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Post Latin Mass Report St. Patrick`s (+ Issac Jogues) Gregorian Choir TLMs at Holy Rosary and St. Lawrence the Martyr Parishes

Hello Everyone,

Wow! The Diocese was blessed last week with a plethora of 4 Solemn Tridentine Latin Masses thanks to the lay-organized initiatives in our diocese! You can see what occurred back in this posting here:

Since my once-a-month serving group at SLTM consists of a number of servers who assist the St. Patrick`s Gregorian Choir, I served alongside them for their two Masses: The Feast of Christ the King on the Last Sunday in October, October 28, 2012, at Holy Rosary Parish, Toronto, and the Solemn Requiem Mass for All Souls at St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church, Scarborough (Toronto).

Despite the rain, we had over 200 people attended the Solemn High Mass for the Feast of Christ the King at Holy Rosary Church in Toronto. The Solemn Requiem Mass for All Souls at St. Lawrence the Martyr Church in Scarborough, was attended by approximately 175 people. These numbers have been updated from an actual count (Nov 14 2012: correction from my earlier visual estimates of 100 people) Each Solemn Mass had a full regiment of servers (even enough to include 4 torch bearers per mass AND a boat bearer for each), and some of the most beautiful Gregorian chant sung by the diligent and hard working members of the St. Patrick`s Gregorian/St. Issac Jogues' Choirs. All this could not have been accomplished without the leadership of Surinder S. Mundra, accomplished organist, pianist, and choirmaster in the archdiocese of Toronto, and his brother Paul Mundra, Master of Ceremonies and organizer on the serving side of things (and aiding our clergy members).  

Of special mention: I even spotted a priest in collar in the congregation at the Holy Rosary Mass! And at both Masses, I had the pleasure to witness young children and youth attend our Masses, some even for their first time! This is exactly what is happening here with the Latin Mass! This is the New Evangelization and the Year of the Faith at work! For you young people, your awesome! Keep bearing witness to your faith and don't let anyone tear you down for it! And don't let anybody bash you for attending the Latin Mass. You have every right and privilege in our democratic society to do so, and when they turn their nose up at your decision, they are the hypocrites who aren't being "Catholic." or are just being jerks if not Catholic. 

From these Masses, I bring to you some photos of our altar set ups. These pictures will give you an idea of how Novus Ordo churches and their spaces can be converted into Extraordinary Form sanctuaries. Unfortunately I was not permitted to take pictures during the liturgy, even with help of the congregation, and rightly so. It is the Mass, not an entertainment spectacle! The most beautiful and highest form of prayer of all time, whereby Heaven and the Earthly realm intersect with all the Saints and Angels is going on here! I will post what I have though of the altar set ups. 

Christ the King, Holy Rosary Parish Toronto, Oct 28, 2012

Left Side (Gospel)

 Right Side (Epistle) with chausable on sedilia, set up for post Asperges (maniples weren't out yet)

 Credence Table

Centre Altar. Tabernacle is in a separate "area" left of the Sanctuary space. 

St. Lawrence the Martyr Catholic Church, Scarborough, Nov 2, 2012
Left Side (Gospel). That crucifix, by the way, is on a "spare table," not the credence table. It is used for the Benedictine arrangement popularized by our Holy Father Benedict XVI when he celebrates Mass. They do it there at SLTM's Novus Ordo Masses. 

Right Side (Epistle) with sedilia. The credence table IS on this side.  

Center aisle of the Church. Due to no altar rails, this is the set up used to create a pseudo-rail so to speak. Doesn't this remind you of the sanctuary gates a bit? I hope it does.*** 

The Altar prior to addition of other necessities.

However, if anyone reads this blog, and attended or has relatives that attended, and took pictures of the entrance/exit processions/procession with the Blessed Sacrament at the Christ the King Mass (or if you did dare to, the actual liturgy at either Masses ...), then please send your pictures into the blog at I will post them. You may also choose to remain anonymous, OR I will credit you under a pseudoname, your first name only, or with your permission, your full name. I will only release what you permit me, as I understand you may not want your name released for various reasons. 

Also as a final request, I did not attend, nor serve, for the Toronto Traditional Latin Mass - Una Voce Toronto chapter Solemn TLMs on All Saints Day at the Loretto Abbey Chapel, or St. Issac Jogues Pickering respectfully. If anyone who attended has general information about those Masses or is willing to write a report on it AND has pictures, especially of the prayers at the catalfaque at the All Souls Mass, then please send them to me and I will create a separate report for their Masses or a side post on the catafalque (for your learning). Of course, if the chapter posts its own report of the Mass or another blogger reports on it (e.g. WITNESS, KWTraditionalCatholic, NLM, Fr. Z, etc.) then I will link to their report. 

Pax Tibi Christi, Julian Barkin. TLM server in Toronto. 

*** We did not use a catalfalque at our Mass. I have no answer as to why, nor could I find any rubric in my limited home library of resources or an internet search whether it is absolutely necessary to do this on All Souls Day EF Masses. If you do have a rubric/reference, then do share. Otherwise, anything uncharitable or in the realm of liturgical criticism about will not be posted and I will try to block you if possible on blogger.


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