Friday, 12 April 2013

Whoa! Never expected this .... Thank you Mark Shea

Hello everyone,

So, in the last day or so, the Catholic Blogosphere has come to the defense of true traditional Catholics out there, and I covered that in my last post. A number of bloggers came to call out a great moral evil and sad trait of a fair number of RadTrads: anti-semitism, particularly connected to a Rorate Caeli post involving a reporter from Argentina on the Latin Mass situation and Pope Francis. I was thankful to all those in my coverage post who are helping traditional Catholicism.

So I get up this morning and find something on one of my blog feeds and an e-mail ...

What!!!!! NO WAY!!!! 

Wow. This was totally unwarranted from Mark Shea. I didn't mind thanking them but this is too much. Thanks to this I got the hugest amount of hits to my site and its still ongoing. Once again thank you Mark Shea. Really. As for those of you, I hope you will continue to delve into my prior posts, especially those on the Altar Serving, which was my initial primary focus on Servimus. I will still continue to keep on fighting against RadTrad-ism, and posting and doing my best to be that positive Glad Trad example of what being a Traditional Catholic is all about. 

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. 

P.S. Don't forget to also view Mark Shea's blog, whether you are just a good ol' Novus Ordo attendee or EF attendee, or somewhere in between. Did I forget to mention Mark has done great work with Catholic Answers ( 

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