Monday, 17 February 2014

Hypocrisy on the Catholic Trad Blogosphere

Hey Everyone,

Lately there hasn't been motivation in my life until today to blog, but I got something finally. On one of the blogs I monitor, there was a post about how returning to the traditions of 1950's Catholicism is not going to solve the "crisis of the Church."

It is not the argument itself and the content of the post I disagree with. However, I am disagreeing more with one thing that is underlying the whole of it and other bloggers on the internet with the Catholic Trad-o-sphere: Hypocrisy.

What upsets me is that these bloggers and/or their blogs are of a hypocritical nature and a severe lack of Charity within the Church. On the one hand, being ones with authors who represent, or blogs that are about Traditional Catholicism, they write defamatory and negatively critical posts about any number of things: The local chancery office/(Arch)diocesan office, the lead bishop, our current Pope, those "cross-dressing" girls in the sanctuary at your local 8am Mass, defame and slander people like myself online who don't follow their rhetoric, etc., in addition to their behaviour outside of the blogosphere in the trad communities, all the while being its unofficial mouthpieces.

On the other hand, they then turn face and decide to praise Pope Francis despite the known trad attitude is one of distrust due not being Benedict XVI with regard to the Liturgy and the things he has said, decide to criticize their own kind and say, in essence "Radical Traditionalism" is bad, and even say that 50's Traditionalism is not the solution.

Yet if one scans their overall body of work, in archives (if they haven't maliciously edited their posts or deleted them,) these actions are clearly face-value actions which mask their overall true attitude, of which theirs is truly that of Trads Behaving Badly, an attitude that one should avoid. Even more deceptive, some of these bloggers do not identify themselves and cower behind pseudo-names to give them a cover when they spew this vile poison on the Internet.

To me, the best action that should be taken in Traditional Catholicism/Latin Mass communities, would be to stop supporting communities financially with known members exhibiting such behaviour, to complain to the priests of such communities about their behaviour online/in person, to also move to communities with positive environments and an intolerance for ``Trad Behaving Badly``behaviour, to respectfully challenge these bloggers and commentators online about what they write, and for the bloggers themselves to STOP blogging period. I doubt the last item will happen as they tend to be a stubborn lot, thinking you are part of the "Novus Ordo" Church wanting to suppress them and further the Crisis of the Church.

I`ll be honest, I haven`t been at the Latin Mass as of late. A good part of it is my current work and Novus Ordo parish responsibilities. However, the current online environment in Traditionalism AND knowing some of the more TBB types attend at my closest Latin Mass parish, has also discouraged me from wanting to be as active as I once was, and I really don`t want to go to a Latin Mass without my friends or if I am serving with my local TLM choir.

That is a load off my chest. Pax Tibi Christi, Julian.

P.S. Angry at me? Go spew your venom on your own blog. It's a free country for now on the Internet so go muck up your own backyard.

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