Saturday, 17 November 2012

Low Mass and the Image You Should Have of Our Beloved Latin Mass

Hello Everyone,

This is more of a small post to bring things to your attention regarding the Latin Mass:

1) Personal: I served my first ever Low Mass in the EF with fellow server, Robin L.M. Cheung, at St. Lawrence the Martyr last Tuesday morning at 11am. My preparation for one week, consisted of a couple of 2-server videos (one from the States and the other a poor quality version of their Friday evening Mass), a 2-server altar card from a British altar serving site, and whatever practice I could with responses (I was able to get non sum dignus and the Confiteor). In then end, save one notable directional mistake and some minor things, it actually wasn't all that difficult as I pictured it in my mind (thanks to a lot of cues and help from the server card and Robin).

I strongly encourage you all in our diocese (or wherever you read this) to go out and support the Traditional Latin Mass, especially its daily Low Masses. You will find comfort and solace in the silence and reverence displayed there. Please see the locations page for more information if you would like to attend St. Lawrence the Martyr's Masses or another Latin Mass location in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

I hope to, at a future date, conquer the Low Masses here on this blog in depth, as well as post some of the serving videos I took to be able to remember how to set up the priest's robes and also the altar. That is .... if I can figure out how to get video off of an Iphone.

2) This from Fr. John Zuhlsdorf: He mentions an account of a Latin Mass that took place at a Benedictine college where the Mass honoured American servicemen.  See the account here!

Here are the pictures of the Mass on Fr. Z's blog:
THIS LAST IMAGE, IS THE IMAGE OF WHAT SHOULD BE CONJURED IN THE MINDS OF ALL LATIN RITE CATHOLICS EVERYWHERE WHEN THEY THINK OF THE LATIN MASS !!!!!! It is not just some antiquated relic on a shelf or "not relevant to contemporary Catholic worship." oh no. It is strong and valiant! It is ever more relevant in our time where no one knows what a true Catholic is, nor do most Catholics know their faith and could explain it to someone. THIS FORM OF OUR LATIN RITE MASS, FOR ALL CATHOLIC MEN AND WOMEN, TRULY DEMONSTRATES OUR CATHOLIC IDENTITY AND OUR BELIEFS!
Everytime you think of the Latin Mass, think of this image. One of strength, honour to our Lord, and service to Him. Like these soldiers who serve North America, may we too serve Him, our Lord, who sacrificed Himself on the Cross for our eternal salvation. Serve him through the Latin Mass! While you may not be the acolyte in surplice and cassock on the altar, even by praying in the pews and following along in your Missals/handouts, you are serving Him with active participation in the Latin Mass in the Church Militant.
3) Once I kick through these night shifts this weekend, I am going to be starting work on Part II No. 3 for the more detailed Q & A on the Latin Mass. By that time it`ll get to the end of Communion and then I will start to unleash on the altar serving aspects of the Latin Mass.
Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin.

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