Sunday, 2 February 2014

Rorate Caeli Attacks their "Hero", Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI? More Context is Needed ....

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I just caught something weird right now in my blogger feed, from Rorate Caeli. The title of the article is "She wanted to convert. But she listened to Cardinal Ratzinger and died a Lutheran." (with hyperlink attached).

The summary I can draw out of this, is that this woman named Sigrid Spath, was a translator for a number of Pope Benedict XVI`s documents from Italian into the language of his heritage, German, while he was the prefect for the CDF in Rome. She was told to remain a protestant to be of better service to the Church.

WHAT????? Something smells like rotten fish here, because Rorate Caeli is supposed to be "Trad" as it were, and Benedict XVI is so revered because of Summorum Pontificum and Ecclesiae Unitatem in Trad culture. Why would Rorate post this if Benedict XVI is supposed to be one of the heroes of Traditional Catholicism for his Latin Mass documents?

On the one hand, I will re-quote another Blogger's analysis of Rorate Caeli, "Spike is Best" which I put in my last couple of posts, which summarizes well their stance on Church issues and their "authority" in the Church:
"And just a friendly neighbourhood reminder: Rorate Caeli is the schismatic-but-without-the-guts-of-declaring-it blog that on the very heels - within minutes in fact - of the public declaration of the election of Pope Francis posted "The Horror" as their reaction, and did not offer any sort of apology stating their filial obedience to the Holy Pontiff. Thus, everything they post, write, disseminate, can be dismissed out of hand without second thought whatsoever, in the full comfortable knowledge that the neo-orthodoxy which they present is entirely floated."

On the other hand, this doesn't make sense! Why would a blog that necessitates adherence to these traditional heroes as it were, attack its own? There MUST be something more to this than a senseless attack on Benedict XVI by his own "party" as it were (traditional Catholics). Something has to clarify what this is all about!

So I must ask the question, what's going on here? Is there more to this story about this translator NOT becoming a Catholic at the advice of our living Pope Emeritus??? If anyone has anything SENSIBLE and not laced with TBB vitriol to add, please do share. Just be advised there are certain people whose comments will NOT be published here, even if they are valid. So don't try it, and follow my blog rules (see September 2012).

Pax, Julian.

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