Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Gaia Mass update on Vox Cantoris. I Knew That There was too Much Hoopla too Begin With on this ...

Hello Everyone,

So remember that Gaia Mass that I was talking about? Turns out it was a false Alarm in a major sense, but it's still a bit concerning. A hat tip/credit is given to Vox Cantoris (a.k.a. David Domet of the Toronto Traditional Mass Society) for the update on the matter. The link provides more additional details.

Turns out in summary:
- It's an actual concert, not a Mass with liturgical dance and accompanying hymns
- The Diocese did get brought this to their attention by more than just Vox. They did assess the situation and did take down their posting from the Events page as a result of their investigation.
- The concerts are still going on as planned from Cardinal Carter.

Anyways, the question still remains who made the event on the Archdiocese webpage and turned it from a concert to a full blown Gaia Mass in the announcement. Other than that, that's all folks, and the crisis that could have been, wasn't as crazy at it was portrayed to be. If any of you did write the archdiocese, thank you for aiding them and bringing this to their attention. You were valuable and made things happen for the Lord. May we laity continue to help the Church and the Archdiocese in its pastoral mission to shepherd the flock (that is, us).

Pax, Julian.

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