Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Some Small Postings Today

Hello Everyone.

Today, I just have a bunch of small posts for your viewing pleasure. The last one is pretty good .... turns out in North America EF Sacraments are increasing in frequency (at least of being reported online ...)

Post 1: David Beresford from Catholic Insight, reminisces about his time as an altar server. Of note, he was a server at the exact time of the changes from the Latin Mass to the current Novus Ordo.

Post 2: Translation of some of the last words spoken to the Cardinal Electors at this year's 2013 Conclave here:

Post 3: EF SACRAMENTS!!!!! Two Wedding Masses and an EF Baptism in the United States. THe Baptism is by a Bishop! See .... there is an increased demand by the laity for these sacraments in the EF. Times are a' changing.

Pax, Julian.

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