Thursday, 25 July 2013

More Good Stuff from WYD: The EF Side of Things

Hello Everyone.

On this rare occasion of linking to the heavy right-leaning Rorate Caeli, I just had to pass on something from WYD RIO. It's not all clowning around and childish things and poo-pooing that dreaded "Novus Ordo Church". Take a look at this!

See that? That is a full church with a Pontifical Mass of all things at WYD RIO! We're talking a Mass with the celebrant being a bishop, with lots of young people!!! The fact that this is happening admist WYD RIO is a great sign! This is being made possible or co-sponsored by Juventutem Niteroi. And there's more here to come today and tomorrow:

Pax, Julian.

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