Saturday, 6 July 2013

Deconstructing a Liberal Lie ... The Mass is Only Done in Fancy Churches and with Elaborate stuff.

Hello Everyone.

Just a quick "cool" post as it were. Liberal enemies might complain that the Old Mass can't be said anywhere, everywhere, or must be said in a Church. In other words, the Latin Mass isn't as "accessible" to the people as the Novus Ordo and is too elaborate and majestic, displaying narcissism.

Look, the normal place for the Mass IS the literal building of the Church. Having it anywhere else is NOT the standard. That INCLUDES the Novus Ordo. However, enemies of the Church associate pomp and glory and fancy things with the Latin Mass, and the general "inaccessibility" of it for the common laity.

Well, guess what .... the Latin Mass HAS (e.g. World War II), and has continued to be said anywhere, and everywhere, without too much glitz and glamour. When normal circumstances do not permit the Mass to be said in a normal church, chapel, Catholic shrine, or oratory. Here's proof:

This comes courtesy of This is a simple, Missa Lecta/Low Mass with one priest in vestments and two young altar boys. "Here is Low Mass in a basketball court - because there was nowhere else to have it, in Oxford, back in 2004. Celebrated by Fr Andrew Southwell, with the permission of the then Archbishop of Birmingham, Vincent Nichols."

So the next time that someone accuses the Latin Mass of being only elaborate and majestic and not able to reach the common Catholic Laity, or to be done outside of glorious churches, you now know that this is an outright lie.

Pax, Julian.

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