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Yeah it's late but Fisher More College and my Two Cents

UPDATE Mar 8 2014 244pm EST: 

I have found Three more blogs which not only discussed the Fisher More college properly, these authors share similar sentiments that I have expressed in this post and others, which is contributing to a lack of desire among Catholic Faithful to want to consider attending the Latin Mass.

1. Scott Eric ALT -

2. Lisa Graas -

And the "cream of the crop" so to speak, a priest whose inside view has been essential to the situation with the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate,
3. FFI's very own Fr. Angelo Geiger. a.k.a. Mary Victrix. He sums up best my sentiments here:

"Furthermore, many of the traditionalists seem oblivious to the fact that their propaganda campaign fails to accomplish what needs to be done most, which is to sell the case [of the Latin Mass] to those who are bit unprepared to accept it.  But that does not seem to be what some of them are after.  Indeed, the flame-throwing propagandists are their own worst enemies.

It would appear what some of them really want is an all out counter-revolution against anyone that would oppose the rad trad agenda.  And this is why the objections of men like Dr. Marshall lead to his resignation; why in response to such objections the institution becomes increasingly more radicalized, and why when the hens come home to roost—and it was inevitable that they would—it is everyone else’s fault, except the change agents who stoked the flames.

They can argue all they want about the legal issues involved, but it is very unlikely that under either Pope Francis or even Pope Benedict there would ever be a reversal of such a decision in the face of the facts which inevitably the Diocese of Fort Worth has documented and would be prepared to use if challenged.  So the rad trads will blame the bishop as other bishops watch attentively and conclude that the Most Reverend Michael Olsen did exactly what needed to be done.  No bishop wants this kind of trouble in his diocese.    People can complain foul as much as they want and all they will accomplish is to learn nothing from the lesson.  Apparently, even the FSSP has backed away.  They don’t need the trouble either.

The more the moderates in the movement are marginalized and the more the RC radical types are the principle spokesmen, the more the regular folk are going to identify the Extraordinary Form of the liturgy with anti-conciliar ideology, conspiracy theory, antisemitism and geocentrism.  Complain all you want.  That is just the way it is.  I feel for men like Patrick Archbold, but what does he expect?  As it turns out, Michael Voris might be the smartest man in the traditionalist room—not that I agree with him entirely—for having thrown his rad trad friends overboard."

UPDATE Mar 8 2014 215pm EST: 

I just found this website commenting about the situation. Reading it, this is probably the best, plain "news speak" or "fact-finding" analysis of the situation anyone could read so far:

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Hello Everyone,

So it's been already beaten to death by the Trad Behaving Badly (TBB) and conservative blogs alike, but as of this past week, one of the TBB sites broke out the news that a bishop under 50 years old, banned Fisher More College in the USA from celebrating the EF Mass. While I hate giving web hits to TBBs, I need to link the original source article here at Rorate Caeli (lest they sue me), for those who don't know what the original fuss is all about.

I decided to pull back for a bit, knowing the usual culprits would cry a foul and start doing anything from wanting a metaphorical pound of flesh from the "Spirit of Vatican II" bishop who banned the Mass, to attacking the Papacy of Francis by linking the ban with the Franciscans of the Friars Immaculate to this event, and claim that this is the start of the "Franciscan" attack to destroy Catholic Traditionalism. Good Job Rorate Caeli. You guys just acted in every sense like TBBs with this one.


I figured a move like this wouldn't be without good reason, or at least good speculation as to the ban, because a younger bishop like this wouldn't be so naieve as to think his actions wouldn't be spread across the internet and pens and keyboards would be flying like mad against his (Arch)diocesan office or the Vatican dicasteries. Not to mention the younger types ordained in the JPII/B16 papacies, seem to be more neutral/central theo-politically speaking, or more open/friendly to Traditional Catholicism.

Thankfully, Fr. Z, the ever so valiant defender of Catholic tradition and truth, has shed light on this situation thanks to a tertiary source. See his post here. Now, when I see these points, I have valid concern for the college, and the TBBs have lost some of their validity. Supposedly ....

  • In May a prof of FMC (Fisher More College) gave a talk and denied aspects of Vatican II [Highly true. In fact the first half of this speech angered Dr. Taylor Marshall so much he walked out before the second 1/2 of the speech]
  • The FSSP priests withdrew their services at FMC some time ago.[TRUE!]
  • Taylor Marshall, married with several children, resigned his job at FMC without another job. [So True it is not funny. See HIS official statement on the matter here]
  • At Thanksgiving, 2013, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, the suspended Fatima Priest, said Mass at FMC.[Likely True, though still looking for an absolute statement of proof]. 
  • These things took place when the Diocese of Fort Worth was vacant.[Partially true. From what I'm reading, it sounds like things were starting to blacken under +Vann's reign, but many more things happened when there was no overseeing bishop for the diocese.]
  • “This is NOT about hatred for the TLM.” [True, cause, like, ANY attack on the TLM is spearheaded by evil "Spirit of Vatican II" clergy. There is mutual agreement though, by bloggers and involved people alike.]

In addition, a blog called Veneremur Cernui, who unfortunately supports the original source blog, DOES shed light on the situation as this blogger either has contacts in the geographical region of the Diocese of Fort Worth, OR lives in the area themself.

Finally, some of the best analysis of the college's situation comes from an ex-employee, the EF-friendly and ever so charitable and scholarly Dr. Taylor Marshall. He is a good and noble orthodox Catholic who is pro-EF, and was employed at the college until recently. He also runs an online institute I am part off with great Catholic education in an online format. Considering the other signs, I say that this move MUST have been made with solid reason. Might I also remind you Dr. Marshall has commented respectfully on the traditional catholic situation and the EF in post like these. I highly IMPLORE you to read his statement here from his Facebook page.

Seeing these signs and the testimonies of these commentators worries me, as a young Catholic who has partaken to an extent in the EF. I have seen some of this darkness surrounding the EF/Traditional Catholicism from my own archdiocese , and the attitudes prevalent in these signs are not good. They smell TOTALLY TRAD BEHAVING BADLY! While I do agree with the sentiment this situation was handled imprudently and there were better alternatives that could have been done (H/T Fr. Z), I cannot side with the TBBs on this one. Might I also add that financial imprudence is also tied into this president's antics, and that is NEVER good in any situation.

Everyone out there in Traditional Catholicism, let this be a lesson to all of you with what this Michael guy has done. If you decide to be TBB, side with or have sympathies with TBB elements of the EF/Traditional Catholic movement (e.g. SSPX, have radical sentiments, act like jerks online and in person ...), you are going to spoil it for us all, and get the EF killed in your dioceses, the Archdiocese of Toronto included. The (Arch)diocesan offices and the episcopacy (a.k.a. the bishops) are not stupid and will not tolerate such nonsense, and will strip you of the Latin Mass by any means with Canon Law or reason should it be warranted. So DON'T give them any reason to do so such as: Spewing your hate and your calumny, detraction, and slander online and in person; aligning with priests who do not have valid canonical faculties and societies that use the EF but are not in communion with the Church, even so far as to call them ``friends;`` believing in and saying those things you know will anger the episcopacy (e.g. you hate Vatican II? Keep that stuff in your drawing rooms and cigar rooms in private in your houses!) Adhere to these common sense guidelines, and most of the time, it won't be touched. And if the bishops are being un-pastoral in such a light, try to reason with them like in Scripture. That, and if their actions are so improper, they will eventually come to light. Christ won't tolerate His Holy Mass being smeared by his alter Christi like that. There IS divine justice, though that applies to EVERYONE. If you do have a pro-EF bishop though, work with him. Support him. Aid him and be joyful and Francis-like. And don't slander, detract, and calumnize him and his office.

And as for those who say "boo hoo" to the accusation that the TBBs spoil the TLM for us all, maybe your diocese has its own "liturgical police" or bishops who police the EFs and ensure TBBs leave, or you and your colleagues are ensuring that the mouths of the TBBs are shut or kept to their little dung-pile in the corner. However, most do not, including mine, and TBBs DO RUIN the mass for people like myself online and in person. While I can agree with you theoretically and theologically as to your arguments on paper, the situation practically speaking does not support your arguments.

I think the line Fr. Z. keeps saying, something about the "Maquis", seems like the best approach here. And that it all I will say on this situation. And as always, if you are angry and upset at me, go spew you vitriol in your own blogs and private domiciles, as long as Canada/the world allows for free speech on the Internet and private home conversation. I also won't be responding to comments/e-mails from any angry party or Rorate on this one, and won't pull my content down. So don't try it. You do, your comment might just be worthy enough for posting, as an example of what TBBs do. If you have done such stuff before, you'll also be formally banned here at S.U.D.

Pax, Julian.

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