Monday, 19 August 2013

HIGHLIGHT: MSGR Charles Pope on the Church is Sinking(?) and Tradtioinal Catholicism

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Monsignor Charles Pope is an excellent, Traditionally-minded, yet Novus Ordo Priest who has been cited on a few occasions on Fr. Z's blog, as well as writes a number of interesting posts (one or two on incense that I will incorporate somehow in my upcoming Thurifer role post ...), on many facets of the Church, including Roman Rite liturgy. He does so through his blog for the Archdiocese of Washington in the U.S.A.

This came through my blogger feed, and it is highly worth a read: I say so, because one of the problems that deter people from Traditional Catholicism, and therefore the Latin Mass, is that certain trads perpetuate a stereotype, that the whole church, which is mostly "Novus Ordo," has been corrupted to the point of non-revival. That or, alternatively, bashing various aspects of our Modern Church (e.g. the Novus Ordo Mass, Bishops, etc.) is the activity "du jour" of Trads behaving badly (TBBs). Needless to say, on something posted by the monsignor last week, the TBBs acted once again in a manner of mockery and insult which has brought embarrassment on traditional Catholics.

This is something that will NEVER win Traditional Catholics brownie points, especially the youth. You want to deter people from going to Latin Masses? Keep saying the Church is going to pot and the only salvation is in the Latin Mass, that your society, canonical or not, offers. Young people get enough negativity from their parents, peers, teachers, and other authority figures and have been given that perception from religion as being "restrictive" (which is a big fat lie!).

We Traditional Catholics, and also young leaders, must counter the example of our fellow TBB's, and show that while there are errors that should be corrected to restore our worship to optimal levels with the greatest fraternal charity, as well as present the Full Truth of the Gospel, our Lord gave us the Church for all time in existence, and will never let his Bride DIE.

Therefore, please read the article, and start spreading the hope. And if you must, use words like Saint and Pope Francis and let those you know, traditional Catholic or not, that the final countdown is not yet upon the Church.

Pax, Julian.

P.S. This paragraph shows the awesomeness of this blogging monsignor: "It was even more discouraging since I have never shied away from talking about the need for reform and what does trouble the Church today. We have covered quite a lot of the “what ails the Church” territory here at the ADW Blog. I am no cheerleader for the Church of Wonderful. There are problems, and we discuss them."

Wow. I think somebody took a page out of Michael Voris` expression the ``Church of nice``. And I know some of you watch him daily (despite my disapproval, but MV does have some good notes now and then). Point it, I`d keep a watch on this blogger.


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