Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pope Francis Mentions the Devil in his Homily??? Wow. Not Afraid at All ...

To all the naysayers about our Holy Father ..... Whoa ....

Let Me highlight the key part, as Fr. Z has done on his blog:

"Pope Francis further developed this reflection. “When we prefer to gossip, gossip about others, criticize others- these are everyday things that happen to everyone, including me – these are the temptations of the evil one who does not want the Spirit to come to us and bring about peace and meekness in the Christian community”. “These struggles always exist” in the parish, in the family, in the neighborhood, among friends”. Instead through the Spirit we are born into a new life, he makes us “meek, charitable.”"

You hear that? He's like Harry Potter calling Voldemort for what he is (oooh another traddie violation. This time it's 80 lashes for me!). No fear in our Holy Father. 

Further, the topic was on GOSSIP, something, as evidenced by my last post (which was laced with Anti-Semitism), seems to be one of those nagging strands of poison that have affected some in the EF blogosphere/Traditional Catholic communities. 

Still ... If calling out against the work of the Devil is a warm up, what more is to come of this Papacy? ... I think we haven't seen his trump cards yet ....

Pax, Julian. 

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