Friday, 16 August 2013


Hello Everyone.

I would like to announce the next Latin Mass Practice for what is now, the Servimus Unum Deum - Latin Mass practice group.

The Servimus Unum Deum group is summarized as having the following goals:

``This monthly Latin Mass serving group is open to males in grade 6 and up, and adults, who are practicing Catholics in the Archdiocese of Toronto. All are welcome to participate regardless of serving experience and/or familiarity with the Latin Mass. The group aims to foster a positive, Catholic environment to provide altar server training, applicable to all levels of the Latin Mass. This group practices at two major parishes in the archdiocese, alternating to be fair and accommodate the transportation needs of our members``

The next practice will be Friday, August 23, 2013, at St. Pius X Catholic Church, 2305 Bloor Street West (between Runnymede and Jane on the TTC). The practice is at 7pm.

I, Julian Barkin, will be the instructor for this coming practice, as our primary instructor, Paul Mundra, has a family event that must be attended to. In Paul's absence, the focus of this practice will be on serving basics, such as the basic idea of altar serving, genuflections, decorum, reverence, etc.

Should time permit, I might also start to go through the responses at the Latin Mass, specifically the Confiteor and the Domine Non Sum Dignus, as regardless what Mass level the server wishes to begin at, you MUST know these responses by heart and will not have the aid of the server's response card with you at said times.

In addition, I will try to work on a brief summary handout of what I will try to teach at this session. Should my schedule not permit this, all servers in attendance will be sent this handout to their emails.

Here is the poster for the practice:
Please pass on the information to interested young men, family members, etc. who might desire to venture into Latin Mass serving, despite their inexperience, or full experience.
Pax, Julian. 

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