Saturday, 2 March 2013

Highlight: Cardinal Arinze from the CDF on Mortal Sin with a Question for Parents


So I was checking out my blogger feed, and found this from Fr. Z:

In that link, he features a high-ranking Cardinal, who while he can't vote in the conclave due to being 80 or over, could just be our next pope. That Cardinal, is Cardinal Arinze, of the CDF. He is simply awesome and KNOWS the true teachings of the Catholic faith, and has done his best in a number of videos and conferences to dispel confusion and improper teaching of the truths (or intentional lies from false teachers, or mis-education) of the Catholic Faith.

This is a biggie that he covers: Mortal Sin. He covers it with reasoning, as well as one's Sunday Obligation, which IS under pang of Mortal Sin, should you not have important reason for absence (e.g. vital work such as taking a 24-hour on call shift as a Doctor/Resident in a hospital) and could absolutely not attend at any other time from Saturday evening to Sunday night.  No that teaching was not dropped from the Church. Ever.

Before the video, I must comment on something that is covered. Fr. Z says this about the content that Cardinal Arinze answers in the video:

``Card. Arinze (Cardinal Bishop of Velletri-Segni! HURRAY!) dismantles the notion that people can’t really commit a mortal sin unless they do something over and over again with the intent to separate from the God blah blah blah… the so-called “fundamental option” approach to sin.``

The ``fundamental option`` teaching on sin is NOT A JOKE. This is actually being taught to young people, including myself, still in the modern day and age, despite it being 2013 and having gone through the Papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Thankfully, I know my Catechism on Mortal Sin and what the true teachings are on the matter. For those who have never opened a YouCat, a Catechism of either Baltimore, Pius X, or the current Catechism of the Catholic Church (including on-line), they are truly being left to their own devices in a harmful way with this fundamental option teaching, and deserve better through their schooling on ALL levels (including post-secondary) and youth minsitry.

In fact, if you are a parent sending your child to an ordinary catholic/separate secondary school , you should ask them yourself what, if anything, their teachers and youth ministers/counsellors are teaching them about sin. Do you know also about the teachings on mortal and venial sin? If you, or your kids don't know, Please do watch this video together, and even look up Sin, both venial and mortal in your Catechism, which you can easily access at the Vatican's website

The Video:

Pax Tibi Christ, Julian Barkin.

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