Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Off the Beaten Path: Turning Back the Clock to 1962 - Failed Attempt at Straight Razor Shaving

Hello to all,

This post .... is not specifically about the Latin Mass, though it is connected in a sense. It deals also with a general trend of young chaps in my generation, whether they be EF-attending young men or not. I'll let the introductory video explain away, though excuse my ugly, fat, bloated mug of a face first thing in the morning. The camera does add 10 pounds. And like I say in the video, I can't believe I am exposing myself like this .....

Introductory Video

And now without further ado, my miserable attempt at doing something of Traditional Man Culture/tradition/Latin Mass Culture circa 1962 .... whereupon I fail miserably.

Part 1 of the Shaving Fail

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Anyhow, likely the razor was not in a "ready-to-shave" condition, as I did a test from YouTube videos, the thumb/thumbnail test, and it was a smooth glide, so likely the answer is dullness (though I should go easy on the shave oil). I've taken the liberty of spending my hard earned work money, and ordered myself a special water honing stone from a Canadian company in Oakville, to sharpen my blade. Once I get it, I'll film the sharpening of my razor and try again. 

And spiritually speaking, cause the wolves are ready to pounce on me saying "hypocrite! Vulgar brute you swearing fiend!" I did go to confession later that day and DID confess using vulgarity to the self in excitement or self-conversation at no less than a Latin Mass Parish. So if you want to be a Pharisee remember my blog rules, and depending how vitrolic you are, you'll get a yellow card or be booted from S.U.D. and your posts archived for evidence.

As for the rest of you, if you think its something else besides sharpening my blade or less oil, let me know. Maybe I need more stropping than 10-15 passes?

Pax, Julian Barkin. 

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