Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Progress Note and a Highlight of Pope Francis

Hello Everyone, just two short notes, one being a highlight:

1) I have the Cross Bearer and the Boat Bearer altar serving post, as well as part 5 of the step-by-step Mass Q & A post in progress. I'll release the altar serving one first, since I haven't released one since January. However, I need some time. I'm having difficulty finding the relevance of the roles (as in what do they mean? symbolism, etc.). I will need to call a couple of EF allies since my books have yielded zero ... the rest is easy to do since their roles are at selective points in the liturgy, in very small quantities overall.

2) HIGHLIGHT OF OUR HOLY FATHER ON LIFESITENEWS!!!!! He sees something really true in homosexuality .... and is not afraid to refer to Satan in what he does to wreck us spiritually! See here:

Pax, Julian.

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