Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Freyr's Been Rescued! Comes Back with Full Vengenace Against his Hippie Captors with First New Post!

Hey Everyone.

So the crack team of Britain's finest G.K. Chesterton commandos infiltrated the hippie hideout where Freyr was being held and rescued him! Yea! FREYR IS BACK ON TORONTO CATHOLIC WITNESS BLOG!!!

As a little payback for the awful conditions, force-feeding of tofu and liberal 70's hymns from the Gather Hymnal down his throat, Freyr comes back hard! This, friends, is his first post back, and HOLY! It's Pope Francis' laying the smack down on the Roman Curia! This is one Game of Thrones that our Holy Father will not be playing when it comes to the Faith and the Vatican! And you know what else Freyr implies: Like Goldilocks and porridge, he's not to soft, not to hard, rather he's perfectly balanced in the Faith (despite views on his handling of the EF Mass in his former diocese). He is the Pope we need right now and he's not going to go ultra-liberal, nor ultra-radical and traditionalist, doctrinally/dogmatically speaking. Christ wasn't either by the way.

So, welcome back Freyr! Just a hint of advice if you read this, you might want to buy a few copies of the Catechism, or even more deadly, some Baronius Press 1962 missals as self defense next time against those hippies. Throw the book(s) at them! Just the mere sight of "In nomine Patris, et Filli, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen.`` will make them scream in agony!

Pax, Julian.

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