Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Some Decent Stuff Being Spoken About by WYD RIO 2013

Hello Everyone.

So WYD is going on in Rio right now. I am not there as I chose to keep one week off the end of each summer month and to go on an Extraordinary Form Pilgrimage in Quebec called Marie De Reine.
While this is going on, I've seen already some things of concern, such as the Domus Sanctae or the main altar being previewed as some ultra modern spaceship thing, and apparently, some priest celebrated Mass with the LAITY con-celebrating with the priest at the Consecration. Sigh, there's always a few rotten apples who will use ANY reason to be lie-berals with the liturgy/the Church/doctrine/theology. Always has and always will be.

However, there are some good things going on. Right now I am tuned into the Salt and Light (or to some, Pepper and Darkness) website which has live stream coverage of certain events and speakers. I am listening to a bishop (he has a cape of sorts on too) speak on things as part of a Eucharistic Adoration session. By the time I tuned in, he spoke about:
  • The Holy Eucharist in Adoration
  • That the Church was borne despite scandal: Peter cutting off a slaves' ear, Judas' betrayal, even the abandonment of Jesus by most of the disciples at His crucifixion. Only John was there of the 12. 
  • Addressed the fact that there has been scandal and things that have happened in the world that have made people doubt the Church.
  • That the Church gives us many gifts, IT TAKES COURAGE, that the pilgrims will go forth from WYD to do the Work of the Lord.
  • The missing of the "slap" from a Confirmation in his former diocese or parish in Sitka, Alaska, was asked by someone in attendance. On that note he went on about symbols, (e.g. Candles, incense ...), but made mention that they were symbols used within persecution/hiding in catacombs), and may be again symbols of persecution in future. Man that's a little bold for a "feel good Jesus-y" event to say to the youth. Guess he thinks these young people can handle some truth after all.
  • When we gather for Eucharistic Adoration, Christ has called us to be the Disciples of today, and that we go forth, when we speak, we speak with clarity. When the moral voice is shared, it is shared with Charity. It is important we do all things with Love [The theological virtue of Charity].
  • In the invitation to be here at WYD, Benedict XVI said ...: "The celebrated statue of Christ the Redeemer .... will be an eloquent symbol for us. Christ's open arms are a sign of .... immense love for each and every one of you. Let yourselves be drawn to Christ, along with the other young people .... accept Christ's love ...." (I didn't get all the words, I typed this as the bishop spoke).
In addition ... a number of my generation/JPII generation Priests, do attribute their vocations to WYD. Despite some goof-ups, maybe it's not all bad after all. Besides, a good portion of my Newman Center U of T friends are down there right now as pilgrims/volunteers! I know one of them is a Latin Mass attendee I've seen on occasion when I've gone to Holy Family in Parkdale, Toronto! I pray for their safety. Pray for the pilgrims, that they will be disciples for the Lord, and carry out the New Evangelization with courage.

Pax, Julian.

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