Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Call to Arms is Being Heard for Newman Center and an Appeal to "Allan"

Hello Everyone.

If you recall some days, ago, I released a posting to help my Catholic colleagues and friends who are associated with, or are actively involved in the Toronto Newman Centre, associated with St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, which is located in the heart of the down town St. George campus at University of Toronto.

They are under spiritual and secular attack from authorities within the University in addition to former parishioners who became Judases and abandoned the parish/Newman Centre on the fact that they have a Courage ministry for homosexuals who seek to live a life less/uncontrolled by their sexual identity and urges every waking minute of their life. I created this posting here:

Please view the posting and carry out the requests for my allies I have asked of those who read it.

It turns out this crisis is hitting the Catholic blogosphere in shock waves and is being picked up by local and popular bloggers alike, e.g. Deacon Greg Kandra of "the Deacon's Bench", David Domet president of Toronto Traditional Mass society on his personal blog Vox Cantoris, yours truly ....

And now to add to that, some people who are associated or have/do attend Mass at the Newman Centre's St. Thomas Aquinas on the traditional Catholic Forum Fisheaters, particularly a poster with the forum name "Allan", have highlighted this crisis and is getting his forum allies to help us! Excellent work to all of you for the letters of support and respectful criticism to those who need to hear it. View the war effort here:,3456460.0.html

I tried to join the forum, but unfortunately they have ``disabled`` registration on it. I hope this is a computer glitch and NOT something intentional. Regardless I caught this from "Allan" on the 2nd page of the forum:

``I attended Mass there today, and this priest was the celebrent. I handed him my letter, copied to the Archbishop, offering support. Father explained the recent incoming letters and emails of support and how overwhelmed he was. He also mentioned support he was getting from the Bishops (?!) which gave him relief. The priest is quite young and new, and from Malta so he has a clear moral compass and will stand his ground although it was shakey at first.

That's the point folks...priests are men. Without phone calls and emails and letters they might just give up and pack it in. Never let them be alone.

His Church by the way is beautiful, and done in the Westminister style. A TLM would certainly be possible there. Perhaps we could broach the subject after this quiets down...?"

Allan, if you are able to come across this blog, or your fellow forum persons/friends can relay this message to you, I would like you to know that:

1) A Low Mass was held there in the past in 2009 when the FSSP was carrying out a mission apostolate in the diocese. Media coverage by the Catholic Register announcing the event in 2009 is here:

2) "Allan", I currently work with one of the Latin Mass choirs in the Toronto Archdiocese as well as occasionally assist St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church. I also have attended Newman events in past and know people who have been associated with the Centre or who are actively involved in the Centre. I would be more than happy to be in touch with you, should you want to make this a reality, and I would gladly approach the centre with you and those I associate with doing the Latin Mass to see if they would allow another Latin Mass to occur, perhaps even higher than a Low Mass, there. Please view my contact page to get in touch by Gmail.

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

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