Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Highlight: Dave Armstrong Defends Benedict XVI and his Reform of the Reform Spledidly from TBBs and Naysayers

Hello Everyone.

So, the next, fad for the Trads Behaving Badly (TBBs), and additionally from some new allies, the "naysayers" (who are not necessarily TBBs, more just giving more ammunition to validate the TBBs in their minds), is to say "The Reform of the Reform" touted by Pope Benedict XVI, is DEAD.

Well, Dave Armstrong, one of the best modern Catholic Apologists on the Internet, who has done frequent work with North America's Catholic Answers in past, has decided to critically examine the TBBs/naysayers' latest attack from the right, and to speak with the mind of the Church and defend it.

Please see these postings to dispel the latest shenanigans of the TBB side:

Part One & Part Two.

Pax, Julian.

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