Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pope Francis History: Ostracism of Pope Francis by his Own Order and Bishop who is a CONFESSOR!

Hello Everyone,

It seems the more time our Holy Father is spending in his office of the Chair of Peter, Bishop of Rome, the more interesting, holy, and beautiful facts are coming out about his past ecclesial life, be it priesthood or his episcopacy. Here's two more.

1) While this is not my favourite site, one I'd only say to observe to keep in the know of things, it yielded an interesting facet of our Holy Father.

Turns out, Pope Francis in his early tenure was treated quite harshly for not cow-towing to the radical liberalism line with Liberal Theology in the Jesuits. He got punished for it by one of his own! Of course they deny the letter sent out about his ostracization. Protect your own face for your organization right?

The account of this is here:

2) While bishop of Buenos Aires, if there was a dire need for a confession, he was not afraid to go out and do it himself! See here:

In a sense, I kind of hope that more of this kind of history comes out. It will dispel much rumours and negativity about our Holy Father from the radical right. And it makes me want to come to really trust him that much more.

Pax, Julian.

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