Thursday, 28 February 2013

SEDE VACANS: Reflection from Today's prayer for Students of my High School Alma Mater, St. Michael's College School

Hello Everyone,

I know that I posted my own little blurb and prayer on Pope Benedict's now complete resignation. However, I just listened to the daily prayer for today for the students of my Alma Mater High School, St. Michael's College School. St. Mike's is quite well known in Catholic Circles for its tradition as one of the few, Roman Catholic private schools in Ontario, further it's all boys with full business like uniforms (blazer, tie, pants, black dress shoes).

The daily prayers are read (and possibly composed) by Fr. John Reddy, C.S.B. (Congregation of St. Basil). I felt that the whole prayer was appropriate to share in light of the Holy Father's complete resignation. I get these prayers because I am a subscriber to their private YouTube channel.

If anyone of the St. Michael's community does feel that they want me to take it down, be it Father or another administrator, by all means, tell me at my blog e-mail. Just do realize that as I've done before, Father's prayers are excellent, especially on the resignation of Benedict, and regardless whether you are Novus Ordo or Latin Mass goer, the prayer is well thought of, reflective, true, and should be shared. Pax, Julian. The prayer:

Today, the Holy Father's resignation will take effect at 2pm, 8pm Rome. We cannot envision yet, the implications of a papal resignation, of the Church's future. It's not just a person stepping down from a job, it's a seismic shift in how the role of the Pope will be viewed. 

Some of us are old enough to have seen several conclaves. Many of our students have seen only the election of Pope Benedict . It's not too often, that Catholics experience the time of the Sede Vacante, "the empty chair." These next few weeks will offer us the opportunity to follow the conclave, as we expectantly wait for our new Pope. 

I invite you to pay attention, and follow the news from Rome. The election of the Pope, can have an impact on the entire world. 

Let us pray, 

Lord Jesus, you entrusted the governance of the Church to Peter and the Apostles. Bless Benedict, as he leaves the Chair of Peter. Send Your Spirit upon the cardinal electors, who will gather for conclave. Bless your people with a Pope, who will lead us closer to You, and call the world to peace and love, in accordance to Your Will. Renew Your Church, in these challenging times. You reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever, Amen. 

Our father ... Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us. St. Michael, pray for us. St. Basil, pray for us. 

Pax Tibi Christi. Julian Barkin, with full credit to Fr. John Reddy, C.S.B.

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