Saturday, 12 January 2013

Small Update: Terms for Mass Types EF Servers Serve on Servimus Unum Deum

Hello Everyone.

It seems that there's a posting going around the Toronto/Latin Mass Catholic blogosphere about specific terms for types of mass. The posting was generated by David Domet of Toronto Traditional Mass Society here:

This posting has been also promoted by his allies at WITNESS and an Anglican Rite blog.

For the sake of my readership here on this blog, and servers, who might be more confused, I am going to say that for the purposes of Servimus Unum Deum:

- Only the three types of Mass terminologies will be covered/used for the sake of serving purposes: The Low Mass (regardless of whether it's a regular Low Mass, a Dialogue Mass, or one with Music), The High Mass/Missa Cantata with one priest, and the Solemn High Mass/Missa Solemnis (with the standard Priest, Deacon, and Subdeacon as clergy). It is these three standard types of EF Masses that are done by the majority of parishes/organizations and are the most commonly referenced/written about and therefore will be the main Mass types covered on this blog.

- I will not cover each type of mass variations in depth, unless there are minor exceptions to what a server would need to know if it's a subset of a type of Mass. I will, though, be covering the Requiem Mass as EF funerals are starting to occur with some frequency with the re-vitalization of the Latin Mass worldwide, and a Requiem Mass is done on All Souls day in the EF.

- In terms of serving purposes, the most common serving roles will be covered in depth for each of the standard Mass levels, and the Requiem Mass.

- I will NOT be covering the subspecies of Masses in depth, unless by excessive, popular demand, or WAY in the future after I have covered the majority of serving items, that I will approach the topic.

- And my final summary, the focus of this blog is the coverage of general Latin Mass items within the Archdiocese of Toronto from the perspective of the Extraordinary Form altar server, using combined experience/reference materials. 

I will also, generally, promote efforts of VALID, DIOCESAN Latin Mass parishes and efforts in this diocese and will gladly direct those who are interested to the appropriate organizations/parishes in their area, should someone be interested in serving the Latin Mass. 

While there will be occasional items on other facets of the Extraordinary Form, and associated Traditional Catholicism/practices, that is not the main focus of my blog. You may seek other items not covered by me on other internet/practical sources.

Pax, Julian.

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  1. [+amgD] The real beauty and meditative silence of the mostly-silent Low Mass/Missa Lecta, however, is the one that I fell in Love with and that I've found has brought the most Graces by far...

    ...Of course, everyone's spiritual journeys and experiences are different--and we're all Called to different things, but at least give this one more than a fair shake, especially if you've been immersed in the modern Mass for a long time and gotten accustomed to it--it's not just the externality, of course, that differs, but to see and experience the Graces in the entirely different and complementary spiritual paradigm that the Traditional Liturgy embodies takes a fair bit of immersion into it... q;-D