Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Hello Everyone.

I would like to promote another charitable cause I`ve helped a bit in past. I am hoping you might be able to help out a charity run by the sons of a work colleague of mine, and maybe spread the word. You will also be making those messes Pope Francis so eagerly talked about.

One More Wear Foundation is a charitable organization who's site is They run a second-hand clothing charity which aims to equip under-privileged youth with reasonable clothing for their schooling and their professional/work needs, as well as training them in professional job building skills. The youth can then be able to give a decent appearance for job interviews/on the job and using the skills they've learnt, be able to secure work of varying kinds. It's a step out of a cycle of poverty in my opinion.

The Foundation is running an event in Scarborough, Ontario this coming Sunday, August 11th at Ellesmere Community Center (with a rain date of August 24, 2013). The center is near the corner of Warden and Ellesmere, at 20 Canadian Road. It is a car and bike show, with classic and exotic vehicles, with a number of supporting activities and a barbeque. They are also looking for items beyond clothing as well such as backpacks, flash drives, stationery for school, planners/organizers, dictionaries, calculators, and even gift cards to places for cheap school supplies and office supplies (e.g. Walmart, Staples, Office Depot).

What I am asking, is that despite the short time frame, is it possible that you could attend and/or promote this event in any way possible amongst those you know? My colleague would highly appreciate any help for her sons' charity. In addition there might be a need for volunteers at this event still, so perhaps you can see the "Contact" page on the website and call if interested? Thank you so much.

The poster for the event is here. Spread the word and attend!

Pax, Julian.

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