Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Some Needed Clarification on Some Past Posts in May 2014

Hello Everyone,

If you have been searching for the Foy Mass posting, it has been taken down. It is going to be a joyous event in our Archdiocese. I have not been harassed by any Trads Behaving Badly to do so, nor has the Archdiocese of Toronto via one of its branches (usually communications under Neil McCarthy), has requested such action be taken. For the sake of everything and everyone involved, I personally, on my own accord, have taken it down for charity's sake. I may produce an updated post in future, should more information be submitted to me about the upcoming June 7 Mass, one giving, ``just the facts ma`am.``

I also must issue clarification, and also, an apology, in order on another post. I am not doing this to be facetious, or phony, rather, I have come to some new information that is vital to share about one of my recent postings.

A few days ago, I was slandered in my combox by a blogger who had in past, given me charitable feedback in comments. He/She was "Shield from Tyrrany." This blogger was supposedly a Toronto lawyer, who used to have a blog online. However, a vulgar comment, telling me to F-off from the user, came to me. Because it violated one of my key blog rules, directly insulting me, Shield was permanently banned from posting on here.

Today, I received an email in my account attached to this blog, from a "Mr. Grump." It turns out, that my small hope in my original post that this was a hacking attempt or a snatched blog that was discarded .... was true. Here's the proof:

Mr. Grump

1:31 PM (5 hours ago)
to me
i attempted to write you by post but it didnt work.  i know Shield from various forums online.  i noticed this morning that he posted on his personal facebook that a number of his accounts had been hacked and much of his content apparently deleted.  I may add that your apparent rejoicing at the prospect of ending someones career is not a good look for a Catholic blog. Anyways just thought I would pass that along.  I too found it odd that something like that would come from him as I have never observed such behaviour from him on any sites, blogs, forums, twitter or facebook.  and as you mentioned, you had never prevented him from posting comments so it clearly didnt make any sense that it would have been him.  i guess the lesson here is we must all be vigilant in keeping our online security tight."

On the comment about rejoicing, I meant it as a warning. Do I want to see someone defrauded of their wages intentionally? No. Heaven would cry vegenance for it (as one of the big 4). I am just plain sick of what Trads Behaving Badly do online. However, what I said about the college is true. Should you, as a practicing professional, in any regulated profession, be caught online or in person doing any said number of inappropriate behaviours, those would possibly, be grounds for an internal review that COULD leave you profession-less. So if anything, IF it was the case that the real person who is Shield was doing this intentionally, it would have been best for them to leave the Internet for the sake of their profession, to protect their livelihood.

Thanks to this online or personal acquintance of Shield, the truth is now real. I can admit, I did jump to conclusions in my update, because I thought that my exposure of the blogger, coupled with the evidence, made this now false TBB leave the internet. The deletion of the blog and the profile to me was taken as an act of cowardice. Hiding after commiting the crime, so to speak. Thanks to what I have experienced in the Latin Mass scene, I personally do NOT have a patience for shenanigans like this and am sick of what these people do, and if you haven`t noticed, I am trying to fight for the good guys out there. 

So, an apology is in order. To Shield, if you are out there reading this, the true one, I do apologize for the false conclusion that you were cowardly and simply turned heel on me. It has now been revealed you were the victim of cyber-hacking and truly, that was not you that posted the vulgar comment.

I will continue to keep the ban in place due to the Shield account now being in the hands of the hackers. However, should there be a new account for Shield, and possibly a new alias, I will accept those and he/she may happily blog on here again. 

Pax, Julian. 

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