent or make mistakes (as even I do sometimes) in representing traditional Catholicism in the wrong light. I certainly did by giving into those asinine fears from that one blog.

3) Let us pray for those who need prayers the most. Do not forget the souls in purgatory who have no one to pray for them.

Finally, I'll keep on proceeding, gaining more experience in EF serving, and aim to provide all of you with an example of being a "glad-trad" and do my best to highlight the better side of the EF. Please pray for me.

Pax, Julian.

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