Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thank You. Over 3K hits.

Hello Everyone.

I just want to give everyone a hearty thank you for viewing my blog. I hope that is has given you a bit of positive glimpse into the Extraordinary Form, and serving the Latin Mass. Thanks to you, over the past week, I've amassed at least 50-100+ hits most days, and as of last night or the one before that, I surpassed over 3000 Hits!!!

Considering this blog has only been active for 4 full months, I am floored at this many hits in a short time, despite the niche that I have geared this blog towards, and that by no means I am a major player in the EF blogosphere, unlike Fr. Zuhlsdorf, Jimmy Akin (somewhat), etc.

So, simply, thank you. It's encouraging to me. And seeing as my main focus (the altar serving) is getting the most hits, I will do my best between my job and my social life/spiritual life to get more serving postings to you.

Sincerely, Julian Barkin. Pax Tibi Christi.

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