Monday, 4 February 2013

Highlight: Charming Disarray on Women and Male Domination and the Evil "No Pants" Issue

Hello Everyone.

I would like to highlight another faithful, Catholic blogger on the blogosphere, who attends (or has attended) the Latin Mass and has a great viewpoint on Traditional Catholic issues, including those that negatively affect the whole EF movement and Catholic women.

If one were to scan her posts, you will discover that Charming was raised in a traditional Roman Catholic family, that adhered to the standards of what sounds to be close to how home school families or those SSPX families raise their kids. While she attends the Novus Ordo and has not totally abandoned the Latin Mass, the rad-trad way of raising her opened her eyes to many injustices and things wrong with how traditional Catholic proponents carry out such a life (e.g schooling, traditional teaching, family life etc), especially on women's issues. Such experience has affected her adoration for that form of the Roman Rite and the surrounding culture, `burning her out.` However, she still holds strong to the Catholic Faith.

Still, this is valid evidence of what I`ve been trying to fight against here on S.U.D. This is what`s going to happen should what I`ve said in my last few posts is ignored by us active members of the EF community.

I highlight her here, because she recently touched upon a few things that Traditional/EF Catholics should be aware of with regards to marriage and even educating their children: 1) Male dominance as a detriment to a Catholic Marriage, 2) ACTUAL Magisterial, Pre-Vatican II writings on the subject from the Encyclical Casti Canubii (which can be found on the Vatican Website), 3) The still present double standard of the sexes, which is also a danger to avoid in traditional Catholic child-rearing in an interesting form covered in her blog posting, and 4) THAT DAMN STUPID RAD-TRAD ``NO PANTS`` ISSUE FOR WOMEN, which of course, radical EF-attending Catholics are known for, like the SSPX.

I invite you to read her posting, here at

She covers all these issues well and even is able to tie it all back to the root sin of Pride. All this, my readers and EF participants alike, is NOT what we should strive to exemplify and teach our children. And seriously, the No Pants rule imposed on women has NO Scriptural or Magisterial basis!!! I dare you to prove that to me!!!

In addition, if one continues to delve into her postings, I can say that Charming covers many issues with a cool and level head, and in a true Catholic Feminist manner, without the radical-ness of the feminist movement. THAT is how feminism should be done! In fact quite a few of her posts will give both sexes valuable insight and wisdom. And she is a young `evangelical` Catholic like me too! Do visit Charming and read her excellent coverage.

Charming, here at Servimus, you are welcome any time to post and comment, and consider yourself an on line ally of mine!

Pax, Julian Barkin.

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