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HIGHLIGHT: New Update Aug 25 2013 on Update on the Fraciscan Friars of the Immaculate Situation Thanks to Fr. Z

Hello Everyone.

You might have remember the fury and fire that blazed across the blogosphere a couple of weeks ago when "Big Bad" Pope Francis though the head of the order of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, restricted the Latin Mass/EF. There were cries amongst the townspeople to carry their torches and pitchforks and put these men's heads on a platter, There were people writhing in agony, there was ..... none of that, I am just being an exaggerating young man. But you get the drift, there were upset people, especially amongst the "Trads."

I did blog about this, but I took the positive and caution side, even titling my post, "No Francis Does Not Hate the FFI's Virginia``. I did however post much on warnings from Fr. Z, to take a ``Chill Pill`` and not be a ``trad behaving badly``, otherwise we`d lose the EF for good or they will not progress in our (arch)dioceses.

Well .... The Pope STILL DOES NOT HATE THE FFI`s Virginia.

Fr. Z has done some follow up on the situation here:

In a nutshell, Our Holy Father doesn`t want the extreme, radical form of traditionalism to prevail, and he wants to make sure those doing it, aren`t doing it for the wrong reasons, but also to ensure the faithful attached to the EF/Latin Mass are not insulted. He isn't stupid and detests the Trads Behaving Badly and what they do to the TLM, but at the same time, he will not let the Lie-Berals crush that form of the Mass and what his living predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, did with Summorum Pontificum.

More proof, if you read the post in full ..... permissions are being granted to the FFI community to celebrate the EF and continue what they were doing before. It's not being as decimated as you think. Go have a read, and start to put your fears aside.

Pax, Julian.


This is NOT from Fr. Z's site, but that right-leaning (not as much in a good way) Trad site, Rorate Caeli, was able somehow to acquire a copy of the questionnaire given to FFI members by the Intervention Commissioner from the Vatican.

 Of course, some of the commenters and the title make it look once again like another attack on the EF and takes a "Trad behaving badly" tone.

What I can say looking at this, is, that they did not waste time getting to the heart of the matter that requires analysis in terms of the conflict in the community: The Latin Mass. To me, I will be taking this survey in the best light. The survey clearly looks like it wanted to get to the topic of disagreement in the community. It was also trying to examine the attitudes of the community and verify if there was any improper presence of (a.k.a. Trad Behaving Badly) attitudes not conductive towards the Latin Mass, the order, and the Church.

Clearly, if there was elements of TBB within the community, IT WAS IN EVERY RIGHT FOR THE SAKE OF THE FAITHFUL THAT POPE FRANCIS, BE IT HIMSELF OR THROUGH HIS DELEGATED SUPERIOR, RESTRICT THE LATIN MASS WITH THIS COMMUNITY. Trads behaving badly are the biggest roadblock to the success and growth of the Latin Mass in the Church and do nothing but destroy the New Evangelization. Their actions can even go so far as committing the works of the Devil (e.g. calumny, slander, detraction ... ).

I will say however, that while the survey does get to the thick of it, I would not be surprized if some Lie-berals in the community used it as a sticking point to attack their EF preferring brethren, or to slam the Latin Mass. Unfortunately, like many things in this world, the physical objects are neutral, and in the wrong hands or one whose free will is not choosing God above all things, the tool becomes a weapon. So if there was a group, no matter how big or small, of theological dissenters or EF-haters, then of course they would use the questionnaire as a weapon.

However, despite the website Rorate Caeli, it's spin, and the questionnaire, I do not think we can look at this in the most negative light, unlike some of their commentators. Believe me, if Pope Francis' papacy was in the wrong spiritual direction or totally against the EF, he would or will have quashed Summorum Pontificum with his own Motu Proprio, or a total neglect of the EF, whether Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was living or not.


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