Monday, 15 July 2013

Interesting Wanderer Interview From an FSSP Priest Post 1988 Illegal SSPX Consecrations

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I added a blog to my blogger feed from someone who is a young adult male in the USA doing Latin Mass serving and made an entry or two about altar serving. The blog is "Real Roman Catholic."

Interestingly enough, the author found an old 1990`s article from a Traditional Catholic newspaper, the Wanderer, whereby an FSSP priest, Fr. John Emerson, was interviewed at the time of the Econe illegal consecrations of the SSPX that resulted in the formation of the Institute of the Pontifical Right, the Fraternal Society of St. Peter. The original article also says he studied at the Econe seminary pre-1988 consecrations and was ordained by (then validly AND LICIT) Archbishop Lefebvre in 1981. He then left the midst of Lefebvre/SSPX and joined the FSSP when it was formed.

This is quite an interesting article as it delves into the attitudes and mindset of the FSSP/SSPX and the noted differences. Of note, the biggest revelation I got from the article, is even then, Rome actually cares about the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. Bonus: The rumour of Summorum Pontificum existed as far back as before the year 2000, under the pontificate of John Paul II!

The original article in PDF is here:
Some possibly cleaner text, and the source blog is here:

Enjoy the Reading! A great find indeed! Julian.

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