Friday, 25 January 2013

Some brief notes about today and the funeral Mass I served

Hello Everyone,

Briefly, just a reminder that despite the weather, tonight's 8pm practice for the Monthly TLM server practice at St. Lawrence the Martyr, Scarborough is still happening.

As a brief note, the Mass had 3 of us together (the 4th server was a family member who had to change roles and be a pall bearer). The mass was a Requiem Low Mass with some Organ accompaniment, with two acolytes and a crossbearer/boatbearer/support server (aligned with acolyte 1, the "bell").  The Requiem Mass was said by Fr. Liam Gavigan.

At this time I will not be posting on serving requiem masses, until some more experience is acquired, as I do not have enough experience/support via my reference material to create a worthy posting.

More importantly, I just wanted to add a post-script from today's funeral Mass. I discovered that the deceased, is in fact the cantor/organist that we were fortunate to have for last month's Christmas Mass I served at St. Lawrence the Martyr, the aforementioned Margaret G. Her full name is Margaret Lucilla de Ga. 

Her obituary was posted in the Star, here:

Margaret Lucilla de Ga, Requiescat in pace. Please keep her in your prayers for those souls in purgatory you pray for. 

Pax, Julian.

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