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Off the Beaten Path: CCCB statement of the Society of St. Pius X (Updated Jan 28 2013)

Hello everyone,

I Julian, sole author of Servimus Unum Deum, must take an urgent break from doing the serving portions of my blog to touch on an issue that has struck a nerve with me as a young EF-partaking Catholic. You young people should especially listen up.

If some of you have noticed, in certain places I have stressed here on Servimus Uunum Deum, that we should support the extraordinary form via VALID AND LICIT DIOCESAN Latin Masses. I say so because these masses and their clergy involved are those with true and proper faculties who are under the Magisterium and specifically, the diocesan ordinary, +Collins, as dictated by canon law. Canon Law is the acting divine and practical law, that is part of the Magisterial and binding authority of the Church. We the laity are even bound to it in certain parts (e.g. Mass obligation, sins that incur automatic excommunication).

Any priest, acting outside of the authority of their diocesan ordinary, has NO faculties (save maybe consecration and emergency confession in danger of death). This includes excommunicated, illicit, or invalid priests. 
The bishop is responsible for faculties of priests to validly and licitly carry our the Sacraments of Jesus Christ. This is stated in Canon Law. First off:

"Can. 838 §1. The direction of the sacred liturgy depends solely on the authority of the Church which resides in the Apostolic See and, according to the norm of law, the diocesan bishop."

This extends to all sacraments, as they are performed within the Liturgy (save emergency baptism in a period of crisis/imminent death). For example, lets use the Sacrament of Reconciliation:
"Can. 966 §1. The valid absolution of sins requires that the minister have, in addition to the power of orders, the faculty of exercising it for the faithful to whom he imparts absolution."

"Can. 969 §1. The local ordinary alone is competent to confer upon any presbyters whatsoever the faculty to hear the confessions of any of the faithful. Presbyters who are members of religious institutes, however, are not to use the faculty without at least the presumed permission of their superior."

Why Am I saying this? Because sadly, there are certain organizations that exist that do not operate within the authority of the Church and are canonically illegal. They may practice Catholicism and look like "true Catholicism" including using the rubrical books and liturgies of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, but are really acting in defiance of the Magisterium and our bishops and Holy Father.

The most well known and popular, especially with the resurgence of the Extraordinary form, is the Society if St Pius X. I do not want to delve into their history here as there are numerous books and blog posts flying around, (with some of them biased in their favour), except to say that since 1988 when pope JPII had to excommunicate its founder Archbishop Marcel Lefevbre and 5 other bishops (a co-consecrator and 4 newly consecrated bishops, of whom one, Fellay is the SSPX's current head), they have been obstinate in not reconciling with Rome, despite B16's heroic efforts.

Unfortunately, the organization operates in my diocese and many others around the world, and continues to attract people in the wake of our institutional (clergy, lay teachers, separate school teachers, parents ... etc. NOT the true Catholic) Church's failure to minister to its laity. Seeking solid catechesis that was never or poorly given to them, and what they feel is "true Catholicism unadulterated by the Smoke of Satan that is Vatican II," misinformed Catholics are sadly being sucked into what they provide. What really sickens me is that they offer the Latin Mass AND ``sacraments`` as well as ``theology`` and ``teaching`` but all their Masses are illicit (illegal) and while supposedly they can confect the Eucharist, ALL their other sacraments are EMPTY, NULL, and VOID facsimiles in Latin as they separate themselves from, and act without, the authority of their dioceses` bishops in rejection of their ``Novus Ordo Church``. They even have their own marriage tribunals outside of the Church! So already they deem themselves in action the "eyes of the Church" as that is who sees and does not see valid marriages.

Even the Holy Father, when he remitted the excommunications on the bishops of the Society, reaffirmed that the `ministers` in the Society have no faculties to administer anything sacramental in his 2009 letter, 3rd paragraph:

`` The fact that the Society of Saint Pius X does not possess a canonical status in the Church is not, in the end, based on disciplinary but on doctrinal reasons. As long as the Society does not have a canonical status in the Church, its ministers do not exercise legitimate ministries in the Church.``

(Updated here, Jan 28, 2013)
Also in this letter, despite the removal of the excommunications of the four bishops, the bishops AND the society are still not in communion with Rome. What is even more sorrowful is that while they may have paid, and still pay lip service to the Pope regarding his divine authority, The Society and their adherents/supporters denied that the excommunications ever took place under a case of "dire emergency" in the Church, and still hold onto that false truth. The Society and their adherents/supporters have also said they are not schismatic, in communion with Rome, and have good standing prior to and after the remission of excommunications including sacramental faculties, when clearly the Pope`s 2009 letter says otherwise. They are wrong. They do not have canonical status and they are in a schismatic position because they reject Vat.II etc. They do not have faculties.

Nice to know that Matthew 16:19 only applies selectively to the Society and not the whole of the Church or what is done onto them.
(End Update Jan 28, 2013)

I would also like to highlight something important for the Laity. While the Church has not issued a ban on attending their masses for Sunday Obligation in cases of dire necessity (e.g. Going and not receiving their ``communion`` vs. violating the obligation), going to their Masses can eventually lead to schism.

Schism is an automatic excommunication action, as it is ``latae sentetiae``

Can. 1314 Generally, a penalty is ferendae sententiae, so that it does not bind the guilty party until after it has been imposed; if the law or precept expressly establishes it, however, a penalty is latae sententiae, so that it is incurred ipso facto when the delict is committed.

Schism is latae sententitae as indicated here:
``Can. 1364 §1. Without prejudice to the prescript of  can. 194, §1, n. 2, an apostate from the faith, a heretic, or a schismatic incurs a latae sententiae excommunication; in addition, a cleric can be punished with the penalties mentioned in  can. 1336, §1, nn. 1, 2, and 3.``

This fact of schism by attending their ìllicit (a.k.a. illegal) Masses which comes about with frequency of attendance has been made clear by the Pontifical Commission of Ecclesia Dei in Rome, in a published correspondence to a layperson who blogs, Brian Mershon, back in 2008. The correspondence is here and I highlight the relevant paragraph:

"While it is true that participation in the Mass at chapels of the Society of St. Pius X does not of itself constitute "formal adherence to the schism" (cf. Ecclesia Dei 5, c), such adherence can come about over a period of time as one slowly imbibes a schismatic mentality which separates itself from the teaching of the Supreme Pontiff and the entire Catholic Church.``

Further, their head, Fellay, who isn't a true bishop of the Church, came at the end of December to administer the "sacrament" of Confirmation. Even though the sacraments were performed according to the EF rites of 1962, and everything materially and literally was likely done correctly, NO SACRAMENT took place as the bishop is an invalid minister not under +Collins or even the Church in Rome under B16, the "Bishop of all bishops". See the clarification letter from 2009 above.

In addition, Fellay even administered one or more "conditional Confirmations" to those who have already received their sacraments in the "Novus Ordo church" and worse, the confirmandi believe their prior Confirmations are defective and therefore they receive a "Conditional confirmation" as if it was to fix the broken sacrament or give what was not there, which is diabolical and theologically wrong!!!! It is a misinterpretation of this Canon Law:

Can. 845 ß1 Because they imprint a character, the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and order cannot be repeated. ß2 If after diligent enquiry a prudent doubt remains as to whether the sacraments mentioned in ß1 have been conferred at all, or conferred validly, they are to be conferred conditionally. "

"Can. 841 Since the sacraments are the same throughout the universal Church, and belong to the divine deposit of faith, only the supreme authority in the Church can approve or define what is needed for their validity. It belongs to the same authority, or to another competent authority in accordance with can. 838 ß3 and 4, to determine what is required for their lawful celebration, administration and reception and for
the order to be observed in their celebration."

So the SSPX and Fellay lie to their adherents who join them from the main body of the TRUE Catholic Church, when they make them believe that the Novus Ordo Mass and sacraments done under its liturgies are defective and/or invalid. Once a Catholic gets the sacrament at a Confirmation,
- Where the proper form of the rite according to the liturgical books promulgated by the Catholic Church, without abborhent and intentional deviation
- Proper Matter was used in carrying out all aspects of the sacrament according to liturgical law,
- The intent by the Bishop is proper
- The sacrament was performed, by a VALID AND LICITLY ordained bishop by the Holy Father himself, then that Novus Ordo Sacrament is un-doable and unrepeatable.

And I dare you to show me evidence of a Novus Ordo Consecration with grave liturgical violation that made it invalid, like ad-libbing by the bishop, improper words used, etc. Gather hymnal music and a lack of questions from the bishop, or a lukewarm sermon doesn't cut it!

So those Catholics who flocked over to receive confirmation from him got a raw deal, having already had the sacrament. The indelible mark of your ``N.O Comfirmation is signed, sealed, and delivered.`` No take backs.

In addition, while Fellay was here, he went to the provincial SSPX school located in New Hamburg, where he gave a 1.5 hour long diatribe that is now on the Internet on YouTube. With everything above as  background prior to this, I now turn to the main focus of my article, the statement in response to the speech he did in December and the necessary response to the diatribe from the CCCB.

Recently, the Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops had to make a statement on the matter contained in his 1.5 hour long speech. The speech was for the most part, a diatribe whereby Fellay recounted and commented on the maneuvers between his society and Rome, in the efforts of the Church to reconcile with the SSPX and bring them back to full canonization. I will link to the speech here. Make sure you have a beverage of choice and some popcorn, cause this is a long one and you definitely need spare time to soak it all in. Here.

Unfortunately, in his speech, he made a lot of negative commentary on the negotiations against Rome and in favour of the SSPX being the good side of the conflict, and in particular, some remarks stand out, as highlighted by the Catholic Register in this article:

However, the worst statement made in the speech, which has been pinpointed by Catholic media was this:
``Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the society, said those most opposed to the church granting canonical recognition to the traditionalist society have been "the enemies of the church: the Jews, the Masons, the modernists."`The remarks were made during a nearly two-hour talk Dec. 28 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy in New Hamburg, Ontario.``

While the SSPX has offerered their clarification on the matter, anti-Semitism has always been around the SSPX, particularly in the form of the now kicked out ``bishop`` Williamson. Anybody with a working mind will know they did it to ``save face`` with the society.

Seeing this anti-Semitic statement, the CCCB took charge and released a media statement on it. Here is the full statement, taken from the CCCB site at this location:

CCCB comment on reported remarks by Bishop Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X 

Friday, January 18 2013 

Questions and concerns have been raised following recent media reports about a statement that had been made in Canada by the Superior of the Society of Saint Pius X that “the Jews” are the "enemies of the Church". The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops notes that such remarks are not in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church. As the spokesperson for the Holy See, Father Federico Lombardi, S.J., has said when commenting on the statement, “It is absolutely unacceptable, impossible, to define the Jews as enemies of the Church.”

The Second Vatican Council taught in Nostra Aetate, its Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions (no. 4): “God holds the Jews most dear for the sake of their Fathers; he does not repent of the gifts he makes or of the calls he issues – such is the witness of the Apostle [Paul].... [T]he Church, mindful of the patrimony she shares with the Jews and moved not by political reasons but by the Gospel's spiritual love, decries hatred, persecutions, displays of anti-Semitism, directed against Jews at any time and by anyone." This teaching has been reiterated time and time again by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops denounces all forms of anti-Semitism, and rejects assertions such as those reported to have been made by the Superior of the Society of Saint Pius X, which is a schismatic group not in communion with the Catholic Church.

January 17, 2013
 Last Updated on Friday, January 18 2013 

Now, here is where I will divert from the other Catholic bloggers on the internet with involvement in the Extraordinary Form. As a new generation EF Catholic, a revert, an ``evangelical Catholic`` under the governance of + Cardinal Collins, as he encouraged us to be in 2011 at the Ontario Catholic Youth Weekend, and most importantly an EF partaking young man who attempts in many ways to REJECT the Pharicism and liturgical-over-rigidity sadly expressed by SOME people in the EF and charged by other Catholics in the Church, and demonstrates the positive and true side of it to his contemporaries and young peers, and all those interested and seeking out the EF in the  Church, I MUST SPEAK ABOUT THIS IN A WAY THAT WILL BE DIFFERENT ON THIS MATTER.

I will say the following on this:
1) It is indeed true, that the Bishops` Conferences cannot make definitive statements of Magisterial and competent authority, especially usurping that which is in the Catechism, in our Canon Law, and especially what has been said in matters of faith and morals by our Holy Father(s) (via the doctrine of infallibility of the Popes). This has been outlined in a Vatican II apostolic letter from John Paul II called Apostolos Suos here, especially in the addenums in the end of the document.

2) However, I applaud and say it was rightly just for the CCCB to condemn the statements made by Fellay when he was here, continuing to defy our Church and the Holy Father, with his illicit ``sacramental`` actions and his speech. They deserve credit for the following reasons, regardless of their status of authority:

  • The SSPX give an overall negative and hateful expression of what traditional Catholicism is in the Church, and give our liberal enemies credence to fling further insults at the EF and trads, and for priests to continue lambasting anything with regard to the Latin Mass. 
  • As stated before, confused Catholics with valid and licit sacramental marks upon their souls, may in their ignorance wander over to their church and eventually become schismatic, as was warned by the PCED in the personal communication above to Brian Mershon, and partake in the ``fake sacraments`` offered by the SSPX.
  • Because Anti-Semitism flies in the face of Nostra Aetate, and in addition, is NOT in line with Catholic teaching of us to treat all those with human dignity and respect. Further, even Christ did not hate the Jews as a race. Even He said upon the cross about everyone in his crucifixion for his Father to forgive everyone as they don`t know what they are doing. When he got angry or challenged any Jews, it was the Jewish authorities who were hypocrites in their faith and paid too much attention to laws and rules, while not practically adhering to their faith with their fellow man. I will say that one of the bloggers has rightfully criticized the SSPX for such imprudence and promotion of hatred, regardless of their explanation.
  • Because the SSPX, already was associated with anti-Semitism, before it kicked Williamson out of the group
  • Because MOST IMPORTANTLY, it is the bishops` jobs, collectively and individually (especially individually), to safeguard and guide the flock of the faithful in the church as its sheperds and guardians of the Faith, as the active ``officers`` of the Magisterium. The Bishops MUST protect the flock spiritually, both from offensive liberal offences, as well as those of the ultra-Pharisical sides of the faith that threaten the livelihood and eternal salvation of the Church. 
3) I disagree with other bloggers of the EF community on their stance with regard to the CCCB. While I personally feel more can be done to address liturgical abuses and other concerns in the institutional Church in Canada, the recent posts have an air of "bishop bashing," a crime that is often committed by those who are more extreme on the conservative Catholic spectrum, particularly who have an internet presence on whatever scale intended,  be it local, state/province wide, or international/the whole Body of the Church. 

Some of the writings allude to things such as `they made a statement as if they were the Magisterium` or `they usurp the authority of the Holy Father.` with their ``schismatic`` statement. While the pope has not made an official motu proprio banning the SSPX and their adherents from the church, and the CCCB should only be reiterating what the Magisterium via the Holy Father or Canon Law/Catechism dictates, it is quite obvious the SSPX through their actions, and what they teach as theology and doctrine, (e.g. refusal to accept Vatican II, condemnation of the Novus Ordo) are schismatic in action. This is even more certain with their refusal to sign and agree to those conditions in the doctrinal preamble, especially after the recent hard line transformation of Fellay, post 2012 General Chapter meeting, evidenced in the statement of the Novus Ordo as ``bad`` or ``evil`` in that same New Hamburg speech. 

I also disagree with these bloggers due to what can be seen as obvious bias in favour of the SSPX and against our bishops. It is not too much of a stretch to say that some of those who go to the EF DO have associations with those who attend or actively operate with the SSPX, or even share the SSPX views on one or more issues in the Church, and therefore exhibit such bias in their commentary. This is more than just saying that they hope for reconciliation. 

In addition, I have been around such people in the past and have had past friends on Facebook who have attended their chapels/illicit Masses more than once, or who espouse/believe in their teachings (e.g. reject the Novus Ordo Mass, contrary to Canon Law both the 1913 and the 1983 codes you are under pang of Mortal Sin to abstain from meat on Fridays ...). On a sadder note, some of them are around my age and are with the SSPX, having fallen for the aesthetics of traditionalism, regardless of what I have mentioned earlier. For those who remain in the diocesan parishes but highly support the SSPX and/or espouse their beliefs, were it not for the penalty of excommunication for schism, these people would likely be flocking over to their chapels, and are waiting hopefully for the reconciliation to do so. 

AS WELL, THOSE PEOPLE CAN EXHIBIT THE VERY THINGS THAT LIBERALS CRITICISE TRADITIONAL CATHOLICS/EF ATTENDEES FOR! Unfortunately, those people tend to be the ones, no different from liberals be it in government or in the Church, who take upon themselves to be the mouthpieces of their communities or the institutional church and engage in practices such as "bishop bashing." Sadly, this commentary only further negates the growth and the attitude of those interested in the EF, especially young people. It also shows the very same disrespect of authority that the SSPX demonstrates. Really? Do you think the bishops want to change their ways and listen to you when you do that with a spirit of un-charity? There are more prudent ways to vocalize valid, necessary concerns.  

We youth DO NOT want an atmosphere filled with negativity and disrespect. We come to Mass to partake in the rememberance of that Passion, Death, and Resurrection, and it is suppose to nourish us in numerous ways, not be a source of evil and sin that turns us away or leads us to darker paths that separate us from the Body of Christ and reject the EF.  Also, we aren't stupid. We young people, both of Gen X, and especially the ever growing and more faithful Millenial Generation (a.k.a. the Wired generation), are reading our documents and our solid/orthodox Catholic media. We easily know "if it smells like a duck, and waddles like a duck ... it is a duck." We see schismatic actions, and (most of us) are not going to fall for a pseudo-church. We know it, and so does the CCCB. 

There, I have said what I needed to say on this matter. And now back to your regularly scheduled S.U.D. programming. 

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. 

I make this clear, I have blog rules in my first post, and if you decide you want to comment on here, you'd better adhere to them. Further, In addition I am highly monitoring the blog, and on this matter I am highly less likely to give you a warning, should your post be despicable and uncharitable, and I will permanently BAN you from posting on here again. Be VERY cautious if you want to reply here and pray before you post. Also, don't even try to harass me by e-mail or phone if you have any of my prior contact information outside of Servimus, as well as my friends or other associations. Else the next step will be to contact my lawyer/the cops. If you want to have a speckled-filled nutty, as Fr. Z puts it, you can always make your own blog and share your thoughts to the world or do it on your own Internet turf. No one's stopping you.

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